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Avengers: Everybody Wants To Rule The World

by Dan Abnett
May 11, 2015
6 Hours
Ages 13+
Just in time for Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron: an all-new, original prose novel by the New York Times-bestselling author of Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Steal the Galaxy! and Guardians 3000!

The Mighty Avengers face an array of their greatest foes-all at once! In Berlin, Captain America battles the forces of Hydra. In the Savage Land, Hawkeye and the Black Widow attempt to foil A.I.M. In Washington, Iron Man fights to stop Ultron. In Siberia, Thor takes on an entire army. And in Madripoor, Bruce Banner battles the High Evolutionary. Only one thing is certain: This isn't a coincidence. But what larger, deadlier threat lies behind these simultaneous attacks on Earth?

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Director & Cast

Director Scott McCormick
Starring Richard Rohan, Richard Cutting, James Keegan, Bradley Smith, Eric Messner, Nora Achrati, Michael Glenn, Bill Gillett, Colleen Delany, Scott McCormick, Danny Gavigan, Blythe Coons, James Konicek, Jonathon Church, Thomas Keegan, Christopher Scheeren, David Harris, Kimberly Gilbert, Christopher Graybill, Harlan Work, Nick DePinto, Nanette Savard, Michael John Casey, Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, Jacob Yeh, Jeff Allin, Doug Brown, Sasha Olinick, Matthew Keenan and Ken Jackson
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Scott McCormick
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Original Theme Music John Glennon
Additional Original Music Justin Wortz and Dan Sondak
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Avenginly Good dispite it's flaws by Stephen (Posted on 11/24/2018)
The Avengers Who Want's to Rule the World, which is Taken from the 2015 Non-Canon novel by English comic book writer and novelist Dan Abnett ( Guardians of the Galaxy,Titans, Aquaman, etc) which have not read before, is still pretty good at the end of the day and could have been a lot better, but it is still generally entertaining and tells several different stories all happening at the same time that tie up in the end ( with out spoiling it) and has some twists and turns along the way and couple of surprise Heroes show up as well as well good voice acting, music and sound effects too, and finally the story has a unexpected ending which could have been better in option, so over all this one's pretty good despite it's issues.
Hero vs. Villain Throwdown by ZJ (Posted on 8/17/2018)
As with several of GA’s other Marvel titles, I have read the novel this one is based on and GA does a superb job of adapting it. What Dan Abnett has crafted here is a great damn big hero vs. villain throwdown. The way the story plays out makes it feel a lot like one of Marvel’s featured events in which each character has a story that plays out in their solo book until it all comes together at the end in an Avengers book. Abnett has injected some humor into this Avengers story and it really adds to the enjoyment of listening to it. Honestly, I’d say that this GA production rivals the first two Avengers movies in terms of quality and enjoyment. As an earlier reviewer said, it may actually be better than Age of Ultron.

Part of why this production is such a treat is that we get all the great voices that have been cast in other GA Marvel adaptations coming together in one story. Sound design and music are phenomenal as always.

All in all, this is one of my favorite GA super hero adaptations.
Avengers: Everybody Wants To Rule The World by ricky (Posted on 8/12/2018)
this book is just what it says it is we have the greatest foes-all at once! Captain America battles the forces of Hydra. in the Savage Land, Hawkeye and the Black Widow battles A.I.M. In Washington, Iron Man fights Ultron. In Siberia, Thor takes on an entire army. Bruce Banner battles the High Evolutionary. only one thing who will win
Avengers Assemble by Derrick (Posted on 8/7/2018)
If you enjoy the Avengers, then guess what, you'll enjoy this one. It has everything that you'd enjoy, bad guys vs good guys and if you enjoy some more minor Avenger badddies, then you'll enjoy the listen hear. It was entertaining and worth the listen.
Fantastic! by Matthew (Posted on 7/8/2018)
Dan Abnett takes a humorous approach to the Avengers, and it works great! It's cool to see various groups of Avengers working in various corners of the Marvel universe. The ending however is a little disappointing in my opinion. The acting/music/sound-design is superb as usual!
Fun by Ryan (Posted on 5/9/2018)
Nothing too special, but a must-listen for big Avengers geeks like me. Most members of the team (Quicksilver and Vision being exceptions for some reason) are given the chance to really shine in solo missions that all lead up to the final conflict.

