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Deadpool: Paws

by Stefan Petrucha
Nov 16, 2015
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Marvel’s popular Merc with a Mouth in an all-new ARRGGH * Hey hey, book readers, take off those big thick glasses—this is Deadpool speaking! Sorry, Marvel, somethin’ happened to your copy guy. Anyway, this is my first prose novel, and they got this dude Stefan Petrucha to write it. He’s good people. He’s written novels (Ripper and Dead Mann Walking) and comics (Power Rangers and X-Files). But here’s the thing: This book is about dogs. Dogs that turn into big nasty monsters. And then I gotta kill ’em. Thing is, I like killing people—the ones that deserve it, anyway—but I won’t kill dogs. No way. So that’s what we call a character dilemma. Now in GraphicAudio! I was unaware that that was a thing until now, but as long the check clears. Know what I’m saying, ladies?

ADVISORY: Due to subject matter, PAWS contains scenes that may not be suitable for listeners aged seventeen or under.

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Director & Cast

Director Scott McCormick
Starring Michael John Casey as Deadpool, Delores King Williams as Agent Preston, Nanette Savard as Blind Al, Christopher Walker as Dick, Scott McCormick as Monsters/Puppies, Evan Casey as Young Deadpool/Norman, Richard Rohan as Narrator, Tia Shearer as Jane, Tim Getman as Peter Parker, Thomas Penny as Bernardo, James Lewis as Cruston , Lily Beacon as Aunt May, Bradley Smith as Hulk, Kimberly Gilbert as Cindy with Eric Messner, Dani Stoller, Matthew Bassett, Jefferson A. Russell, Chris Genebach, Nora Achrati, Christopher Graybill, Elizabeth Jernigan, Jonathan Feuer, Justin Wortz, Yasmin Tuazon, Nathanial Perry, Duane Beeman and Terence Aselford as Bob from Hydra
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Scott McCormick
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Original Theme Music John Glennon
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Entertaining by Norman (Posted on 4/20/2018)
I was surprised I didn't like this one more. I appreciate the breaking of the 4th wall considering Deadpool's character. However, I didn't really feel pulled into the story. I listened with mild amusement.
Lots o' Laughs by Louis (Posted on 3/9/2018)
I couldnt stop laughing the first time I listened to this!!!!!
A hilarious story by Deon (Posted on 1/21/2018)
I like Deadpool in the comics and decided to give his original prose novel a check. So glad that I did. Various guest appearances, An amusing tale. This is completely worth the time spent making it, listening to it and recommending it. Thanks GA.
The Burgundy Mud Puddle That Is Deadpool by EC (Posted on 12/12/2017)
This was great! Perfect for long drives. I was in a truck stop with my kids one day and my 16 year old son happened upon this. We picked it up and played it during the long drive ahead of us. The story was fun, with great acting and sound effects. It's basically everything you would expect from a Deadpool novel. It truly was a movie in your mind. We spent the trip enthralled, laughing, and even worrying about the puppies. Those poor, poor, adorable puppies!
From Skeptic to Believer by Welvyn Z Porter (Posted on 9/19/2017)
When I saw this in the store, I thought to myself "What? Really? No way this could be good... It's gotta be a third-rate cash-in on a newly popularized classic hero." I was skeptical to say the least. As a writer, and a comic-book lover, I almost let my assumption get the better of me and put this back on the shelf, when instead the urge to posses anything Deadpool related overtook me.

I gotta say, it started off a bit rough. First few chapters took some getting used to due to the high action nature of the series and the need for plenty of sound effects to really paint a good picture. BUT when you finally adjust to Deadpool's classic rants, 4 th wall breaks in audiobook format, and the auditory barrage of samples, the story begins to suck you in (you really start to picture the crazy hero wrecking the city, causing an equal part havoc to the enemies destruction, and freezing mid-fight for a silly monologue). In the end, I found myself making unnecessary errands and taking the long route home just to listen to this audiobook a bit more.

I was also worried that the voice-actor playing Deadpool wouldn't be able to pull it off, but it was close enough to the movie not to clash with what we all think is the best Deadpool impression, yet has enough creative input to be it's own unique interpretation.

All in all, this may not have the most visceral plot in Graphicaudio's library, and it may not be the best Deadpool thing ever made, BUT it kept me listening, it kept me smiling, and most importantly it left me wanting more. Hope Graphicaudio makes another one of these, highly recommended to any die-hard marvel fan!

