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Goblin Trilogy
Goblin Trilogy (CD Series Set)

by Jim C. Hines
18 Hours
All Ages
Jig the goblin was the runtiest member of an admittedly puny race. Jig was scrawny, so nearsighted as to be almost blind, and had such a poor self-image that when he chose a god to worship it was one of the forgotten ones - after all, what other sort of god would have him as worshiper? He also had a cowardly fire-spider for a pet, a creature that was likely to set your hair on fire if it got into a panic. Made to stand tunnel watch by the goblin bullies who'd been assigned the job, it was just Jig's luck to be taken captive by a group of adventurers - with the usual complement of a dwarf warrior, a prince out to prove himself, his mad wizard brother, and an elfin thief. Forced to guide this ill-fated party on their search for the Rod of Creation - though Jig had no more idea how to find it than they did - he soon had them stumbling into every peril anyone had ever faced in the fantasy realms. And they hadn't even found the Necromancer or the Dragon yet!

Includes Goblin 1 - 3 in CD format.
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Jig and his fiery smudge by chris (Posted on 10/19/2015)
The humor and adventure harkins back to books I read as a youth. Very similar in style and wit. I love this series and hope you can bring more like this to your library. If you do, you will definitely have me saying ' shush!!! Just take my money and let me listen'
Thank you for all of your hard work
AMAZING! by Mark (Posted on 9/13/2015)
I drive a rig for a living and just recently started listening to audio books to pass the time. I found the normal just blah blah blah reading to be rather boring. This was my first Graphic Audio book and it was AWESOME! Everything from character voices to the story line itself keep you interested for hours! Highly recommend this title and i will be continueing my search in hope of finding one i can even compare to it's entertainment value! Enjoy
goblin trilogy by Daniel (Posted on 1/7/2015)
Perfect blend of action and humor. A fresh story idea and just a lot of fun. The best audio story I've heard to date and I've heard a bunch.
Goblin Trilogy by Curtus (Posted on 8/17/2014)
This book is a very good book I enjoyed it very much and I am very glad I got this book. Also if the author is going to make other books to add this series I would love to get them.

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