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Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt

by Neil Kleid
Sep 7, 2015
6 Hours
Ages 13+
Born to a rarified breed of Russian aristocracy, Kraven the Hunter had stalked and killed every animal known to man, and considered himself the world's best big-game hunter. It was this confidence that brought him to New York years ago, in an obsessive quest to hunt what he considered the city's greatest prey: Spider-Man. But his target eluded him time and again, mocking him at every turn.

Now, after years of crushing defeats against the web-slinger, Kraven has hatched one last plan to best Spider-Man. In a stunning instant of shocking violence, Kraven stands finally triumphant over Peter Parker's seemingly dead body. And to prove that he is the hero's master...Kraven will pull on his costume and become him!

Experience the classic, genre-defining Spider-Man shocker like never before in this new adaptation!

ADVISORY: Due to subject matter, KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT contains scenes that may not be suitable for listeners aged twelve or under.

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Director & Cast

Director Scott McCormick
Starring Richard Rohan, Tim Getman as Spider-Man, Brad Smith as Vermin, Chris Genebach as Kraven the Hunter, Alyssa Wilmoth as Mary Jane Watson, Terence Aselford as J. Jonah Jameson with Scott Graham, Laura C. Harris, Scott McCormick, Christopher Graybill, Eric Messner, Jacob Yeh, Ken Jackson, Jonathon Church, Dylan Lynch, Yasmin Tuazon, Joel David Santner, Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, KenYatta Rogers, Tim Carlin, Elizabeth Jernigan, Matthew Schleigh, Michael John Casey, Todd Scofield and Lily Beacon
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Scott McCormick
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz and John Glennon
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Additional Original Music Justin Wortz
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


A cerebral departure from usual Spidey fare by ZJ (Posted on 8/20/2018)
If you're looking for what might be thought of as a "Spider-Man story", meaning a more humorous, semi-light-hearted story, this is not it. This is a relentlessly dark, cerebral story of obsession and emotional struggle. Though it is not of comparative length, this story is at it's core what Nightfall is for Batman: a story of symbolic death and rebirth. The death part is a bit more on the nose in this story than it is in Knightfall though.

The story is considered a cornerstone for the Spider-Man character and so any adaptation runs the risk of not working for a lot of people. The cerebral nature of the story dictates that a novelization must include more inner monologue than action. Adapting that novelization to an audio drama is a bit less straight-forward. Some of the inner monologue can be dropped in favor of trying to dramatize the psychological states of the characters through dialogue and action. That strategy runs the risk of misrepresenting the original tone and purpose of the story, and of turning psychological drama into unintended melodrama with canned dialogue and overwrought action. Personally, I had no problem with the amount of monologue in this story. I enjoy psychological stories and I listen to a lot of audiobooks--as opposed to what GA does, which is audio drama--and so long stretches of narrated text don't bother me.

While this story is a definite change of tone and pace from most Spidey stories, it's not necessarily a bad departure. The darkness can be a bit much at times, but the story triumphs in portraying the obsession that is at the core of the Kraven character. It also puts Spidey in a position he is not often in, one of abject defeat, and takes the perseverance that is at the heart of Spidey's character and portrays it at a no-frills extreme.

There isn't much I can say about the quality of production with this title that I haven't said about every other GA title I've listened to and reviewed. The quality is excellent. GA brings to life every facet of this story with great acting, music, and sound design. Even in the new golden age of audio drama, it's hard to find audio drama production that's as consistently excellent as what GA does.

