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Civil War

by Stuart Moore
Mar 1, 2013
6 Hours
Ages 13+
The epic story that blows the Marvel Universe apart!

Iron Man and Captain America: two core members of the Avengers, the world's greatest super hero team.

After a tragic battle in Stamford Connecticut, the U.S. government demands that all super heroes unmask and register their powers.

To Tony Stark-Iron Man-it's a regrettable but necessary step.

To Captain America, it's an unbearable assault on civil liberties.

So begins the Civil War.



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Marvel: Civil War

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, Richard Cutting, Tim Getman, James Keegan, Kimberly Gilbert, Jeff Allin, Julie-Ann Elliott, Ken Jackson, Evan Casey, Elizabeth Jernigan, James Lewis, Thomas Penny, Danny Gavigan, Tracy Olivera, Elliot Dash, Nick DePinto, Tim Pabon, Michael Glenn, Thomas Keegan, Alyssa Wilmoth, Lily Beacon, Colleen Delany, Karen Novack, Scott McCormick, Caleb Brown, Bradley Smith, Nora Achrati, Sherry Berg, David Coyne, Christopher Scheeren, Eric Messner, Joe Brack, Terence Aselford, James Konicek, Alexander Strain, Casie Platt, Joel David Santner, Nanette Savard, David Harris, Michael John Casey, Yasmin Tuazon, Patrick Bussink, Casey Jones, Steven Carpenter, Drew Kopas, Lily David, Dylan Lynch and Damyon "Chop" Richardson
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Patrick Stratton and Rick Rohan
Sound Designers Patrick Stratton
Original Theme Music Dan Sondak
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak and Thomas Hogan. Music by HarvestBloom ©2013 and used with permission
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Really excellent by Shannon (Posted on 10/18/2014)
I'm a fan of comics, so I was really excited when a friend pointed me to this production. And it didn't disappoint! There are a few changes from the original (in the ending especially, but I suspect that will be addressed at least in part in the upcoming "Death of Captain America" production), but by and large it was very faithful, and what changes there were were definitely for the better. For example, Susan and Reed's subplot was expanded, and there was a whole lot more with Spiderman's personal life.

My only complaint is that they didn't include Cap's "plant yourself like a tree" speech. ("Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, YOU move."") Admittedly it was in the Amazing Spiderman tie-in for Civil War, but it's probably the most well-known quote to come out of the event and it's a shame it wasn't included.

Excellent writing, acting, and production value! I loved it :)
Civil War by Michael (Posted on 9/25/2014)
One of my all time favourite Marvel comic events, this is the next best thing to an animated film. Loved it highly recommended.
Civil War by Travis (Posted on 9/10/2014)
This is my first Marvel title, and it was a great one to get started with. I hadn't read the Civil War story arc in the comics, so I was going in with just a little knowledge. The production quality was great, and the story flowed very smoothly.
worth it by DAVIS (Posted on 9/5/2014)
this was one of my first buys and I loved it you can see y marvel is on top right now
field supervisor by Adrian (Posted on 9/3/2014)
One of the best marvel story come to life. It was an incredible experience
Marvel: Civil War by Steven (Posted on 9/3/2014)
In Stamford, Connecticut a second-rate team of superheroes takes on a second-rate gang of super villains. For the heroes it’s an opportunity to gain some national attention and more viewers for their TV show. They get some national attention all right, but not quite the kind they had in mind. The end result of the battle is a smoking crater in a residential area of Stamford, nearly 1,000 civilians dead, and the death of the heroes and villains as well.

What happened next was all too predictable. It doesn’t take long for Congress to initiate the SRA, Superhuman Registration Act, making it a federal law for all super-humans to register themselves with the government: secret identities, powers, everything. Those who register will now work for the government through the SHIELD agency. Those who don’t will be hunted down and detained.

Iron-Man is all for the registration right from the start. After all, everyone already knows he’s Tony Stark so he has nothing to lose. The president even calls on the Iron-Clad Avenger to help implement the SRA, talking other superheroes into registering, or convincing them by other means whenever necessary. Tony takes on this task with a disturbing kind of enthusiasm.