If I could I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5, since the beginning was a tad rocky and took some getting used to, but since I can't (and since I've been a Deadpool fan since '97), I'm sticking with 5 out of 5. Take that as you will :)
Review by Bos (Posted on 6/15/2017)
great job GA, the production was awesome as always but the story didn't catch my attention all the way. I find myself wondering off at times and confuse. will give this another listen.
It's About Time They Got Deadpool! by Joe (Posted on 5/9/2017)
I was ecstatic to find that Deadpool maintains his omniscient awareness that he has in the comics and the movie. His ability to acknowledge that he is simply a comic book, movie, and now "movie in your mind" character while the rest of the characters think he's nuts. I was afraid they wouldn't use this cool flavor and I was delighted to hear that they did use it! Buy this! NNNoWWW!!!
Paws = Mediocre Story by castor (Posted on 4/4/2017)
Great production value. You can't fault the voice talent and arrangement of the product from Graphic Audio.

Now the story... The story premise is weak. The first person narrative is enjoyable at times, but mostly it feels forced. The jokes are tedious.

I would not recommend this to a Marvel fan. A Deadpool fan; I wouldn't hesitate.
Okay story by james (Posted on 3/2/2017)
This is an okay one. Listened to it a few times. The voice work is good, as usual. There were more than a few laugh out moments. Honestly, the story was a bit weak. That being said the characters were spot on.
Meh by Lee (Posted on 2/13/2017)
As much as I love Deadpool, this title is a near miss. The premise is good, the voice acting is great, but the comedy feels forced. Deadpool narrates the whole thing and sometimes its hard to tell when he's narrating vs when he's in the action. A few comic cameos make the story a bit funnier, but for the most part it feels phoned in.
Deadpool Maximum Effort Achieved by WerewolfDad (Posted on 2/9/2017)
This is well worth the listen. Deadpool Paws was done expertly by GA. Captured his essence perfectly. Solid acting and storytelling with all the humor from the comics, fourth wall breaks, distractions galore, and lots of violence. Everything you want in your Deadpool.
Deadpool Paws by Rocky (Posted on 11/13/2016)
Good audiobook. Everything you'd expect from a Deadpool comic (or movie). Though there were quite a few parts when they get off topic but always stays funny. And I especially loved the Spider-man cameo!! :D
Deadpool by Desmond (Posted on 11/6/2016)
The story is good, but I think its way too much of the comic relief. I mean almost half the book is going off on a 10-20 min rant. Lost me a few times. Got way off topic. Still a marvel fan.
Fan of all things MARVEL! by Erin (Posted on 10/6/2016)
Loved it
Deadpool Paws by Jeremy (Posted on 8/27/2016)
The story for me was a little silly. But the narration, the great performance of the cast more than made up for it. I listen at work, and people kept looking at me like I'd lost my marbles cause I would spontaneously erupt with laughter. This book is hilarious, and we'll worth the listen.
Exactly what you expect from Deadpool by Claude (Posted on 8/1/2016)
If you saw the movie or read the comics and know what the merc with the mouth is all about then this graphic audio is what you need. You will not be disappointed.
Deadpool paws by Darrell (Posted on 7/23/2016)
Different and funny but may not be for everyone.
awsome by jorge (Posted on 4/25/2016)
I'm a trucker and this is the best way to pass the time I'm the road. Funny as hell
Deadpool: Paws by Kathy (Posted on 4/6/2016)
First off, I was leery of a Deadpool prose book to begin with just because the character is so visually oriented, but a Deadpool prose book done in Graphic Audio? Sign me up. Especially since I've greatly enjoyed other Graphic Audio comic book adaptations such as Civil War and DC's Last Sons.

I downloaded the MP3 version of the title to the Graphic Audio app and I was not disappointed. Michael John Casey does an amazing job on this CD. The book is written in first person so not only is Deadpool a character in the book, he's also the narrator of the book. In addition, Casey is also voicing Deadpool's inner monologues (aka the little yellow caption boxes and the little white caption boxes from the comics) and he's having to maintain a dialogue with the listener as well because, just like in the comics and the movie, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall at every opportunity.

The story is a solid one. Yes, it's goofy but that's to be expected in a Deadpool story and the story remains internally consistent and plays by the rules it sets up. There are some serious moments, but they fit with the story and the character and didn't rocket me out of the story.

