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Deathlands (Download Series Set)

by James Axler
821 Hours
Ages 18+
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On a crisp January day, a Presidential inauguration day, a one-megaton blast ripped through the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C.

Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape of the earth forever. Out of the ruins emerged Deathlands, a world that conspired against survival.

In the blasted heart of the new America, a group of men and women plan desperately to escape the eerie wastes and mutated life forms of their nuclear hell. Three warriors—the tough, intelligent Ryan Cawdor, an enigmatic beauty called Krysty Wroth and the armorer J.B. Dix—set out on a harrowing journey to find a rumored enclave high in the mountains.

Their aim: to unlock the secrets of prewar scientific experiments that could hold the answer to survival in the Deathlands of the future.

Includes Deathlands 0-134 (135 Titles) in downloadable formats.


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Series by Scott (Posted on 3/14/2019)
I have listened to entire series it's my favorite I recommend for any action series loves it. this series has it all!
Deathlands by Gerald (Posted on 2/23/2019)
I can't stop listening to this book! Deathlands has become of my everyday listening experience. I feel like the 8 man of the companions lol
Deathlands by Russ (Posted on 5/8/2018)
I started listening to this years ago on the 3 hour abridged version in the days before graphic audio. Now that the new versions are full length I have started from the beginning again. The full length version is great and had so much that was missing before. Really helps pass the miles down the highway
Deathlands by Jerry (Posted on 3/20/2018)
It sucked me in the character stories and development throughout the series is great. The music sound effects brings the book to life, and in some ways makes it sound all to real "Cannibal Moon" is one of those such books. Thanks Graphic Audio for the entertainment that you give us out here that spend so much time looking out of the windshield.
deathlands by gary (Posted on 10/18/2017)
great series enjoyed it very much. graphic audio does a very good job as they do with all other series I've listened to from them

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