On the other side of the coin you have Captain America, probably the staunchest defender of the constitution this country has ever known. Cap is all about saving lives and being a hero, but being forced to register and work under government regulations is just too much to take. Cap is soon forced to go into hiding along with other superheroes that feel the same. It’s plain to see that Cap’s band of rebels will have to go toe-to-toe with Iron-Man’s group sooner or later. And when they do, it will be all out Civil War.

For as long as there have been comic books, there have been writers dreaming up ways to get the heroes to fight each other, just to see who would come out on top. Comic fans themselves engage in endless debates on which hero is strongest. In Marvel: Civil War Mark Millar has come up with one of the more plausible scenarios I’ve seen to probe the minds and powers of some of my favorite heroes and I think he nailed it. Each hero is true to his or her own nature as they choose sides. I especially liked how the character of Spider-man was handled. Spidey really wants to do “the right thing” but revealing his secret identity would put his loved ones in danger. This side-story makes for some interesting additional drama.

I love audiobooks and I love comics. Any chance I get to put the two together and I’m in fan-boy heaven. That’s what is so great about Graphic Audio. When they set out to make an audio production from a comic graphic novel, they pull all out the stops. We’re talking cinematic music and sound effects along with a full cast of talented voice actors. And those voice talents are well chosen. The characters in Marvel: Civil War have been around for a long time and comic fans know them well. We’ve spent years imagining what Iron-Man’s voice, or Captain America’s voice, might sound like and I think Graphic Audio did a good job of filling those roles with appropriate voices. Marvel: Civil War is a full cast production so there is a pretty long list of actors, but some of then include:

Richard Rohan, Richard Cutting, Tim Getman, James Keegan, Kimberly Gilbert, Jeff Allin, Julie-Ann Elliott, Ken Jackson, Evan Casey, Elizabeth Jernigan, James Lewis, Thomas Penny, Danny Gavigan, Tracy Olivera, Elliot Dash, Nick DePinto, Tim Pabon, Michael Glenn, Thomas Keegan, Alyssa Wilmoth, Lily Beacon, Colleen Delany, Karen Novack, Scott McCormick, Caleb Brown, Bradley Smith, Nora Achrati, Sherry Berg, David Coyne, Christopher Scheeren, Eric Messner, Joe Brack, Terence Aselford, James Konicek, Alexander Strain, Casie Platt, Joel David Santner, Nanette Savard, David Harris, Michael John Casey, Yasmin Tuazon, Patrick Bussink, Casey Jones, Steven Carpenter, Drew Kopas, Lily David, Dylan Lynch and Damyon "Chop" Richardson.
Civil War by Michael (Posted on 8/28/2014)
Graphic audio does a great job with voice acting. All of the titles I have bought (and there have been many ) really do create a movie in my mind. But definition of these characters, the lines defining one character from another are blurred some for me . I'm so used to the same voices from one title to the next. the same cast used in different ways across all titles here. I hope it's just me. I also hope to hear some new voices as graphic audio brings in new talent
No Regrets by Steve (Posted on 8/2/2014)
This was my first buy on this site. No regrets from me. I listened to all of it in one straight session.
Marvel Civil War by Robert (Posted on 7/20/2014)
I enjoyed this Audio book! Nice Casting on the voices! I loved reading this story when it originally was released! While on a long rode trip, it was captivating to listen to Marvel's Civil War! Look forward to more Marvel and DC stories from Audio Graphics!