If you liked the Deadpool movie and/or you like the Deadpool comics, you will like this audio book. If you're not familiar with the character, but you like goofy comic book action stories, give this a try.
Deadpool by Darel (Posted on 3/2/2016)
I wasn't sure how Deadpool would translate into an audio format...but I have to say I enjoyed how he was portrayed in this story. Plus the story itself was overall entertaining and I would check out another story involving Deadpool.
Fun! (Exhausting.) (Okay, both.) by Catdaddy (Posted on 2/28/2016)
Anyone with the passing familiarity to the character knows that Deadpool is the superhero NOT aimed at kids. He's a smart-mouth, wisecracking antihero. Not so much with the subtle, he is walking collateral damage. The recent movie is filled with language. The radio drama, however, is not. It has sass to spare, but adult language is cleverly censored, and risqué material is negligible. The gore is present and accounted for. However, violence and grew are handled so flippantly that its emotional impact isn't too bad, leaving this drama a surprisingly moderate PG-13.

Deadpool is beloved for breaking the fourth wall, it should be no surprise that this is narrated in the (unreliable) first person. It therefore hangs entirely on a make-or-break performance by Michael John Casey as the titular antihero. Though it took this listener five or ten minutes to get used to his delivery style - one necessarily different from Ryan Reynolds - it works. It works very well. It is also often meta, constantly acknowledging itself as audio theater. Oh, and it is broken into chapters (like "Rocket and Groot: Steal the Galaxy!"), and even has fun fighting the expectations of such structure.

Whether you are already a fan or not, the irreverence comes so furiously that it almost wills you into being charmed. Recommended.
Worth Listening To by Nathaniel (Posted on 2/21/2016)
The jokes are excellent and well written.. but the lead voice actor, who is talented, just didnt meet my expectations for Deadpool. The story, itself, falls a little flat... filled with irrelevant villians from the golden age, while jumping from one plot hole to the next. Overall, Graphic Audio pulls it off with some great directing and overall production to make it worth the money to listen to if you need a little humor.
Perfectly Captures Deadpool's Irreverance by Joe S (Posted on 2/17/2016)
Laugh out loud enjoyable at parts. A little introspectively slow in others, But ultimately a fun listen. The trademark fourth wall breaking worked very well in audio format.
deadpool-paws by Steven (Posted on 2/16/2016)
Having not read the book to know if author had deadpool reference reading a book to a comic, I found very annoying the references to listening to an audio. These references just took me out of the story.
'Deadpool: Paws' is a Crowning Achievement for Graphic Audio! by Ryan (Posted on 2/15/2016)
One of the best productions to come out of Graphic Audio for sure! (And that's say a lot considering how much I have thoroughly enjoyed all of their adaptations of MARVEL & DC to date!

With just the right amounts of side-splitting humor with the constant 4th-wall-breaking & an overall very well put together story for fans old & new- plus an outstanding voice cast, as always!!-, this is a must have title to add to your collection!
Paws by Bob (Posted on 2/10/2016)
I am a huge Deadpool fan & I will state that I was worried they would not capture Deadpool to the fullest. Boy, was I wrong! As a professional driver, this was almost my final purchase, as I was laughing so hard through most this audio book that I almost wrecked from the tears blurring my vision! If you like Deadpool, you will not be disappointed.
Deadpool !!! by Lee (Posted on 2/5/2016)
It was funny i liked it
A great first adventure by grrouchie (Posted on 2/5/2016)
I discovered graphic audio while reading Deadpool comics. After searching a bit and reading some reviews I decided that instead ofor buying the physical book I would give Graphic Audio a try.
Now that I am almost done with PAWS I can't wait to try out other books and genres.

As for Deadpool, if you are a fan of the Merc with a Mouth this book is great. It captures the spirit of the character that I have loved for the past few years and does a great job of working all of his usual quirks into the script.
Multiple personalities? Check.
Hallucinations? Check.
4th wall breaking? Checked amazingly well taking advantage of the format.

I have a feeling that I'll listen to this GA Book multiple times and hope there are more in the future. Until there are I plan on running through the other Marvel Books available.

Great Job. You now have a fan for life.
Deadpool! by Eric (Posted on 1/26/2016)
Ever since I first heard of deadpool, Ive loved the character! Now Im not nerdy enough to have read every single one of his comics, but from what I have read, its perfect!

I laughed, and I laughed again!!!!!!! I drive water trucks for a living, and it was sometimes dangerous!!!
YOU CAN TUNA A PIANO BUT CAN YOU TUNAFISH ??? by patrick (Posted on 1/2/2016)
Thank you ga , you have done it again you made a audio book were i had to turn off because i couldn't stop laughing almost as good as Guardians of the Galaxy keep it coming.

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