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DC Comics
Batman: Dead White

by John Shirley
Jul 1, 2009
7 Hours
Ages 18+
Who better than BATMAN to protect the dangerous city of GOTHAM, where even the cops are crooks? But the latest imminent terror might be too much for the burgeoning CAPED CRUSADER, who is still carving out a place for himself in the minds of GOTHAM's criminals. There's a host of deadly new weapons in BATMAN's glittering, sinister city-in the hands of a psychotic mastermind called White Eyes. With his radical murder machine, the fiendish leader of GOTHAM's racist Bavarian Brotherhood can move beyond dealing drugs and hot guns to pursue his real passion: the white supremacist takeover of America.

ADVISORY: Due to subject matter, Dead White contains realistically harsh language, including racial epithets and suggested sexual content.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, Thomas Penny, James Konicek, Scott McCormick, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delany, James Lewis, Eric Messner, Danny Gavigan , Steven Carpenter, Bruce Alan Rauscher, David Coyne, Casie Platt, Chris Rohan andy Clemence, Tim Getman. Nanette Savard, Christopher Graybill, Ken Jackson, Michael John Casey, Dylan Lynch, Michael Replogle, Tony Nam, Joe Brack, Jonathan Watkins, Michael Glenn, Lily Beacon, Elizabeth Jernigan, Margie Tompros, Johann Dettweiler and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry and Chris Rohan
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry, Bryan Patton and Chris Rohan
Original Theme Music Dan Sondak
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak, Nathanial Perry and Bryan Patton
Cover Illustrator John Van Fleet
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Not crazy about this one by William (Posted on 10/13/2018)
I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t finish this story but it wasn’t for me. An interesting idea for a Batman related scenario but with villains I couldn’t take seriously and not much else to keep me going. I might check this out again in the future to finish it, but I wasn’t crazy about it.
Awesome by Brandon (Posted on 8/25/2018)
Dark and edgy. Not for the easily offended
Wow this GA adaptation was dark by Stephen (Posted on 5/12/2018)
Like the title of this review this GA Adaptation of 2006 novel by john Shirley ( which I have not read) is dark, violent and graphic in some parts, with amount bad and some racist language, with some thou not a whole lot sexual ( one character comes out) and drug content, and WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this the faint of the heart and this not the best GA I have listened to, but not bad and awful at the same as well, the story-arc is pretty solid I my option the villain White Eyes reasons where a little silly and dumb but not the worst ether, the voice acting (the actors and actress for Batman, Alfred, Jim Gordon, Cormack Sullivan, White Eyes etc.) where good, the music and pacing was generally solid and not overly political or silly, with all of its ups downs Batman Dead White is dark, gritty, mostly solid, and interesting, I generally liked it
Batman as Realism by Z.J. (Posted on 5/4/2018)
Having read the Dead White novel by John Shirley, I was excited to see that GA had done an adaptation of the story. As with every GA production I’ve listened to, Dead White is on-point in terms of sound quality, casting, performance, and translation from its original medium to audio drama. Richard Rohan did an excellent job adapting the material. The narration retains the important parts of the text of the novel—things that pertain to the psychological states of the characters and the descriptions of the action sequences—without bogging down the flow of the story.

As far as the story itself goes, Dead White is Batman in a pretty strict vein of realism. I suppose some of the tech Batman uses in the story falls a bit into the realm of sci-fi, but those elements don’t detract much from the realism of the story. Part of what makes this story interesting is that it’s set early in Batman’s career and his uncertainty about his course of action in life plays a significant part in the story. That uncertainty plays directly into the young Batman’s conflict between his impulse to attempt to live a normal life and his compulsion to avenge and protect. Another notable thing is the relevance of the story. Even after nearly ten years have passed since its original publication, the story feels relevant, perhaps even more than it did when it was first released, unfortunate though that is. Also, even though Batman is firmly the star of this particular story, the supporting characters are mostly interesting and well-rendered enough that they add to the drama of the story.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good Batman story that leans more toward the realistic mode of the Nolan movies, you can’t go wrong with this one.
My favorite game story by zach (Posted on 4/10/2018)
This was pitch-perfect for me. It took a while to get to Batman but the bounty Hunter stuff is good too. The ending and villain, tallia, all so great. Felt like a stand alone Batman movie.
Batman by Michael (Posted on 4/5/2018)
I enjoyed this one. I liked the fact that Batman was still early in his career and he was still figuring out how to be the Batman. Definitely worth a listen.
batman dead white by ricky (Posted on 1/12/2018)
batman is the man. always great!
Tough Batman Story, Great GA Production by Joe Nolan (Posted on 12/7/2017)
This unique Batman story seems to model the character after the Christopher Nolan version from the Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises movies, as he takes on a militant supremacist group looking to start a race war. The language is harsher than other DC Comic offerings, but a tense, great story notwithstanding. Recommended!
Batman Dead White by Theresa (Posted on 9/20/2017)
Loved the plot and the characters, definitely had a odd twist
Batman: Dead White by Chris (Posted on 8/18/2017)
Awesome, the voice casting is spot on for the characters. this may be a bit harsher than what you might expect from graphic audio but it's tone perfect for batman fans.
Dead White by Bos (Posted on 3/5/2017)
awesome Batman story.
Perfection by Lee (Posted on 2/13/2017)
This is Batman at his best! The character voices fit the mood of the story perfectly. Sound effects and music are spot on. By far my favorite listen so far.
Batman: Dead White by Stephen (Posted on 1/12/2017)
I loved the story. I loved the production. I didn't like some of the suggestive adult themes. BUT it does make me feel like a true Batman character of a dark "good guy"
Batman Dead White by Jeremy (Posted on 8/27/2016)
Great listen. I love that they didn't edit out the adult language. That little addition made it even easier to suspend disbelief.
Okay but not great by James (Posted on 8/15/2016)
I'm a fan of Batman as well as GraphicAudio but this one just didn't do it for me. The production was fine, the casting spot on. The story, though, at times seemed to drag. It didn't feel like a Batman story, either. I didn't mind the rough language but it didn't seem to fit with a Batman story, in my opinion.
Batman vs Skinheads by Gary (Posted on 2/25/2016)
Sometimes you just want to hear Batman beat up a bunch of racists. This was my first GA purchase and put the hook in me for the Batman series. Hear Batman the detective, the protector, the guy who knows the best way to handle a racists is to punch their lights out. Fast paced good time action.
Batman: true detective by Paul (Posted on 2/19/2016)
This one definitely felt like a Batman crime novella to me. With the exception of the profanity, the audio book put me in mind of what our elders might have listened to when they turned on the family radio to hear a serialized drama from way before the day's of TV. Marvelous audio book to leave you ready for more tales of the Batman!
Batman Dead White by Jon (Posted on 12/11/2015)
Thought it was a little slow at first. After you got about half way through it picked up. But it didn't really feel to much like batman. He's not in gotham, out in the woods somewhere. Its worth a listen, but there is better choices for batman fans
Graphic audio fa sho by JOSEPH (Posted on 11/17/2015)
This story is what graphic audio is all about. Not censored, & tellin the story the way it's meant 2 b told. Oh yea....& Batman
i loved this one by douglas (Posted on 11/8/2015)
i loved this one. my friend and me thought it would be some little kids stuff but boy were we wrong. i loved it. thanks to graphic audio
Review by Bonesaw14 (Posted on 7/23/2015)
Overall, quite enjoyable. Knocking a point off for, what I feel anyway to be, unnecessary harsh language...it just doesn't mesh well with Batman. I understand the use of racial language in this considering the subject matter and who Batman is going up against. It was the rest that I didn't think was entirely necessary.

