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The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men

by Michael Jan Friedman
Jan 29, 2014
5 Hours
Ages 13+
The Ultimates — the first government-sponsored cadre of Super Heroes — was assembled to face threats to humanity too insanely powerful for other operatives to handle.Led by a general who gave an eye in the service of his country, the super-powered roster includes a billionaire playboy in a high-tech suit of armor, a World War II super-soldier whom fate has thrust into the twenty-first century, an environmentalist icon who claims to be an ancient Norse god, and a scientist whose powers allow her to shrink to the stature of an insect.

But even the Ultimates are unprepared for a quintet of mysterious visitors who appear in the midst of the team's top-security base of operations, claiming to be emissaries from the future.

These "Tomorrow Men" say Earth's civilization is at a crossroads — on the verge of enslavement by a secret, immensely efficient organization known in the future as Tiber. Only the Ultimates have the skills and the firepower to ferret Tiber out of its nests around the world and crush its plans for global conquest.

But there is much more the Tomorrow Men will not say. After all, they don't want to alter the timeline any more than they have to.

But wealthy Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is dying by degrees of an incurable medical condition. For him, the temptation to make an additional change in the timeline may be too great to ignore — though mankind's future might be damaged in the process.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, Richard Cutting, James Keegan, Colleen Delany, Jefferson Russell, Eric Messner, Laura C. Harris, Bradley Smith, Danny Gavigan, Nora Achrati, Nick DePinto, Christopher Graybill, Christopher Scheeren, Regen Wilson, Eva Wilhelm, Steven Carpenter, Jonathon Church, Kimberly Gilbert, Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, Michael John Casey, Tony Nam, Kellee Knighten Hough, Gary Telles, Michael Glenn, Harlan Work, Joel David Santner, Matthew Keenan, David Harris and Lily Beacon
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Patrick Stratton
Sound Designers Patrick Stratton
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Additional Original Music Dan Sondack. Music by Harvest Bloom ©2013 and used with permission.
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Decent story, great production by Z.J. (Posted on 5/4/2018)
I honestly like the concept of the Ultimates universe. It brings a degree of realism to the Iron-Man character that is lacking in some of its previous incarnations. That said, I have to agree with other reviewers in saying that this story is not outstanding. That is entirely down to the source material and has nothing at all to do with the quality of GA's work in adapting the story for audio drama. There are other GA Marvel titles I would recommend before this one, but if you're interested at all in the Ultimates universe, this story should keep your attention and pass some time, and there's really nothing wrong with that.
More of an Iron Man story by Louis (Posted on 3/9/2018)
This was a good story but mainly focused on Iron Man.
Ultimate by Michael (Posted on 12/23/2017)
I enjoyed this one! I always like hearing different takes on the Avengers like in the Ultimates universe
Would’ve loved it but for one little thing: the storyline by Guy (Posted on 7/30/2016)
I have to start graphic novel GraphicAudio reviews with this: a book brings a story to life with words alone. A graphic novel brings a story to life with art and words. GraphicAudio brings a story to life with words, music, sound effects, and a host of great actors.

I really loved the characterizations, the interaction, and, of course, the production quality (voices, sound effects, and music are all outstanding). The fact is that I don’t believe in controlled time travel, and any stories that rely heavily on such a thing I’m not going to fully enjoy. However, if you don’t mind such storylines, you should give this title a shot.

I’m not really sure what’s the difference between the Avengers and the Ultimates superhero teams (the latter having Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wasp, Bruce Banner, and Hank Pym to name several).
The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men by Brian (Posted on 3/6/2016)
I was never really a fan of the Ultimates comic book, but this one held my interest.
Tomorrow meh..... by jeremy (Posted on 12/12/2015)
It did it's job . I wanted 6 hours to dissappear quickly, and it did. Not the best but, I'm satisfied with my purchase.
A So So story. by William (Posted on 7/30/2015)
To be honest this just was not a great story. It was decent but nothing special.
could have been better by Aaron (Posted on 4/3/2015)
I believe this GA is overshadowed by "against all enemies" in virtually every way except some of the character interaction. The story was bland and predictable, the villians were forgettable and as stock as they come, and there was not a whole lot of gratifying action scenes to hold your attention. Its not a terrible drama it just seems like a filler until something meatier is completed. I would like to see an actual villian in the ultimates series who does more to affect the universe than be a cardboard cutout thats easily thrown away. Give us a villain with some gravitas please.
Awesome! by john (Posted on 2/16/2015)
Awesome! I have purchased every Marvel Na DC title to date and I have never been let down. The voice acting, music and sound effects really draw you in. I love these books!
Review by Chris (Posted on 11/29/2014)
As ever, a fantastic adaptation. Could have done with a bit more Captain America but that's just a personal thing.
Be careful what you wish for... by Rhys (Posted on 6/1/2014)
This was an interesting take on an existing story. It could have gone another 6 hours easily-- gripping and interesting. I think it may confuse some of the audience if the Avengers (a name that is hot in the news recently) is always referred to as "The Ultimate" which is not so-well a known name.

