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Galactic Football League
The Detective and Title Fight (CD)

by Scott Sigler
May 10, 2017
6 Hours
Ages 13+
This Audio CD release contains two novellas:

THE DETECTIVE: (3hrs on 3 CDs)
GFL star Quentin Barnes is an orphan born into a culture that prizes family connections above all. He spent his youth struggling with poverty. When he signed his deal with the Ionath Krakens and became rich, one of the first things he did was hire a private detective to find out if his family is still alive. THE DETECTIVE is the story of that search, as seen through the eyes of Frederico Esteban Guissepe Gonzaga — a.k.a. “Fred,” a master of disguise and a truly dangerous human. But Fred’s past is just as big a mystery as is the whereabouts of Quentin’s family. This gritty scifi/noir novel follows the tradition of ALTERED CARBON and BLADE RUNNER, giving you an anti-hero that won’t stop until the job is done.

TITLE FIGHT: (3hrs on 3 CDs)
Undefeated galactic heavyweight champion Korak the Cutter has defeated all challengers, destroying everyone in his path, but the wins aren’t as easy as they used to be. After a decade of perfect fighting, his age is catching up with him. For a Quyth Warrior, that means he’s slowing down, and speed is the name of the game in mixed martial arts. At this late stage in his career, he faces a nightmare savage and unpredictable Chiyal “The Heretic” North. As crime lords and promoters try to fix the fight, and as managers cling to dreams of lost glory, Korak and Chiyal must find their way into the octagon to decide once and for all who is the greatest of all time.
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Director & Cast

Director Michael John Casey
Starring THE DETECTIVE: Michael John Casey as Narrator, Alejandro Ruiz as Frederico Gonzaga, Mary C. Davis as Jeanine Carbonaro and Chris Stinson as Carney. With Bradley Smith, David Jourdan, Nick DePinto, Michael John Casey, Matthew Bassett, Ken Jackson, Eric Messner, Sasha Olinick, Nora Achrati and Andy Brownstein TITLE FIGHT: Michael John Casey as Narrator, Eric Messner as Chaiyal North, Danny Gavigan as Korak the Cutter and Tim Carlin as Doc Patah. With Jonathon Church, James Konicek, Bradley Smith, Jacob Yeh, Chris Davenport, Scott McCormick, Michael John Casey, Sasha Olinick, Nick DePinto, Paul Reisman and Nora Achrati
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Eric Messner
Dialogue Editors Patrick Stratton
Sound Designers Patrick Stratton
Cover Illustrator Scott E. Pond
Producers Richard Rohan, Duane Beeman and Matt Webb
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


A great deal on two great stories by John (Posted on 6/27/2017)
The GraphicAudio adaptation of the two shortest Novellas in the Galactic Football League series is a combined distribution where both stories are delivered in a single package. As with the other GraphicAudio GFL series products, the same actors portray the same characters, really giving the extended universe a comfortable feel.

These stories are side-stories from the main GFL characters, so there is little on-field action. However, it really goes a long way in showing the strength of the GraphIcAudio production team. They do a great job of presenting the full audiodrama package with sound effects, original music and a full cast.

Both stories are collaborations between Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace. The stories are faithfully retold with good pacing and acting. All in all, this is a very attractive package.

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