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DC Comics
Green Lantern: Hero's Quest

by Dennis O'Neil
Mar 1, 2009
7 Hours
Ages 13+
Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. The Flash. Green Lantern.
They are the World's Greatest Super Heroes, fighting endlessly against corruption and injustice. Each of them is a formidable opponent of evil, but banded together their powers are unmatched. Ever ready, they stand united as the -


Kyle Rayner never asked to be a hero. But a chance encounter with an extraterrestrial leaves him in possession of a powerful weapon in the form of a ring. With godlike abilities and a new name-Green Lantern-Kyle becomes a super hero and a member of the Justice League. But when he arrives at League headquarters to find his teammates missing, his investigation into their disappearance leads him on a journey unlike he, or anyone else, has ever experienced before. Traveling to the end of space itself, where the universe is in the process of coming into existence, Green Lantern must unravel a strange series of secrets before he and the Justice League are annihilated-along with every living creature in the universe!

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Eric Messner, James Konicek, Richard Rohan, Colleen Delany, Michael Glenn andy Clemence, Terence Aselford, Dylan Lynch, David Coyne, Kate Foster, Elizabeth Jernigan, M.B Van Dorn, Steven Carpenter, Tom Simpson, Susan Lynskey, Nanette Savard, Joe Brack, Jeff Baker and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler and Nathanial Perry
Original Theme Music Dan Sondak
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak and Johann Dettweiler, "Fun Song by Baby" by DCLugi, "Burning Bush" by HarvestBloom
Cover Illustrator Alex Ross
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Green LANTERN! by Derrick (Posted on 2/6/2019)
Pretty good stuff if you enjoy the Lantern(s). I enjoy Hal's voice actor the most I think. Wish he would have been in it more, but this is a pretty awesome woven tale. Had an ending I didn't see coming, which was great.
Kyle Rayner Green Lantern:Year One as told by Kyle Rayner by Stephen (Posted on 8/27/2018)
Justice League of America: Green Lantern, A Heroes Quest (based on the original novel by the same By Comic Book writing legend Dennis O'neil, which I myself have not read) is over all (like the Flash JLA one) is pretty good, with an ok story in option That could have been much better, that all out the way, for anyone who is a fan of Kyle Rayner Green Lantern will really like the GA adaption, like the title of this review it is told his (Kyle Rayner's) perspective and how he became a Green Lantern, did something really big (with me spoiling it) and joined the Justice League, so that said it was not to bad
OK by Jason (Posted on 8/25/2018)
This is different take on Kyle Rayner (the fourth or fifth Green Lantern) origin story. It's starts off pretty good at first but kind of goes off to a weird story after that. Wasn't bad but definitely different. If you like different then your might really like this one. But in the end I thought it was ok. The performance was good (voice acting, sound effects, and music)
Better than expected GL story by ZJ (Posted on 8/17/2018)
This story is the origin of Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern. Kyle isn’t really my favorite GL, but Dennis O’Neil does a great job portraying his introspective personality and because of that I enjoyed the story much more than expected. The mystery and humor elements in the story also do a lot to make it appealing.

Richard Rohan is always great as the narrator of GA titles, but it was actually very nice to get the narration from the first-person perspective of the protagonist in this story. When I say that Eric Messner sounds like just a dude when he plays Kyle Rayner, it’s not a dig, because that is exactly what Kyle Rayner is. He’s just a dude, but he’s also the Green Lantern, and doing as best he can to balance the two things is at the core of his character.

All aspects of this production, from acting, to music, to sound design are so good. I say this in all my reviews of GA titles, but it really can’t be said enough. The GA team always creates a listening experience that is fun and engaging.

