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DC Comics
Batman: Inferno

by Alex Irvine
Sep 1, 2009
7 Hours
Ages 18+
GOTHAM's never been so scorching, THE JOKER's never been more despicable and BATMAN's never been in such grave danger. With more than thirty fires raging out of control across the city, GOTHAM is indeed a hell on earth. But torching the population is small potatoes for the arsonist extraordinaire known as Enfer. The pyromaniac's mad masterpiece is ARKHAM ASYLUM, blazing like a Roman candle and engineered to provide the perfect escape for Arkham's most infamous inmate, THE JOKER. But the dire situation goes from bad to beyond monstrous when the arch villain's path to freedom leads directly to THE DARK KNIGHT's cave. THE JOKER believes in striking while the iron is hot...and now it's never been hotter. After all, the diabolical villain has devised the ultimate joke: launch the mother of all crime waves, masquerading as the Caped Crusader himself! With GOTHAM erupting in flames and its #1 crime fighter fast becoming its #1 enemy, the burning question is: Who's going to get the last laugh?

ADVISORY: Due to subject matter, Batman: Inferno contains realistically harsh language that may be offensive to some.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, James Konicek, Steven Carpenter, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delany, David Coyne, Lily Beacon, Nathan Bennett, Ken Jackson, Mort Shelby, Tim Getman, Andy Clemence, Scott McCormick, Eric Messner, Chris Rohan, Nanette Savard, Amanda Thickpenny, Michael John Casey, Dylan Lynch, Joe Brack, Michael Replogle, Laura Reichert, Sunny Lasskey, Jonathan Watkins, M.B. Van Dorn and Jeff Baker
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Bryan Patton and Chris Rohan
Sound Designers Bryan Patton and Chris Rohan
Original Theme Music Dan Sondak
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak, Chris Rohan and Bryan Patton
Cover Illustrator John Van Fleet
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Ok but not great by William (Posted on 2/12/2019)
I enjoyed this. The joker actor did a great job. However the story took a while for me to be hooked into.
Good by Jason (Posted on 8/25/2018)
Can't say I cared too much for the new villain in this. I typically don't find arsonists very interesting (TV shows or movies) so that might just be me. However, the Joker was good, and usually is. Batman is also one of my favorites and done very well. Gordon was another one that was done very well (just like No Mans Land). The performance was good (voice acting, sound effects, and music) as always.
Good story; great adaptation by ZJ (Posted on 8/17/2018)
The book this audio drama is adapted from is a companion to Dead White, as well as a third novel titled Fear Itself that was also written by Alex Irvine and featured the Scarecrow. The Gotham portrayed in these stories resembles that of the Nolan Batman movies. Inferno includes a more fantastic element in the villain Enfer and so feels a bit closer to the Gotham of Batman the Animated Series than the Gotham of the Nolan trilogy.

The best part of this story is getting to hear the internal dialogue of the villains, Enfer and Joker. Irvine does a very good job of capturing Joker’s psychology and also creates an interesting character in Enfer. The dynamic of Batman trying to understand Enfer even as Joker manipulates the new villain’s actions makes for an interesting plot and held my attention well. For a one-off villain, Enfer is pretty good, though the story would have been much less interesting without Joker’s involvement.

Sound design, music, and acting are spot-on as always. Richard Rohan’s portrayal of Joker is great, perhaps second only to Mark Hamill’s portrayal in Batman the Animated Series and other DC animated projects.

I think I like this story just a bit more than Dead White, and I’d probably recommend it as a starting point for the GA Batman titles over No Man’s Land because, even though it is the best of the GA adaptations, No Man’s Land requires more extended knowledge of backstory. Inferno works well as a stand-alone story and is easy to jump right into without confusion.

A good story from Irvine plus great production and acting by GA make this yet another title in the GA catalog that you can’t go wrong with.
Pretty Good by Stephen (Posted on 5/17/2018)
Batman Inferno (adapted from the 2006 novel of by the same name by Alex Irvine which I have not read) while not near as dark, gritty, thrilling and mature as Batman Dead White (There is much less language and not to much graphic or over the top violence as well and no sexual and drug content) was, Batman Inferno is not to bad and has descent and interesting story with good voice acting as well as twists and turns along the way and some humor as well, over all I thought it was pretty good
Amazing by David (Posted on 1/16/2018)
This was an amazing story of Gotham in desperate need of Batman. Sound effects sucked you into the story and the story kept me on my toes. I highly recommend this GA for any Batman fan.
Batman Inferno by Theresa (Posted on 9/23/2017)
I love the voices, music in all the books I have read from GA, the joker is exceptional in this one, I am a huge Batman fan, love the way the story played out in this one starts with 1 little bitty thing turns into a huge thing. I am impressed with the smoothness of the story from start to finish no jumping around so you got lost. One of the best batman's I have listened too.
Batman is on Fire by WerewolfDad (Posted on 2/16/2017)
GA did a great adaption of Inferno. Bats and Joker were spot on and the subplot with the throw away villain was great. Being a early Batman tale was a excellent chance to see how Batman had to learn to be the Dark Knight. Just wish GA could do more DC titles.
Batman Inferno by Rocky (Posted on 11/13/2016)
It's like watching a joker episode from the animated series. Just another episode where batman fights joker, nothing too special. There should've been more of that inferno guy, would've been nice to have a new villain but joker always has to steal the spotlight.
Batman Inferno by Jeremy (Posted on 8/27/2016)
This is an awesome listen. I've listened to nearly every Batman title you have, they're all perfect. The story is a good take on Batman's early career and just a couple of unfortunate coincidences lead to near disaster for him. As a side note... I think Mr. Rohan needs to send a demo recording of his Batman voice to Warner Brothers...lol. His is the only Batman that may top Kevin Conroy. The entire cast is great!
Batman Inferno by Chris (Posted on 5/7/2016)
This was the 1st Graphic Audio production I purchased. I am highly impressed. All of it. I've since picked up a couple more on CD, & am looking into mp3 purchases as well. The voice work is top notch. Sound effects & music top off an overall engaging experience.
Finnaly the Joker shows up by Gary (Posted on 2/25/2016)
The Batman needs the Joker. This is one of my favorite GA stories and combines many elements of the Batman mythos. The Joker is chaotic and dangerous making the character intriguing and the perfect foe for Batman. The story moves quickly and the time length provides space for development necessary. This is the Batman story to get.
One of your fans by Kenny Brinkley (Posted on 12/22/2015)
The Joker was hilarious!!!
The Joker Killed It!!! by JOSEPH (Posted on 11/17/2015)
The Joker made this story the best one I've heard yet!!! It gets no better than this
good by douglas (Posted on 11/8/2015)
i loved the way joker was in this story joker is bad ass and emver was verry cool too. i think the bat man books should have ben a lot more towards adults but that's just me. graphic audio you rock
I'm Hooked by Mikol (Posted on 7/17/2015)
I got started listening to the Westerns with my dad, when we would go on road trips. I really enjoyed listening to them and cringing at some of the sound effects that most audio books don't have. He got me hooked. I am a huge fan of Batman and the Batman/Dark Knight comics, and was ecstatic when I saw that Graphic Audio is now doing comic titles. This was my first of the Graphic Audio portrayal of the comics. I really enjoyed it and love the voice talent for the joker, who has always been a favorite villain just because of his personality and twisted humor. I was a little confused why they would invent another pyromaniac villain when Fire Fly already exists. All together though it was a great listen, I found myself always bummed to turn it off, and couldn't wait to get back to listening.