Up to this point it may be unclear how I felt about this story, so let me say outright that I enjoyed it, even with it being such a departure from the typical tone and pace of Spider-Man stories. It was actually interesting to listen to a story that is such a departure. The necessary thing when going into this story is to know what you're getting into. If you'd prefer a typical Spider-Man story, you may want to steer clear of this one. If you're willing to take a chance on something that has a very different tone and pace than typical Spidey stories, then do give this one a try.
Meh by Casey (Posted on 8/7/2018)
The production is great as has always been my experience with GA but I just didn't get hooked by the story. I kept watching the clock, counting down the time I had until I finished this one.
Disappointing by Luke (Posted on 3/18/2018)
I collected this story when I was a kid. It was the first story-line that I remember digging through long boxes to complete. I have a fondness for it. My high expectations could be why I found this production rather disappointing. I think it reads better in the comics medium than it does as an audio drama. There's too much cerebral stuff going on with Kraven, and the throaty voice of Vermin is too much. It's not a total loss, but not one I see myself going back to again and again.
Wish it was more in tune to the original by deon (Posted on 9/8/2017)
Not a horrible interpretation based on a classic tale. I didn't care for the costume change mostly. It just tainted my visual memories of the comics and art.
Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt by crantford (Posted on 8/18/2017)
While this is technically a Spider-Man Story, for most of it, this is Kraven's story. He and Spidey share the spotlight in this extremely dark story. Too much of a psychological story for me. Did not even finish it. Not taking away from GA, just could not wrap my head around it.
Ok by dewayne (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Not the best but still a good listen.
Good, not great. by Lee (Posted on 2/13/2017)
This story follows Kraven much more than Spider-Man. It's pretty deep. a good story, but I was hoping for more Spidey.
Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt by Brian (Posted on 2/5/2017)
A dark story. Pretty good.
Not the best but not the worest by Paul (Posted on 1/27/2017)
As a did I always did like watching the repeat of the 60s and 80s cartoon and even the live action TV series of Spiderman and I like how GraphicAudio voice actor of Spiderman but like the Drowning In Thunder audiobook I was slightly disappointed in this one but that's possibly because of the plot more than the voice acting.

In a way like Drowning In Thunder I still enjoyed it despite the plot and if you like Spiderman then you may like this audiobook.
Not Worth The Time by Danielle (Posted on 8/25/2016)
The production and sound design was top notch for Graphic Audio as usual, but the story was not. This protracted story was loaded with mental monologues, woe is me attitude, and lots of Kraven. Lots of Kraven is not a bad, I love him as a villain. A deficient author forgot to show through actions, not drown the audience in a sea of words.
Hard to listen too. by William (Posted on 7/6/2016)
It was a little to hard to get into. Too much of a psychological story for me. Did not even finish it.
Awful by Thomas (Posted on 6/11/2016)
The audio production is good as always but the story itself is just awful. I couldn't wait for it to be over!!!! To many holes in the story. Its like the guys that wrote this didn't know anything about Spiderman. And I just wanted to Punch Kraven in the mouth!!!!
A little painful at times by Lucas (Posted on 5/22/2016)
This was one of the first comic storylines I collected in full as a kid. I was really excited to listen to it. Unfortunately, this presentation didn't live up to the comic. There's a lot of inner dialogue which felt tedious at times and the acting on the character Vermin was a bit painful too. Too bad. Nice attempt. Excellent in every other way. Maybe I'll feel better about it all on my second listen.
Good adaption of a great story! by Josiah (Posted on 4/20/2016)
I was only familiar with this story partially before I purchased it from Graphic Audio. I was interested in it though and I was very pleased with Graphic Audio's versions of Death of Captain America and Civil War, so I decided to give it a try. And it's a great story! The tale gives depth to Kraven's character and I understand him so much better now. And just the fact that Spiderman crawls out of his grave is incredible! I wasn't a fan of how much time the audio book gives to Vermin's character though. He's alright but was the least interesting part of the whole story. Graphic Audio does another great job with sound effects, voice acting, and music! I am always pleased with their productions. I would recommend this story to any Spiderman fan!
A rare but comprehensive misfire for GA by Catdaddy (Posted on 2/28/2016)
GraphicAudio superhero titles are usually a treat. their Marvel releases have been especially and consistently good. That winning streak is decisively broken here. With singularly joyless source material, “Kraven’s Last Hunt” is a dour, unrewarding mess.

It's NOT the production. GraphicAudio’s work is excellent. It is the source material: relentlessly, cheerlessly dark - for over. Five. Hours. Here, GraphicAudio’s usual, long running time allows for the narrative to wallow. It takes quite a long time for the story to get underway. The first 15 minutes are nothing but a static introduction to the villain, alone in a room, and his narrated backstory. The atmosphere then and throughout is DC-movie dour, with Peter Parker dealing with a pre-story tragedy (which, like in other titles including The Death of Captain America is not briefly dramatized as a flashback but, bizarrely, mentioned only in passing narration). Meanwhile, MJ begins by dealing with heaving recently learned Peter’s identity as Spider-Man, in a new, retconned version. (Again, this is delivered in narration: told instead of shown.)