The acting performances were good, overall. Batman/Bruce Wayne as well as Alfred were spot on. Other actors were a bit hokey, though.

Looking forward to trying other audio stories in the DC range!
Awesome! by john (Posted on 2/17/2015)
This is my personal favorite! It’s a dark gritty crime drama and Batman is perfect!
awesome by Manny (Posted on 1/7/2015)
Have listened to it several times. You really get a feel of the Dark Knight in this story. Fantastic production as always
Not the best Batman Story by Michael (Posted on 11/30/2014)
I did enjoy this but found i struggled to keep my attention. i agree with other reviews that this is not the best batman story but it's still worth the purchase for any comics/batman fan.
Really good Batman story by Alexander (Posted on 7/31/2014)
People, this is a Batman story as it should be done. Because of the adversaries in 'Dead White', the language used had to be stronger than GraphicAudio would usually use in their productions.

Remember, he was going up against racists who would use that type of language as being 'normal'. Because of that, I had no problem with it being used in context, but I won't be letting my sons listen to this particular Batman offering. But it's as Batman should be.... Hard and Gritty!

I liked that this was a story set early in Batman's career, with Jim Gordon still being a Captain, and the police wanting Batman as much as the criminals.

Hats off to everyone involved in this production, and as long as there is plenty of warning, and an Advisory given, I wouldn't mind more 'darker' and realistic Batman stories in the future either.
Superb Gritty Batman Audio Adventure by Timelord007 (Posted on 3/7/2014)
As I live in the UK, This was my first Graphic Audio release & being Batman is one of my favourite DC characters I was anticipating what these productions would be like.

I'm pleased to say I thought this was an outstanding Batman adaption a darker mature take on the Dark Knight character & Graphic Audio without doubt delivered a movie in your,mind experience with a excellent voice cast with Richard Rohan voicing a superb Batman.

The sound effects & music are the highest quality audiobooks I've listened too to date & the story was a audio page turner as I had to keep listening to see what happened next.

I can't recommend this audiobook enough & have purchased many DC & Marvel title's since.

Just a word of warning this Batman audiobook deals with mature themes & contains at times harsh language which maybe unsuitable for younger listeners.

But for the more mature Batman fans this is a outstanding quality production.
An okay story by Joseph (Posted on 1/30/2014)
It was a okay story, the music was good and so was the show, but it didn't feel like a Batman story.
Awesome by Bradley (Posted on 1/14/2014)
A Great pretrial of batman not just an action story.
Terrific! by Alex (Posted on 12/28/2013)
@Michael Dilworth I'm not sure why you gave this title only a 3 out of 5 when you said yourself that it was "excellently done" and a "well-rounded adaptation". Just because this title isn't for children doesn't make it any less of a great story/listening experience. That's why there's a warning in the description - at least online - that there's harsh language, AND the content rating is 18+ years old. That should've told you right there that it wasn't for kids. That doesn't make the story any less terrific or superbly done.

GA has a BUNCH of other titles (DC/Marvel Comics-related and not) that can be consumed by children, so don't knock one of the very FEW that's geared towards an adult. Not everything should be made so that 5-year olds can consume it. In fact, it'd be nice if there were a couple more just like it, IMHO.
Batman Dead White by Michael Dilworth (Posted on 12/8/2013)
Objectively speaking the story was excellently done. Although I enjoyed it it is the one story I will not let my children listen to. Inferno and Stone king oh yes but this one i listen to alone with headphones. the voice work blended with the music and sound effects equaled out to a well rounded adaptation but i would recomend it to adults

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