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Deathstalker (Download Series Set)

by Simon R. Green
86 Hours
Ages 18+
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After the dust settles from the Great Rebellion, Owen Deathstalker and Hazel D'ark find themselves working as bounty hunters for the tentative new democratic government, chasing down war criminals from the old empire, while still struggling with the nature of their mysterious powers derived from the enigmatic Madness Maze. Their mission is to capture the most notorious villain of all, the grinning psychopath Valentine Wolfe. The Wolfe has taken hold of Owen's home world Virimonde, turning what was once a pastoral farm planet into a horror that only Valentine's twisted mind could conceive. The Deathstalker has bloody revenge in mind, but his flamboyantly insane adversary eagerly awaits Owen's arrival, for Valentine has planned a very nasty welcome indeed.

Includes Deathstalker 4-8 (13 Parts) in downloadable formats.


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Good Old Fashioned Space Opera by Chris (Posted on 9/17/2018)
The Deathstalker series is a an epic space opera with trappings of the same. The full series spans a time from start of a rebellion, running a civilization after a rebellion, what the next generation does after the rebellion, and what do you do when another rebellion by a sociopathic madman former champion of humanity decides to go full on evil overlord. The voice actors give souls to so many long lost characters. Even minor characters (Dr. Happy I'm looking at you. And you Carrion! You still creep me out with your voice. Shub? all that lives is holy. Now do something about those walking dead ghost warriors already. They smell funny) have just as much life poured into them as the main characters.

The only downside is that this is not, technically, the full Deathstalker series. The books had a marked beginning, middle, and end. Graphicaudio currently (2018) has the middle and the end available. Try to track down the beginning, and its few spinoff novels, if you can to fill in the gaps you are missing. It will allow you to better fill in your knowledge of the setting.

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