Moreover, Peter is slightly older in this version than the typical high-scoop portrayal. He and MJ are college students, and there is a hint of sex in their relationship. A story is only as good as it’s villain, however. Kraven is an undervalued character on film, but this story does him no favors at all. The story immerses itself in his inner monologue. But with his persistent, repetitive self-aggrandizement, Kraven reminded me of Dr. McCoy's line in Star Trek VI, "I'd give real money if he'd just shut up." For all the psychological point-of-view, ultimately Kraven is a monotonous villain. The secondary bad guy, Vermin, with a Piglet-meets-Gollum voice, is largely unchanging as well, though both have a slight character arc in the final hour. Vermin is quirky enough to hold one’s attention, anchored by a great vocal performance by Bradley Smith. However, he is not interesting enough to save the drama, ultimately, from tedium.

Most damningly, there is very little momentum in the story. Time after time the drama substitutes for action the most indulgent 1960s-style symbolist psychodrama. (Ready to eat! Just add self-importance and a dash of hallucinogens.) All of Spider-Man’s customary quips have been extracted, the dizzy vertigo of GraphicAudio’s first Spidey-title, “Drowned in Thunder,” is entirely missing here. “Kraven’s Last Hunt” is dull, it is dark, it is exasperating. (Even the cover is a problem. GraphicAudio seems to have trouble with the cover illustrations for their Spider-Man titles: he's always being doused in what looks like some bodily fluid!)

This is Spider-Man by Kafka, directed by Christopher Nolan’s clinically depressed twin, suitable for no ages. Move along; nothing to hear here; their previous Spider-Man story, "Drowned in Thunder," is far, far better.
Kraven RIP by Gary (Posted on 2/25/2016)
I bought the comic series when this came out and was excited to discover GA was going to make an audio version. This is a cornerstone story for Spider-Man and as a fan of the character I enjoyed the story, but I don't think this is a good jump on point. The listener needs to know the dynamics between these two to fully appreciate Kraven's obsession with his nemesis. This is Kraven's story and Sider-Man, while central in many ways, is not the focus. I recommend this but know what you are getting. If you want straight action Drown in Thunder is probably a better choice.
A Kraven Story by Michael (Posted on 1/27/2016)
To echo other reviewers this is more a story about Kraven than Spider-man and so if you are expecting a spider story I would suggest Drowned in Thunder over this production, however a true spider-man fan wanting to follow other characters from his stories would likely enjoy this,
I did enjoy this story, however my only criticism is that I heard a low budget fan production of this story a few years back and I didn't feel this offered much more in story telling.
I would very much like to hear GA adapt the "Back in Black" story line as a squeal to their first marvel production "Civil War"
Introspective by Jacob (Posted on 1/26/2016)
This is as much a Kraven story as it is a Spiderman story. Four characters receive the focus here; SpiderMan, Kraven, Vermin, and MJ- and each focus character is very interesting as they deal with their inner fears and contend with the action within the story.

