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GraphicAudio Access App FAQ

Do you have questions about using the new GraphicAudio Access™ App? Check out the FAQ below for answers to common customer questions.

Q: I would rather download my books than stream. How do I download with the new app?

A: You can download a GraphicAudio title to your local device by pressing the "three little dots" button next to the book name. See the screenshot below.

How to Download

Q: How many devices can I use the new app on?

A: You can activate the app on three different devices per account. If you need to remove an old device, then visit the Access App management in your account section and remove it from the list.

Q: Will the new app keep my info and bookmarks from the old version?

A: The new GraphicAudio Access™ App has been completely re-designed, and unfortunately, it will not save your old login, downloads or bookmarks. However, this is a one-time issue, and it will remember those items for future updates.

Q: I downloaded the Apple iOS app, but don’t see any of my books. How do I access my library?

A: When you first download the iOS app, you may not see your books. Tap the Filter button in the top right corner of the screen, and then tap “Full Collection” to retrieve your books. We will make it default to show your full collection on the next update. See Step 6 of our Getting Started instructions for further detail.

Q: I bought a new book, but it isn’t appearing in my collection. Where do I find new purchases?

A: On Android you can "pull down to refresh" on the collection view. You go to the top of your list of titles and pull down on the screen and it will update the list. On Apple iOS, You currently need to quit the app and re-open it to access newly purchased books. Once you do this, they will show up with your other books. We are adding a pull down to refresh titles option to the app very soon.

Need help activating the new app and accessing your library? Check out our Getting Started instructions.

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