One disappointment, on listening to it this time, was that I had purchased this set back in February of 2013! and listened to it only once back then, and was disappointed to have the 6th disk, the last part of the story began skipping :( so the last part was disjointing in listening to the end of the story! I placed a request to have this disk replaced! Hopefully Graphic audio will replace it!
Fantastic for library collection by Stephanie (Posted on 7/17/2014)
I am a librarian, and got this and another title to try out in my library's young adult collection. The teens liked them so much that I ordered 10 more. Since we also have the graphic novel version of this story, it has sparked debates about which is better, what were the best parts that were left out of the GA, what the GA did better than the GN, and all the other pitfalls of adaptations. Aside from being an excellent story, GA can be a great teaching tool!
Wow! He'll yea by Arcenio (Posted on 7/9/2014)
Aww man super amazing can't believe they did this
Best one yet by Matthew (Posted on 7/6/2014)
Loved the graphic novel love this even more! Brings the whole story to life
Impressive by Jarod (Posted on 7/1/2014)
It's a powerful story and we'll executed by the Graphic Audio crew. There are some rough spots but this production is still much better than just one narrator .
Marvel Civil War by William (Posted on 6/28/2014)
Fantastic Audio Book!
You Know Its Good... by Timothy (Posted on 6/25/2014)
...when a voice actor makes you hate their role. This wasthe case with Maria Hill, i found myself just wanting her to be strangled or some other vile thing to happen to her. This was my first purchase from GA and it wont be my last.
Time and time again GA has proven itself to be the best Audio drama out there today. This production is no different, it is abridged yes but GA does an excellent job to "get to the meat of the crossover" the comic run was rather weak but when you can change that around for the best well thats a gift a true gift. GraphicAudio continues to live up to its logo "A movie in your mind". Cccc
The production is a little over 6 hrs but from beginning to end GA and Richard Rohan keep you enthralled.
Is it worth purchase? You damn betcha 10/10 way to Go Graphic Audio.
I think there was a little TOO much abridgement here... by Rhys (Posted on 6/1/2014)
We've seen Graphic Audio "take the leap" with the three-volume Green Lantern epic "SLEEPERS" and I think they could have shown more faith in this opening into the Marvel Universe.

There was a lot more they might have accomplished here and the comic series was so expansive that no one would have objected to a 2 or 3 volume set amounting to 12-18 hours. Can't get enough of a good thing... especially since all of Pendant Audio vanished overnight and Graphic Audio is about the only place to go for either D.C. or Marvel audio productions.
Brilliant by Paul (Posted on 5/18/2014)
First time listener of the Graphic Audio productions, and as such comparing it with productions from other places.
The amount of voice actors was amazing compared to most other productions.The quality of each was consistently good.
I hope to see more marvel stories by Graphic Audio.
My first Graphic Audio release by Joe (Posted on 4/16/2014)
I adore full-cast audio drama but struggle to find many places that produce it, let alone produce it well. I'm also a massive Marvel comics fan so GraphicAudio seemed perfect and I was excited to try 'Civil War' out as my first purchase.

What can I say - the 'movie in your mind' promise was totally fulfilled. This was a very high-quality production - really well cast and with great sound design. There were perhaps a few moments where the pacing was a little off but overall the strength of the story and characterisation pulls you through at breakneck speed. I'm already looking forward to my next GraphicAudio release
Marvel Civil War by Clint (Posted on 3/30/2014)
Another great performance by the G. A. Crew. Civil War is a great look into the personalities and flaws of these great super heroes. Interesting and full of action, a great listen.
My favorite so far by Stephen Vale (Posted on 3/28/2014)
Which was a surprise to me, because I'm mostly at DC guy.

In fact, as another reviewer, Lee stated, I had never read this event in the comic books. So listening to it here, was not only entertaining and enjoyable, but it caught me up on one of the landmark Marvel universe of events.

I first tried listening to GA, a few years ago listening to some of the samples. At first, I didn't really like them.

But listening to a whole one, I realize what my mistake was: I was judging them like radio theater. They're not radio theater, what they are is great full cast productions of audiobooks.

I'm a big fan of both of these media, both audio theater and audiobooks. They are not the same and you have to listen to them differently.

Once I realized that these are audiobooks, some of the things that bothered me at first, no longer did.

The production on this is typically superb Graphic Audio: the voice acting, production values, sound effects, script, sound effects and sound in general are all top-notch.

Somehow, maybe partially because I was*not*familiar with this story, this particular saga lent itself better to this medium than some of the other ones I've listened to, which I've also enjoyed.

I was riveted, and listened to the entire thing during the course of one day. Not all the way through from beginning to end in one sitting, but definitely by the end of the day I had heard the whole thing. And I'd listen to it again.

These things have a great re-listenability.

One small con, barely even touching any of the pros, is true about all of these productions I've listened to so far: I feel there a little bit over scored. Now I have to make a confession, I am studying & doing film & game scoring. It was also my major back in the late 1970s.

So it's possible, I'm more than a little oversensitive about these things, and maybe most people wouldn't even notice, given the outstanding performances, writing, and production.

Nevertheless, I am intending to give these guys some feedback concerning this directly.

Don't get me wrong; the music is great. Dan Sondak and Thomas Hogan do an outstanding job. And I need to look to see if they sell any of this music by itself. I'd love to just listen to the music sometimes.