Very well produced, acted, and directed.
I am what I am by jeremy (Posted on 12/12/2015)
I actually did like this, but it had a couple rough spots for me. It might be because I've listened to every DC story available over and over so I was forced to slum it with the these now, but still. It was entertaining.
Very Dark by jg (Posted on 12/10/2015)
A very dark tale more about Kraven than Spider man but it really keeps you captivated
Gripping by JOSEPH (Posted on 12/6/2015)
This story will get your attention and suck u in! Great acting also
Awful story by Chris (Posted on 11/12/2015)
Only giving it three stars because Graphic Audio does their usual great job in the audio portion. The story is just psychological mumbo-jumbo though. Couldn't get past the 4th hour. If I heard the word "SPIDER" one more time I was going to bury myself. Production: 5 stars. Story: 1 star.
spiderman by Lee (Posted on 11/9/2015)
love it. keep them coming.
pretty good. by dewayne (Posted on 10/7/2015)
Story was good however it took me a bit to get into it.
A visceral Psychological Superhero Story by John (Posted on 9/21/2015)
While this is technically a Spider-Man Story, for most of it, this is Kraven's story. He and Spidey share the spotlight in this extremely dark story. For people expecting a light and happy story, no. This is dark. And it works. Kraven the Hunter is back and he is on the Hunt for Spidey. And, SPOILERS, he succeeds. He becomes a more brutal Spider-man that is sees Spidey less as a superhero and more as a symbolic beast he must become. The voice acting is superb and everyone sounds like they are supposed to. The background sound is great with a very heavy atmosphere. The characters are good, Kraven being the standout character that really lets us get to know what kind of man he is. But I have one problem with the story: Spidey in the 3rd part of the story. Spidey brings himself back from the brink, but for a long time... he is crying a lot. I'm a long time Spidey reader so this is not new to me... but after a while of hearing him cry it just got to the point where I wanted to yell "GET OVER IT". But other than that... I like this story as a psychological superhero story and I recommend it to those who like dark superhero tales.
Good Production, But Too Much Introspection by MDOG (Posted on 9/18/2015)
This is an enjoyable product to listen to. The story is exciting and the sound effects and music are top notch. However, I had some trouble getting into the story because of the intentional darkness. Some of it didn't really click with me. For one, how was Kraven able to overcome Spiderman so quickly? In fact, Spiderman appears weak and unable to overcome anyone in this story. He really doesn't do a whole lot of fighting and the story is all about Kraven.

Also, there is way too much introspection. Instead of people talking to each other, the story follows thoughts throughout the fights. Characters talk to themselves instead of each other. Just a strange story all the way around. But I did enjoy the production anyway and so I give it four stars.
Wounded, Weary Wonderous Webslinging by Thomas (Posted on 9/17/2015)
"Kraven's Last Hunt" is one of the best Spider-Man stories ever written, encapsulating what "that good 'ol Parker Luck!" is for Peter Parker.

In it, Kraven the Hunter captures Spider-Man and buries him alive, then puts on his own Spider-Man suit and attempts to be a "better" Spider-Man.

In the original version Spider-Man is wearing the black costume, which fits more with the darker tone of this story. Neil Kleid's take is meant to take place after the events of "Brand New Day"(ugh), hence the red and blue threads.

Man I'm glad they didn't mess with the iconic cover we see here!

Aside from that, the tone seems the same, only more palpable because of GraphicAudio's solid work. I especially liked the sound effects for the web slinging. You could feel how Spidey was struggling, how weary he was when Kraven surprises him with his hunt.

Solid voice work(an early conversation between MJ and Peter really stood out, especially), excellent sound effects and background music choices. The only thing I don't like isn't GA's fault: Spider-Man basically gets demoralized in this story. He is soundly beaten, but his strength of character perseveres. Maybe that's what makes this story so memorable.
Outstandingly Amazing! by Timelord-007 (Posted on 9/16/2015)
Kravens Last Stand is gripping action packed listen from beginning to end, add in a touch of paranoia & throw some dark moments of violence into the mix which all adds up to a darker mature tone for this outstanding Spider-Man audio drama, the narration is solid & the voice cast superb throughout & is paced brilliantly throughout the 6 hour running time never once feeling padded out.

Kravens Last Hunt is definitely one of GA's better Marvels releases but be warned this audio deals with mature themes & maybe unsuitable for younger listeners.

Timelord Rating
For those who like it dark and gritty by damien (Posted on 9/14/2015)
This one is as dark as it gets, take away the costumes and it could be a violent Hunter S. Thompson story of three drug addled madmen facing off. It's certainly a different story, but when I think spider-man I think more quips and colorful costumes than a story that makes The Dark Knight look like a children's book. Still it was interesting, particularly in making a character I never really cared for (Kraven) into a deep and quite interesting, and genuinely psychotic personality.
Eh, nothing special. by Ross (Posted on 9/10/2015)
This story is average. All 4 characters go through their own identity crisis. Woulda been acceptable but it gets stretched out faaaaar too long. Over half the story is each character talking to their "inner demons" (or 'spider' as Kraven calls it). Many missed opportunities in this one.

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