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DC Comics
Green Lantern: Sleepers (Book Two)

by Christopher J. Priest and Michael Ahn
Jun 1, 2011
6 Hours
Ages 13+
Book Two of the Sleepers epic reveals the secret origin of Earth's first Green Lantern, Alan Scott and his mission to wield his power ring in the fight against evil. As World War II erupts, Scott must face a 17th century super-villain named Malvolio, an anti-Green Lantern whose pact with Hitler endangers not only the Allied forces, but puts Earth's very existence at stake. Malvolio won't stop until the world is dominated - or destroyed - and the emerald energy of Green Lantern is humanity's only hope for salvation!

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, Thomas Keegan, James Keegan, Julie-Ann Elliott andy Clemence, Tim Carlin, Eric Messner, Elizabeth Jernigan, David Coyne, Danny Gavigan, Christopher Walker, Joseph Thornhill, Nick DePinto, Jeff Allin, Sherri Simpson, Jonathan Watkins, Greg Gorton, Tim Getman, Tony Nam, Dylan Lynch, James Lewis, Yasmin Tuazon, Laura Reichert, Casie Platt, Christopher Scheeren, Drew Kopas, Tom Simpson, Nanette Savard, Kimberly Gilbert,Terence Aselford and Ken Jackson
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Temesgen Wubneh
Sound Designers Temesgen Wubneh
Original Theme Music Dan Sondak
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak
Cover Illustrator Alex Ross
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Green Lantern: Sleepers (Book Two) by ricky (Posted on 10/13/2018)
this is the best part to me a great story. my self I think Scott Alan was the best hero I love the hero's of earth two and the J.S.A. I would love to hear Dr. Fate Wildcat and other from earth two.
Highly Enjoyable by Lucas (Posted on 8/8/2018)
I love me some Alan Scott Green Lantern. This, being one of the only places to find a live action story starring the character, is deeply enjoyable. Great story. Great performances. Underrated, underutilized, underappreciated character getting some nice attention! I'd love to see more stories starring DC's B and C list heroes!
My first continuation series by Deon (Posted on 1/21/2018)
Honestly, I read this part of the trilogy first. Mainly because of my legit obsession with the Golden Age heroes of comics. This one was so impressive that it actually made me listen to the other two chapters with genuine interest. Alan Scott's origin and preceding adventure did nothing but raise my delight. The main villain was a little drab after the initial intro, but Alan was more than enough to keep me in it.
green lantern sleepers book 2 of 3 by ricky (Posted on 1/12/2018)
I do not know what it is but I love the earth 2 jsa
Great balls of Emerald fire by Clinton (Posted on 12/6/2017)
This was a really solid listen. Alan Scott is the Golden Age Green Lantern whose powers are born from the Star Heart. He escapades in the 40s before World War 2. It has pretty good action scenes, a comedic bank robbery, and an awesome follow up to the first Sleepers novel.
The cast does a great job at telling the story and it helps make the villain feel compelling.
should be the first book in sleepers by David (Posted on 3/14/2017)
this is a very good book gives a little knowlge about the yellow rings and the sleepers. reason why i say it should be first book and also ends with leading into the first book sleepers right now half way through the 3rd book maybe there will be a suprice in that to show why this book was not the first one but so far the third book take after the first.
Loved it so much, buying it again by Eric (Posted on 2/18/2017)
I'm a huge Alan Scott fan and loved this when I purchased the three different parts a few years ago. So much, I'm buying it again because I lost the original. Great detailing of the classic tale, great characterization of Scott.
By Green Lanterns Light by WerewolfDad (Posted on 2/16/2017)
Excellent second chapter in the trilogy. Nice to see Alan Scott get his licks in as Green Lantern he tends to be over looked. GA does it again and leaves us wanting more.
Green Lantern by Dave (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Didn't know much bout Alan Scott as Green Lantern so this was so much fun learning bout him and his story,
green lantern, sleepers 2 by jeremy (Posted on 1/28/2015)
It was awesome. I loved the history. And I loved learning more about the first gl.
Finally got back... by Wayne (Posted on 9/22/2014)
Well I finally got back to listen to the second book and it was much better even though I didn't understand everything. All the other worlds and Malvolio was kinda confusing. I'll move on to the next one. My friends tell me they all hook together somehow.
Perfection... we need more of these Part 2 by Rhys (Posted on 6/1/2014)
This is a great story and unbelievably worth 18 hours to hear it all the way. The subtleties of how the three volumes of "Sleeper" join together to tell the tale in a way which would make the authors proud.

This second volume follows first Green Lantern: Alan Scott.
Good Story by jason (Posted on 4/29/2014)
These Audio Books Are Great. I listen to them at the office with my co-workers and it makes the day go by quicker. What makes it even better is I am a huge Green Lantern fan so this story is my cup of tee
Green Lantern: Sleepers Book 2 by Robert (Posted on 3/28/2014)
Warning: This book comes pre- Geoff Johns' work on the Green Lantern title. Events from War of the Rings, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, etc. will NOT apply here.

That said, this book focuses on the Golden Age GL, Alan Scott. While not the most fast paced book, the "flashback" element of the story made for some interesting debates in the car as my sons and I nit-picked some of the events. A well done translation, the source material is what lets the listener down.
Enjoyable by Michael (Posted on 9/28/2013)
Never really had a appreciation for the Green Lantern stories until now!
I purchased these the Sleepers trilogy to enjoy whilst on holiday, however didn't start listening to until the flight home. Book 1 made a 5 hours flight feel like half an hour and despite landing back home I couldn't put down and continued to listen to until the story had finished later that day.
I had hesitations with book 2, and though not a gripping as book 1 It was still an enjoyable listen.
Book 3 however was amazing by bringing the story together and linking the 3 characters into 1 solid story.
I am now a huge fan of Green Lantern and have purchase GA's other production, "Heroes Quest" in order to get my Green Lantern Fix
I wouldn't recommend by these stories singularly, instead I recommend buying all 3 together as once started you will be hooked.
Great movie in your mind by Brian (Posted on 8/29/2013)
love GL - great three part series. very action packed
Review by Varun Gupta (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I liked the story, however I felt like parts of the story were missing. I just bought a copy of the book. One key scence was missing which was the meeting between Alan and Hal Jordan. It lasted longer than one sentence as it did in the audiobook. Hal filled Alan and us in on a lot of the backstory that was missing in the story. Such as Malvolio connection to Qward, Alan finding out what's Malvolio plan is etc. This was important chapter in the book and needed to be in the audio version

Also Graphic Audio cut out a chapter of Alan fighting in the war. Which would be nice to have but not important to the main story.

Overall I still disappointed in the product still. If the scene was in the book I would have give it full five stars - however it is not - which why I am giving it three stars
Review by Anji Cornette (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Director Rick Rohan wants GA listeners to know that all unanswered questions brought up by Sleepers Book 2 (including Alan Scott's visit to Planet Hell) will be answered in Sleepers Book 3 which concludes the Trilogy. Stay tuned...
Review by Daniel Porter (Posted on 5/23/2013)
The flat out best Alan Scott story I have ever experienced! Top rate production all the way around. I highly recommend this, particularly to any fan of the golden age of comics.
Review by Scott Callen (Posted on 5/23/2013)

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