If you’re a big GL fan, you will probably dig this story a lot. If you aren’t, you might be surprised at how much you end up enjoying it. Give it a listen.
Amazing story by Josh (Posted on 6/4/2018)
I really enjoyed this book. I liked how the character was the one telling the story and narrating. I was hooked from the start and excited for each chapter wondering what will happen next. A Great origin story.
GL!!! by Michael (Posted on 2/3/2018)
I really really enjoyed this story. It went by so fast I couldn't believe that I had listened to the whole thing already! It's a great origin story for GL and it has a lot of great mythology of the green lantern corp that I loved. Definitely one of my favorites.
Nice coming of age tale. by Deon (Posted on 1/21/2018)
I remember reading when Kyle first became GL after the destruction of Coast City and disappearance of Hal. This was a great newbie story of his initial days in the JLA.
green lantern hero quest by ricky (Posted on 1/12/2018)
great story
green latern by David (Posted on 3/3/2017)
i liked this one. like the idea that Kyle Rayner the new green latern is just a normal person struggling in life tell he gets the ring and changes his life were he makes mistakes trying to figure out how the ring work. this story can bring some laughs at times and makes ya think that is me. spoiler dose not do alot with the JLA little but you will half to listen to the whole story to see what i am getting at by that
Go Kyle!!!! by Eric (Posted on 2/20/2017)
I'm a huge GL fan and as much as I love Hal Jordan, it's great to hear the origin of another GL!!!!! Characterizations are amazing! Well done!!!!!
JLA green lantern hero's quest by Darrell (Posted on 9/13/2016)
The first track on disk 1 is narrated in a weird way, but after that that narrations are normal and the story intriguing.
Not too bad by Paul (Posted on 2/19/2016)
This is much more of a "talkie" tale, meaning it had many more conversations taking place during the book than many of the other books I have listened to. It was okay, but that's about the best thing I can say about it.
Surprise by JOSEPH (Posted on 12/12/2015)
Green Lantern has never been my favorite dc hero, but Denny O'Neil is a great writer, so I gave it a shot and I loved it
Review by Chelsea (Posted on 11/28/2015)
Hero's Quest serves an introduction to the new Green Lantern, Kyle Rainer. Graphic Audio produces up another great production. A large portion of the story is dependent on Kyle's internal monologue, which at times is interesting, but other times excessive. He is a very introspective hero, and the story does a good job of showing that. This story is a good set up to the character, but if you are looking for a more action packed dynamic story-check out Sleepers.
Awesome by carlos (Posted on 8/14/2015)
by far one of my favorite GA titles I've been a green lantern fan since a kid but this really did justice for kyle can't wait for more
Awesome by carlos (Posted on 8/14/2015)
by far one of my favorite GA titles I've been a green lantern fan since a kid but this really did justice for kyle can't wait for more
surprising by Aaron (Posted on 4/3/2015)
I have listened to a few productions from graphic audio now and this one is by far my favorite. I have gained a whole new respect for Kyle Reiner due to this series and am looking forward to listening to the sleepers saga soon.
Great Story by john (Posted on 2/8/2015)
Got this after the Sleepers saga, I was quite pleased with the story. The humor installed made it a good listen!! Hope there is more GL books coming!!!
Fun by Martha (Posted on 11/2/2014)
This is a good listen to for anyone needing to catch up with what went on in the DC universe. In fact I like listening to it when I'm doing my artwork in the painting studio, and have a wonderful listening to a tale that can sound impossible but is narrated in a way that can make it cohesive, immersive, and hurmorously entertaining.
Green Lantern: Hero's Quest by Xiong (Posted on 10/12/2014)
My first graphic audio listen and still is my favorite. Hero's quest is a great title for this adaption because you get to follow Kyle as he is introduced to and changed by the responsibilities placed on him by the guardians of the galaxy. I didn't know much about Kyle Rayner but after listening to this title, he quickly became one of my favorite characters in the dc universe. Great character development and story progression. The voice acting and humor was also very well done. I've listen to all the other green lantern audios and this is by far my favorite. I really enjoyed and still enjoy this title.
It was VERY INTERESTING ! by Kiril (Posted on 9/3/2014)
Hi ! First of all I want to say that I was able to listen to this audio book thanks to my friend who is a big fan of DC comics.He let me listen to a couple of books from the DC series that he has downloaded on his mobile phone.That is how I found this web site. He told me about it.I haven't yet purchased anything from here but I will soon.NOW ABOUT THIS AUDIO BOOK ! :)

I found it very interesting because of the fact that from it I learned that the being of superheroes in the DC universe would not have been if not for the blue .. sorry .. the red knight shirts :D And I have always imagined Hal Jordan when I hear green lantern, now I see Kyle Rayner :)

I really like the depth of storytelling and the comedy parts in some of Kyle speeches.Well narrated, well told, well acted and well written at first place.Just the ending part is a little strange with his mother's voice and this computer thing still can't process that info :)

Otherwise very mind involving audiobook.
Loved it. by Marcus (Posted on 7/21/2014)
I loved it! Kyle is just great. He is my official favorite Green Lantern. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. Not to mention Batman, and the rest of the Justice League, make appearances in the story!
Go Green (Lantern) by Clinton (Posted on 6/15/2014)
What a pleasure to listen to this audio book. It had me cracking up at many parts. The threat of the book actually seems menacing and carries over very well into the audioscape. I recommend it.
Hero's Quest by castor (Posted on 4/15/2014)
Great production value.

Normally I find first person narratives annoying due to the character trying to be interesting or entertaining. But in this particular instance, the self reflective truth of the first person dialogue from Kyle (the author) was a breath of freshness I was not expecting.

The story seems to move in and out of third person omni and first person nar, but the flow is smooth (or I may just be imagining the transition). The story is good even though it breaks original DC cannon. That in and of itself is not a bad thing.

Something about the way the story was written appeals to me for some unknown reason. The flow was smooth. The delivery of information was paced well. The writer showed when needed and told the other times and it was so well balanced that I never realized it during my first listen. I can't say it enough, "This was a very well written story."
Another Great GL story by Michael (Posted on 3/31/2014)
After listening to the sleepers series I was eager for more Green Lantern so I brought this, and i'm glad I did. This was another great story, though there were times I drifted away, but that could have just been down to my concentration rather than anything to do with the story/production as I can't think of anything negative to say. I would love to hear more GL stories, especially the Blackest Night story arch.
FPS by Jon (Posted on 3/18/2014)
By Far, My Favorite. Written from the First Person Perspective instead of the standard narrative sets this one apart from other titles in the Genre. 5 out of 5!
GL: Hero's Quest by Helen (Posted on 10/1/2013)
So we have loved GA since driving across the country! We were super excited to see the DC line and started with this one. My husband is a die hard GL - Hal fan, and has never been a fan of Kyle but he listened with an open mind, and it was worth every minute! It, like all of GA's work is well voiced, and well produced, we've come to expect no less. The story was great and we laughed out loud, and after 3 days on the road with the same person (and a cat) it was just what we needed to keep sane. I highly recommend this one to any comic/DC fan.
favorite so far! by chad (Posted on 9/17/2013)
I own every DC title that GA has done and this one is by far my favorite!! The humor and pacing of the story makes it so enjoyable to listen to that i listened to it twice back to back!
Eric Messner IS Kyle Rayner by Pete (Posted on 9/9/2013)
This is an amazing example of how to adapt a prose novel to a full-cast audio production. The music, sound effects, and most of all, the voices are perfect. In fact, I can no longer read any GL comics featuring Kyle Rayner without hearing Eric Messner's voice -- and that's a good thing.
Great movie in your mind by Brian (Posted on 8/29/2013)
Hero's quest i, well a hero's quest. Great book

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