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Peacer (Download Series Set)

by Dave Swavely
11 Hours
Ages 13+
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A post-quake San Francisco is ruled by a private corporation called the Bay Area Security Service. Its founder, Saul Rabin, is revered by many as the savior of the city, but by others he is feared and loathed as a fascist tyrant. And because of the cutting-edge antigravity technology being developed by his company, this controversial figure is about to become the most powerful man in the world.

To his protégé, Michael Ares, the old man is a mysterious benefactor whom he respects and admires. But when Michael's daughter and best friend are brutally murdered, he follows a trail of evidence that leads dangerously close to home. Closer than he could ever imagine.

A future world of aerocars, net glasses, and neural cyberware provides the backdrop for this timeless tale of good and evil, revenge and love, infamy and destiny. Fans of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell will love this series filled with thought-provoking images of dark shapes which, despite their pain and power, could never blot out the light that surrounds them.

Includes Peacer 1-2 in downloadable formats.


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An overall review by Amanda (Posted on 8/9/2018)
This review makes good attempts at not spoiling anything.

Silhouette has us following Michael Ares, a war hero and now agent of BASS, who is forced to one of the deepest depths of undercover possible in order to hunt the antagonist of the story. We follow him as he tries to bring the murderer of his daughter and good friend to justice, putting a stop to an even more sinister project that he finds BASS may be secretly developing, all while trying to kill an extramarital relationship with one woman and keep his marriage intact with the mother of his now murdered daughter.

I have not extensively read books or watched series/movies in this genre, so perhaps others will have a different opinion than I when I say I thought it did have some surprising twists in it. The story is good at making you believe one thing to be true, only to later find that it's not true at all. At some point, though, I did suspect that there had to be something more going on - but you're still not given enough information to get to the full conclusion on your own. Who's the bad guy, or bad guys, what they're ultimate goal is - that's all left up in the air, and it was a good ride to the end.

The second installment in the series follows Ares again, a year after the events of the first installment. He takes a far more passive role in this installment compared to the previous one, in which he really doesn't do a whole lot of anything. And there's a good, in-story reason for that to be the case, of course, it just made things less interesting.

The other characters who entered the scene, most of them being completely new and not even mentioned in the first installment, were interesting enough. There were also multiple interesting technological concepts introduced and discussed that kept things intriguing, while the listener tries to solve the next mystery. The mystery of this book is less... dramatic than the mystery of the prior installment, but I thought that the twist at the end of this book was more powerful.

All in all, an entertaining listen.

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