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Goblin Trilogy
Goblin Hunter

by Jim C. Hines
Sep 1, 2014
0.5 Hours
All Ages
Jig saves a fire spider and its eggs, but is then sent to hunt dangerous bird creatures. Thankfully, his new friend can help.

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Director & Cast

Director Nanette Savard
Starring Nanette Savard, Dylan Lynch, Eric Messner, Kimberly Gilbert, Bradley Smith and Nora Achrati
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Brian Rogers
Sound Designers Brian Rogers
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Nice intro by Shawn (Posted on 9/26/2016)
A well done prequel short story telling how Jig and Smudge first met. Nicely done
He almost always steals the show :) by Alan (Posted on 8/7/2016)
This is the short story of how Jig met Smudge. If you listen to the other stories in the trilogy, you will find that Smudge almost always steals the show. This was another well produced story by the GA crew. If you're new to GA or to the Goblin Trilogy, this is a good first story to download (it only costs $1), so you can see how you like the format and the characters.
Fun little origin to a fantastic character by Tyler (Posted on 4/28/2016)
Firstly, you do not need to listen to this before the Goblin Trilogy, secondly if you liked the Goblin Trilogy you'll like this. Smudge is my favorite character from this series and getting to see his origins was a delight, the voice acting for him brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.
Origin story by Bill (Posted on 4/18/2015)
I lost interest in this one about half way through which is odd since I very much liked Goblin Quest. I also found the narrator slightly annoying for some reason.
The origins of Smudge! by Jared (Posted on 10/23/2014)
Witness this origin story of our favorite little fire spider as you once again hear the lovely Ms Savard be absolutely adorable as Smudge, with Jig and his first meeting and the hilarity that ensues! Top score!
A little adventure that keeps you smiling all the way! by Jason (Posted on 8/21/2014)
An interesting and entertaining little short story, that tells how Jig and Smudge that most funny and adorable of fire spiders, met. Great acting great narration, and excilent sound effects and music by GA as usual. I give it five stars.

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