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Traveler's Listening Guide

Are you getting ready to travel over the upcoming holiday weekend or hitting the road for work? Then check out our Traveler's Listening Guide.

We have some Family Friendly (ages 13+) titles that will make the miles pass more quickly while offering entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together.

Here are some of suggestions for our Family Friendly (ages 13+) series to consider:

Blue Moon RisingDo you like Fantasy? Then check out our favorites such as THE MISTBORN TRILOGY, ELANTRIS or WARBREAKER by Brandon Sanderson or THE DEMON AWAKENS which is the first title in the DEMON WARS SAGA or BLUE MOON RISING (Funny with anti characters such as the lazy dragon, scaredy cat unicorn, the bold princess and the goofy prince), the first title in our FOREST KINGDOM SAGA. Or try Fantasy Series – SAGA of the FIRST KING by R.A. Savaltore, featuring more tales from the land of Corona where the Demon Wars takes place and the wonderful and entertaining THE GOBLIN TRILOGY with a runt goblin named Jig and a fire spider named SMUDGE. And then there is a series about an orphaned young lady who was once nobility but now is a cat burglar during the French Renaissance called WIDDERSHINS ADVENTURES.

You might also enjoy GraphicAudio's version of the THE GOSPEL OF MARK which is a vivid and authentic listening experience and the first title in our new Series. Or check out Stephen R. Lawheads Fantasy, DRAGON KING TRILOGY which is sure to inspire you.

If Westerns are a family favorite, try some of our Little Byte Collections including GREAT AMERICAN WESTERNS featuring several Five Star Western Writers of the Golden West like Max Brand, Zane Grey, T.T. Flynn, Tom W. Blackburn, etc. Also try any of Elmer Kelton's TEXAS RANGERS, HEWEY CALLOWAY or SONS OF TEXAS or THE BRUSH COUNTRY">THE BRUSH COUNTRYor TEXAS SHOWDOWN or THE DAY THE COWBOYS QUIT and THE MAN WHO RODE MIDNIGHT (Classic Elmer Kelton at his best) and another one of Kelton's all time bestsellers, THE WOLF AND THE BUFFALO. Also check out William W. Johnstone's with J.A. Johnstone's BLOOD VALLEY (COTTON PICKENS) SERIES (quite humorous with a talking horse and anti hero lead) or Ralph Cotton's DEAD or ALIVE Trilogy and JESTON NASH. Brave Men and Women who trailblazed across America in THE FRONTIER TRILOGY by S.K. Salzer.

Vatta's WarIf Science Fiction will keep you and your family entertained on the road, you might try either SERRANO LEGACY or VATTA'S WAR.

If you like Mystery Adventures and Archaelogy such as Raiders of the Lost Arc meets Tomb Raider meets Joan of Arc, check out the ROGUE ANGEL Series (51 Books to date) which is more PG-13.

Comic Book and Movie Fans – check out many of our MARVEL Titles or DC COMICS Titles – which are PG-13- including MARVEL CIVIL WAR, SECRET WARS, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: ROCKET RACOON AND GROOT STEAL GALAXY! and AVENGERS: EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD and well as several other MARVEL titles or our DC Comics titles such as JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA series and the CRISIS series as well as the new GREEN LANTERN SLEEPERS TRILOGY and BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND in 2 parts among others...(Please note that BATMAN: DEAD WHITE and INFERNO are for Mature Audiences only).

Interested in Hard Boiled Detective Mystery – Think "Men in Black" - then check out THE NUCLEAR BOMBSHELL SERIES by John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem.

And for those of you interested in Non-Family Friendly Audio Entertainment, here's some Mature titles:

Do you like Post-Apocalyptic Series? That would be similar to MAD MAX ROAD WARRIOR, then check out DEATHLANDS, THE SURVIVALIST, and the DOOMSDAY WARRIOR Series.

What about Historical Fiction? Check out SATANTA'S WOMAN and THE KIOWA VERDICT by Cynthia Hasselof.

Western fans should try any of the William W. Johnstone gun-slinging Series such as any of THE MOUNTAIN MAN series or THE LAST GUNFIGHTER, EAGLES, BLOOD BOND, SIDEWINDERS, A TOWN CALLED FURY, MATT JENSEN, THE LONER, THE FAMILY JENSEN, LUKE JENSEN, SAVAGE TEXAS, SIXKILLER US MARSHALL, THE BROTHERS O'BRIEN, FLINTLOCK and SEAN O'BRIEN. Series or try Ralph Compton's TRAIL of the GUNFIGHTER Trilogy or THE BORDER EMPIRE Trilogy and there are several titles by CHARLES G. WEST including DUEL AT LOW HAWK & RANGE WAR IN WHISKEY HILL. There's also Rooster Cogburn's (of True Grit) great grandson Brett Cogburn with his title PANHANDLE. Another series to check out is YAKIMA HENRY by Peter Brandvold. Also be sure to check out Western series BYRNES FAMILY RANCH by Dusty Richards and JOHN HENRY COLE by Bill Brooks, which is inspired by the Famous Pinkerton Detective Agency which was the first security detail for President Lincoln. If you like TRUE GRIT and WALKING TALL, you might like DANNY DUGGIN .

In the mood for a Holiday Western Series. Check out the JOHNSTONE CHRISTMAS WESTERN SERIES including LONE STAR CHRISTMAS, A FRONTIER CHRISTMAS and this year's A BIG SKY CHRISTMAS which includes not only Smoke Jensen and Jamie MacCallister but also Preacher.

Science Fiction fans, you might like OUTLANDERS or DEATHSTALKER or ROGUE CLONE. Our latest Sci Fi Military Action Series receiving rave reviews is the SHADOW OPS TRILOGY by Myke Cole.

Steampunk fans, you might like , the CLOCKWORK CENTURY Series by Cherie Priest full of zombies, airships and interesting characters set in an alternate history of Civil War time America or GIDEON SMITH our latest Steampunk Series set in an alternate history Victorian London background

Horror Fantasy fans, you might enjoy NEKROPOLIS Series, set in an alternate world with a charasmatic Zombie who happens to be a Private Eye and his partner in Crime, a half Vampire. Very entertaining characters and mysteries in this alternate world. Ghost Busters anyone or rather a much creepier version GHOST FINDERS. For True Blood Fans, there's our werewolf fan fave WORLD of the LUPI Series by Eileen Wilks, DANTE VALENTINE and JILL KISMET Series by Lilth Saintcrow. Also check out the werwolf based SILVER TRILOGY by Rhiannon Held. We also have Little Bytes such as CEMETERY GIRL by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden adapted directly from a Graphic Novel and vampire filled story calledI TRAVEL BY NIGHT by Robert McCammon. Another series filled with intrigue around a spy who happens to also be a werewolf is THE WOLF'S HOUR by Robert McCammon.

Get into some Fantasy or Urban Fantasy Series with THE NIGHT ANGEL TRILOGY or THE LIGHTBRINGER SAGA by Brent Weeks or THE DEMON CYCLE by Peter V. Brett or the SHADOW SAGA or new BOOK of the BLACK EARTH Series by Jon Sprunk.

For Action Adventure in the style of RAMBO, try PEACER Series by Dave Swavely or THE TEMPLAR CHRONICLES (Imagine Mack Bolan working for the Vatican) by Joe Nassise.