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GASP Podcast Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about G.A.S.P.™? Check out the FAQ below for answers to common listener questions.

Q: What is the GraphicAudio Story Podcast (G.A.S.P.™)?

A: A Podcast is similar to a Radio Program. GraphicAudio Story Podcast or G.A.S.P.™ is our weekly program where we feature about 20 to 30 minutes of a story or a serialized story in our GraphicAudio A Movie in Your Mind® format.

Q: What does it cost?

A: It is Free to anyone.

Q: How does GraphicAudio support G.A.S.P.™?

A: Businesses interested in advertising products or services will pay sponsorship fees to support episodes of G.A.S.P.™ To learn more about how to sponsor episodes of G.A.S.P.™, visit graphicaudio.net/gasp-sponsors.

Q: Why did you decide to launch the GraphicAudio Story Podcast?

A: We decided this would be a great way to expand our GraphicAudio listening audience by giving new listeners a taste of what GraphicAudio sounds like.

Q: How can I help?

A: Please subscribe to the podcast, and if you are able to give it ratings, please give it 5 stars and recommend G.A.S.P.™ to your friends.

Q: What's on Season 1 of G.A.S.P.™?

A: Owl & Spencer 1: The Beginning of the End Part 1 by Michael John Casey, Episodes 1-7
Warlock Holmes Short Story: The Reigateway to Another World from Warlock Holmes 2: The Hell-hound of the Baskervilles by G.S. Denning, Episodes 8-9
Owl & Spencer 1: The Beginning of the End Part 2 by Michael John Casey, Episodes 10-17
Nuclear Bombshell 9: The Raven Haired Rogue by John Zakour, Episodes 18-23
Ishmael Jones Mystery 3: Very Important Corpses by Simon R Green, Episodes 24-38
Tony Mandolin 3: What the Puck? by Robert Beers, Episodes 39-53
Mail Order Massacres by Hunter Shea, Episodes 54-65

Q: What do I have to do to start listening to these episodes?

A: You can subscribe in various ways depending on whether you are using an iPhone, Android or your computer. Subscribing through these methods are all Free.

You can now download or stream the GraphicAudio Podcasts right inside our free GraphicAudio Access App. Download the app now for iOS or Android devices and tap the menu in the top left of the app to select Podcasts.

If you have iPhone, you can subscribe to G.A.S.P.™ easily through the Apple Podcasts App, which should be available on your iPhone. Open the Apple Podcasts App and search for GraphicAudio Story Podcast.

If you have an Android phone, you can subscribe to G.A.S.P.™ easily through Google Play Music. Open the Google Play Music App and search for the GraphicAudio Story Podcast. (See screenshots below.)

Podcast Apps

An alternative is using a Podcatcher like Stitcher or TuneIn or OverCast. You can download and install these apps on the Google Play store or Apple App store. Once you find our GraphicAudio Story Podcast, be sure to subscribe and get notifications for when we post a new episode to listen to each week.

You can also subscribe on your computer, with either a MAC or PC.

Q: How often are new episodes of G.A.S.P.™ released?

A: A New G.A.S.P.™ is available each Wednesday.

Q: What if I missed some of the earlier programs?

A: These programs are available in their entirety for purchase a la carte on GraphicAudio.net.

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