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Modern Arthur Trilogy
Modern Arthur Trilogy (CD Series Set)

by Peter David
Jan 25, 2017
25 Hours
Ages 18+
More than 1,500 years after his disappearance into the mists of Avalon, King Arthur has returned. This time, he's prepared to rule the Camelot of a new millennium: New York City. Handsome, charismatic Arthur Penn is running for mayor on a platform of common sense, humor, and knightly virtues. His advisors include a gifted ten-year-old named Merlin; Percival, an immortal accountant; and Gwen, a lovely young woman with no end of problems. Their grassroots campaign steadily gains strength until scandal looms with the sudden emergence of Morgan Le Fay, Arthur's sorceress half-sister, and her son Mordred, the aspiring mayor's ambitious heir.

Includes Modern Arthur Trilogy 1-3 in Audio CD format.
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Modern Arthur Trilogy by Terry (Posted on 4/9/2017)
This is a Great Sci-Fi Series, it has alot of action and suspense!
Modern Arthur Trilogy Knight Life by Grace (Posted on 3/22/2017)
I liked this book. I listened to it on my weekly long trip and got hooked

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