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Byrnes Family Ranch
Byrnes Family Ranch (CD Series Set)

by Dusty Richards
63 Hours
Ages 13+
The Byrnes family came to Texas and carved out a place on the land. Three generations who paid in blood and treasure. Children carried off by Comanche. A brother lost to war. Lives shattered. Chet Byrnes was trying to hold the ranch together through one more winter for one more cattle drive when he hanged three horse thieves this side of the Red River - and a blood feud erupted...A family wants revenge - no matter how just the hangings were. From attacks on the Byrnes clan to the killing of livestock, the feud leads to one vicious murder - and then another. But amidst the violence and pain, a man who has seen his youth slip by is about to get one last chance at life and love...If only Chet can end the war he started...If only he can survive this land and the killers who want him dead - at any price...

Includes Byrnes Family Ranch 1 - 10 in CD format.
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Byrnes Family Ranch Series by Jack (Posted on 10/14/2017)
This series is riveting. Well written and portrayed by the voice actors. While listening to these stories of the old west the miles just melt away in my truck. Keeps you awake!
Byrnes family ranch by Valerie (Posted on 1/7/2017)
This is sn awesome series
Byrnes family ranch by James (Posted on 8/29/2016)
I'm addicted!

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