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Sir Apropos of Nothing
Sir Apropos of Nothing (Download Series Set)

by Peter David
37 Hours
Ages 18+
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In the grand tradition of Blackadder and Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the story of an anti-hero who can't help but find his way to greatness whether he likes it or not.

Apropos is a rogue, a rascal, a scoundrel, a cheat...and those are his good points. Lame of leg but fast of wit, the only reason Apropos doesn't consider chivalry dead is because he's not yet through with it. An orphan with a chip on his shoulder, Apropos, travels to the court of the good King Runcible, with three goals in mind: to find his father, seek retribution for the death of his mother, and to line his own pockets. However, Apropos carries the most troublesome burden a would-be harbinger of chaos can bear: He may well be a hero foretold, a young man of destiny. It is not a notion that Apropos finds palatable, having very low regard for such notions as honor, selflessness, or risking one's neck. Yet when Apropos finds himself assigned as squire to the most senile knight in the court-Sir Umbrage of the Flaming Nether Regions, whose squires tend to have a rather short life span-Apropos is forced to rise to the occasion lest he be dragged under-permanently.

Includes Sir Apropos of Nothing 1-3 (5 Parts) in downloadable formats.


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Hard to review by Jordan (Posted on 2/4/2019)
This series is a bit difficult to review. It is always dark, always cold, and always distant. It sucks you into the mindset of a person who has given up on life, realizes that hope is just an excuse to get kicked in the face, and faces a lot of hardship. In some ways, it makes it hard because the main character doesn't like himself, and makes him unlikable. Not in the standard anti-hero unlikable. But as in a personal who is filled with self loathing to the point where the reader also starts to loath him.

I would give it a 3.5 rating because I was kind of torn about it. It has humor, but it isn't enough to cleanse the loathing. Toward the end, it just made me sad for him. But a sadness that he didn't deserve.
Hero of Nothing by Chris (Posted on 6/1/2018)
Sir Apropos is my spirit animal. He has a great dislike for people, trusts no one, and is utterly concerned with his own survival. Forget the trope of the classic fantasy hero. Save the world? Oh no, not Apropos. Much better to let the foolish do-gooders run off at get themselves killed by the mad magician. Apropos will worm his way through while trying to profit himself. A great series for its sarcasm on such tropes. It sticks with you like an arrow in the buttocks. The voice provided for Apropos is the same as for Happy in the Ghost Finders series and also provides for most of the narrative.

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