I'm excited and can't wait to get my next Batman title. I can't decide on No Man's Land or Great White.
Batman Inferno by Kyle (Posted on 6/22/2015)
BEST batman audio book I have ever heard and one of the best audio books. Voices of course are great but in this one in particular. spectacular
Good, not Quite Great by john w (Posted on 2/24/2015)
The Joker is great here. Funny and intense. The new Villain - the arsonist - he's ok. The rest of the story drags a bit. Some of the Batman bits are painfully boring. But they really are made up for by the Joker parts.

Overall I give it a B- or a C+
it was dope! by jeremy (Posted on 2/18/2015)
Dope diggy dope
Fun Ride by Brice (Posted on 2/17/2015)
Fun story between The Joker and Batman
Raging Fires and Maniacal Laughter by Thomas (Posted on 1/23/2015)
I bought this one many months ago and enjoyed it. Just getting around to a review now.

Inferno and Dead White are the two Batman-centric productions here with mature language. Personally I like Dead White more than Inferno, but Inferno is still very entertaining. Enfer is a decent villain, and of course a "decent" villain must take a back seat to the superior(and wonderfully voice by Richard Rohan) Joker!

You have to suspend your disbelief a bit, as it's hard to believe that the Joker could run around in Batman's costume and no one would notice the difference. Other than that, I didn't find much issue with the story. If you like the other DC productions, you'll most likely enjoy this one.
Inferno by Michael (Posted on 11/15/2014)
if you are a Batman fan (be it movies or comics) I highly recommend you get this, joker and Batman are well portrayed and enfer is a welcome addition to Batmans rouges gallerie.
Great introduction for Graphic Audio! by Thomas (Posted on 11/10/2014)
This was my first purchase from GA, and I loved it!
The acting was great, the Joker was hilarious, and the music was amazing!
A drama into tormented minds by Chelsea (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Batman Inferno features the Joker and a new villain causing havoc to gotham. The audio book itself plays off as a drama into tormented minds. The listener hears a lot of inner dialogue between the Joker and this new villain. The Joker steals the scenes/book, however, there are some elements of resolution that I felt could have been a little better. The pacing at times it is a little slow, but this is still an enjoyable addition to my graphic audio collection.
Excellent Batman Audiobook by Timelord007 (Posted on 8/28/2014)
Batman: Inferno is a thoroughly enjoyable audiobook that delves into the insane mind of the Joker who is brilliantly brought to life by Richard Rohan who also voices Batman yet has the vocal expertise to make both characters completely different & worlds apart from one another.

Not quite as action packed as Batman:Dead White perhaps but for great character drama & getting into the head of the clown prince of crime this is top draw entertainment & a highly recommended purchase.
SO GOOD by Aaron (Posted on 8/14/2014)
This audio book is like listening to the batman animated series....oh childhood again :)
Awesome by Brad (Posted on 7/31/2014)
First book gave full 5
Batman Inferno by derrius (Posted on 6/6/2014)
Great story!! Mark Hamill has some competition as the best voice of the Joker. I really enjoyed the story.
Joker Needs Own Series! by Tad (Posted on 4/10/2014)
Absolutely some of the best belly laughs I've had while listening to a GA production. Rohan's Joker is perfectly acted, with such great lines by Alex Irvine, that I'd listen to an entire CD of just the Joker and his two stumblebum sidekicks.

I'm not a graphic novel guy, but grew up with these characters on Saturday morning cartoons. What fun!
Better than Dead White by Joseph (Posted on 1/30/2014)
This is better than Dead White, the person who did the voice of the Joker was really good, and the story was pretty good. But the story did too quickly and the battle with the Joker was too short, but I like it.
Holy Joker, Batman!! by Rayvin (Posted on 11/3/2013)
I ADORE the voice of the Joker in this adaptation! I could listen to him cackle away all day long. The story is fun, face paced and very interesting. I was hooked right away! Thank you GA and well done!

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