The reveal at the end is a little disappointing, and the final showdown is nowhere near as epic as the story sets it up to be, but the road to get there is fun and action-packed.
The Avengers Everyone Wants to Rule the World by Debbie Dunn (Posted on 3/21/2018)
This was a fantastic piece. I loved the way it went back and forth flawlessly between characters. Everyone having their own really bad day essentially. It was nice to see characters like Hawkeye and the "Red Witch" getting some real attention. Love the voice actor who played Tony Stark - he nailed it for sure. So entertaining that I often felt my drive was too short.
Better than Age of Ultron by Luke (Posted on 3/18/2018)
This is probably better than Age of Ultron. Fun ride. Great character performances. Nicely paced. Kept me engaged through the whole thing.
Lots of action! by Louis (Posted on 3/9/2018)
This was a fun story. I loved how each avenger got a solo story that all tied together at the end.
The ending was totally unexpected!
GA MARVEL Teamup by J.R. (Posted on 1/23/2018)
Great job by Scott and the cast.!!!
I don't want to rule the world. by T'Aundria (Posted on 12/4/2017)
I really enjoyed this avenger GA, especially Black Widow, she is bad ass.
I like how they were separated, but came together in the end.
It was another amazing production.
One of my favourites, with a caveat by Jason (Posted on 7/14/2017)
This is probably my favourite GA book so far. I like this kind of Avengers story, with the group broken into segments, so the action isn't so cluttered. The Cap, Iron Man, and Thor threads were particularly well done, with great suspense and action. The climax was a major disappointment, as the big reveal at the end left a huge unanswered question, which I can't give away without spoilers. Suffice it to say that the major threat was lame in comparison to what went on before. Otherwise, terrific stuff.
Not my favorite by Casey (Posted on 6/30/2017)
I don't know what it was but I had a hard time staying engaged with this one. Perhaps listening to it again in the future will change my mind, maybe I should have listened to other stuff first to appreciate this one?
A good listen by dewayne (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Little jumpy storyline. Good overall. Best part is Bruce banners part.
Why all these bad guys simultaneously? by Guy (Posted on 3/26/2017)
In pairs or solo, the Avengers have to take on nemesis of theirs. Near the beginning, some of the situations were hard to figure out what was happening, but it all comes together by the end. GraphicAudio continues to match the perfect voices with characters in the story! Sound effects and music are great, also.
A good listen by dewayne (Posted on 2/27/2017)
Liked the story. Although not my favorite. Acting was good. Story a little spread out. Gotta stay with it. Still entertaining.
One of the best ones so far by Paul (Posted on 1/27/2017)
I'm not a big Avengers fan but I do like stories that have more than one hero and this one doesn't disappoint. One thing I love about this is you have about 5 different enemies who try to takeover the world but the strange thing is that they are doing it individually and not teaming up, so you have 5 teams of Avengers trying to stop them and then you have a twist at the end.

This is one of the best Marvel stories I have heard.
Great Job GA by Shawn (Posted on 9/21/2016)
Another home run. This one ties several stories together of multiple end of the world events all colliding at the same time. Great work keeping you going from hero to hero trying to figure out what's going on, and provides a nice twist at the end
Avengers: Everybody wants to rule the world by Dion (Posted on 9/10/2016)
Average production by graphic audio. The effects and the acting were incredible. “A movie in your mind.” Too short and not enough of The Hulk!! Too much of David Banner! Really!! Average production 2/5
Avengers everybody wants to rule the world by Darrell (Posted on 7/17/2016)
First graphic audio story, great story if you read comics you'll love this story. Lot of twists, keeps you guessing.
Fantastic by James (Posted on 5/3/2016)
Epic battle on many fronts leading up to big SMASHING finally.
Thrilling by Lionel (Posted on 1/18/2016)
This was very good and my fave marvel "villains" made an appearance at the end. Scary that I could recognise them just from a description of the shape of one of their ships.

A Dr. Strange character is even involved, which was totally unexpected.
Mini stories by Michael (Posted on 1/2/2016)
I enjoyed this, but my biggest problem was that each part (CD) roughly follows a different member of the avengers making it feel like several mini stories instead of one over all story. I found this interesting but on the few occasions when the story reverted back to a previous character I had forgotten what had happened previously. However it was still enjoyable and I would recomend.
The Avengers Power by Carlos (Posted on 10/26/2015)
One of my favorite Graphic Audio so far. Its very nice to see how the avengers work "solo", and joining forces to fight evil! o/
even my mom liked it by kurumais (Posted on 9/29/2015)
I had to give my mom a lift and forgot i had this on in the car. But i left it on even though she usually hates the audios i listen to. Then i hear her chuckling at thor and turned it up just a notch. She also liked the part where black widow beat the mess out of the AIM guys. " she just doesnt stop !" so there you go my moms approval.

For myself i loved it, it was a blast. I found all the separate storylines interesting and fun. my favorite hero is cap and i really liked him in this one. I ended up buying dan abbnett's other audio because i enjoyed this one so much.
Good but not great by Jesse (Posted on 9/15/2015)
There is quite a lot packed into this story. It was surprisingly easy to follow as I listened to it in small chunks. The voice acting is spot on. Lives up to the standard already set. That being said, the smaller stories were well done and well acted but the whole thing was missing that through line. That overall spark that made all of those pop. I'm being a bit harsh but it's because I love all of these titles but this one just wasn't one of my favorites. I would still recommend it to an Avengers fan!
Avengers by Lee (Posted on 9/1/2015)
the Avengers are bad ass love all the marvel books
Another Winner by Chris (Posted on 8/21/2015)
Very enjoyable, had all the usual elements that keep me coming back for more. Never been disappointed with GA Marvel series and this is another example of how good it can be.
Everyone wants to rule the world by Lee (Posted on 8/3/2015)
Let me start of by saying the I love GA & own well over 100 titles. I have all the Marvel stories, but this is my first negative review. The story-line is basically non-existent. There is no character development. All there is, seems to be is an excuse for the sound department to play with all its sound effects. After a while, it just gets boring and becomes a lot of noise. Sorry, GA, but this title was a great disappointment for me.
Pretty Good by William (Posted on 7/26/2015)
It was pretty entertaining. A good story and references a lot of the characters in the movies but not set in MCU. I'd recommend this to whoever likes the comics and this kind of atory telling medium.

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