But you see, that's the problem: it's *too* good. And it's too much.

It is indeed as they say in their descriptions of the products, "cinematic". But film music is like a spice, and sometimes in certain scenes, a little bit goes a long way. Sometimes the music is distracting, especially during dialogue scenes. And other times, distracting or not, it undercuts the drama of the scene, while still trying to tell us what it should be.

This is one of those cases of "show, not tell". And while it may seem sometimes that music is "showing", too often, like a laugh track on the sitcom, it's actually "telling". Telling us what to feel, or even maybe what the characters are feeling. This is a very powerful technique, and again it's more powerful, when you don't overuse it.

This is also sometimes true of the narration itself, but because it's an audiobook, it's not as much of a problem.

Nevertheless, sometimes I try to perhaps let the dialogue tell the story more then a third person narration. Or even a first-person narration, such as The Flash in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Most of that is quite good, and it's a great storytelling device. There's so many things in comic book panels that you do need to visualize. And sometimes, without a narrator, these might still be good stories, but we'd be missing some of the very important visuals.

Still, I would perhaps in future productions, see if the writing could be more dialogue heavy, and have the dialogue telling us what's going on. In audio theater, or audiobooks, you have to do something to tell the listener what's going on. But just simply telling us, sometimes you get to be a bit much.

Having said all that, I really want to emphasize, that these are almost like nitpicks for me, at least. These productions are so good and so entertaining that I feel they're worth everything I paid for them. I do have some other criticisms of their app on the mobile devices, but that's a story for another time.
One of the greatest events in the Marvel universe given the Graphic Audio treatment! by Marc (Posted on 3/24/2014)
Anyone admitting to be a comics fan must have gone through this 7 part comic book a couple of hundred times. Unfortunately, this is based on the paperback novel (written based on the comics.) And so, a bit of the storyline has been tweaked a bit.

But this is mostly a good thing. There is more breadth and emotional depth to the characters, and a lot more background details not available in the comics. I especially liked the part when Sue Richards went to look for Namor, the 1 page side story, has been fleshed out incredibly well, together with great ambiance and additional story, eg, funeral, reference to some previous chemistry between Namor and Sue Storm.

However, the Voice Characters are still not as spot on as the DC universe treatment. Tony Stark and steve Rogers sound the same. And Spidey is kinda whiney, the cartoon version of the 80s sounds like a better fit. Jonah Jameson has some weird southern drawl that's completely throws you off the pacing of the narrative.

However, good production value overall. Great for long commutes. Must buy.
hit all the main points by Timothy (Posted on 3/8/2014)
Great production, sound , music , acting ect.
but.... Marvels actual civil war saga was less then good, in my view.
Too bad they couldn't do some of the better sagas like the infinity gauntlet, or infinity war.
Civil war by john (Posted on 3/2/2014)
Truly amazing, you can hear the love and respect for the characters. I have purchased every comic production to date and I have never been disappointed
Civil War by Michael (Posted on 2/23/2014)
loved it. As always you all did a great job.
Civil War by WerewolfDad (Posted on 2/21/2014)
Great adaptation of story. Captured the feel of the storyline and made the characters come alive. GraphicAudio does it again.
Civil War by Kenn (Posted on 2/20/2014)
An excellent production for GA's first foray into the Marvel universe. Kudos.
Civil War by Craig (Posted on 1/29/2014)
Graphic Audio did a great job on this. I hope more Marvel comes to Graphic Audio.
Civil War by Comix Fan (Posted on 1/25/2014)
Marvel joins the Graphic Audio family.

Voice talent is fantastic as always. Spider-Man's muffled voice (he is talking through a mask) was a little annoying at times, but aside from that fantastic.

I never read the Moore/McNiven novel, but it does seem very abridged than that of the epic comic series and spin-off series that it covers.

All in all, great stuff and will continue to listen.
awesome by ray (Posted on 1/23/2014)
Great story and excellent production. off the charts supreme quality.
Stunning - incredibly written and produced by David (Posted on 1/21/2014)
Based on preview and sample scene I decided to give the Graphic Audio version of Marvel's Civil War a try. It was epic. The writing and sound effects are amazing. You really get lost in the story and the characters. It might sound like a marketing ploy, but it really is a movie in your mind.

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