In this story we see the results of what happens when, "We have met the enemy, and he is us..."
DarkKnight by DarkKnight (Posted on 4/26/2014)
Another an excellent Graphic Audio book. While I am primarily a DC Universe reader, I do enjoy these Marvel Universe tales. As usual, the voice talent is A+. The characters sound just as you would imagine them. In fact, in some cases I prefer the Graphic Audio presentation over the original comic or novel. I agree with another reviewer that the voice actors and Richard Rohan are like old visiting but I differ because I felt the voice acting was spot on.
Disappointed by Vikki (Posted on 4/22/2014)
I hate to say it but I was disappointed by this one. It wasn't horrible, but not great either. Part of the problem was the story, it was predictable and even boring in some places. The production values were good, but not as good as expected from GA. There were several places where the soundtrack skipped or paused that had nothing to do with the disks. I also did not like Eric Messner as Thor. Having said that, Bradley Smith's Bruce Banner was fantastic and one of the better performances. It was enjoyable in spite of its faults.
Shh! It's the Avengers. by Catdaddy (Posted on 4/1/2014)
For the uninitiated - and that was me as well - the Ultimates are simply the Avengers. This follows a comic book series that tweaked and tightened the origin stories, but it remains close enough to the movie to be comfortably familiar. The voice cast is solid. Some sound like their movie counterparts (Iron Man), some don't (Capt. America), but the casting is very effective. Only Thor's voice fails to fit his character, but this is a quibble.

Ultimately, it's a fun story with good narrative drive and a twisty third act. It's a pleasure to spend the five hours with our old friends. Recommended.
Good but........ by Michael (Posted on 3/31/2014)
When I saw this on GA's upcoming list I was really excited. My first experience of a GA production was with their production of Marvel's Civil War which I loved and made me want to hear more Marvel stories, however there were no other titles available so instead I have made my way through a majority of the DC comics adaptions which I again have really enjoyed, rating them all either a 4 or 5 out of 5.I really wanted to love this new marvel adaption but after finishing listening today I felt let down.
The production quality was on par with all other GA productions but some of the voices didn't feel right for the character they were portraying, such as Thor.
To echo other reviews the story is weak and I would have rather herd an adaption of "The Ultimate's Super Human" and "Homeland Security", though I live in hope that GA may adapt these in the future. However if you are a fan of Marvel I would still recommend giving the one go if you don't expect too much.
Marvel vs DC by brenton (Posted on 3/31/2014)
Although I like it and will by the next marvel release on the 9th, they seem to be lacking. The DC stories seem to flow better and to told your attention. It's hard to describe, but it you listen to a DC then a Marvel, you notice it right away.
An Enhanced Experience by Audiofile Magazine (Posted on 3/27/2014)
With Richard Rohan delivering the narrative, this full-cast production takes listeners right into the battles of the Ultimates, a contemporary revision of Marvel's Avengers. When people from the future arrive warning of an evil organization set to rule the world, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and other Ultimate members must figure out how to save the future while trying to determine if those from the future can be trusted. Each of the iconic Avengers sounds believable in his or her role. Sound effects and a musical score also help deliver an enhanced experience during tense scenes such as battles, arguments, and moments when characters reflect on their personal obstacles. L.E. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine
52 by earle (Posted on 3/25/2014)
52 is the first Graphic Audio production that I ever listened to. It is a complicated story to follow in the comics so I was impressed that anyone tried to make a production of it. It is fantastic. I love the voices and sound effects. Especially The Question and Black Adam. If you are a DC comic reader you will love it. I think non -DC fans can follow it too but there are a lot of complex characters. I own all the DC stories now but this one is still my favorite!
Review by Marc (Posted on 3/24/2014)
This story is based on a novel by Micheal Jan Freedman. The timeline is in between the Ultimates 1 and 2. The cover is from the #1 issue of the Ultimates 1 (2002). [Wikipedia]

The background history is going to be tricky as it doesn't follow the recent Avengers, Iron Man and Thor movies. In fact, all the characters have been given another 'reboot' - Avengers are called the Ultimates in this timeline.

Cap A and Iron Man are the leads here, with some support from Fury, Black widow, Bruce Banner, etc.

Story is not too bad but the voice casting is not as perfect as the 'DC universe'. Sometimes, its hard to differentiate who is talking especially when the characters are shouting during action sequences. (as compared to the DC characters, Supes and Bats are instantly distinguishable). Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Happy Hogan, are all interchangeble. (sorry guys).

Anyway, the upcoming Ultimates production is the "Prequel" to the current story, so hopefully it will be as exciting and less confusing to the listeners.
Great Marvel Fun! by Joseph Baneth Allen (Posted on 2/24/2014)
Just finished listening to "Marvel - The Ultimates - Tomorrow Men" released by Graphic Audio.
Tony Stark - a.k.a. Iron Man - is slowly dying due to an inoperable tumor in his brain.
As he's coming to grips with his impending date with the sickle man, Stark is coping by drinking, sleeping around, and by trying to leave a legacy for which he'll be remembered for in future years.
Enter the Tomorrow Men who suddenly appear out of no-where and breach the island fortress of The Ultimates. No mean trick.
After capturing the Tomorrow Men, Stark, along with General Fury, Captain America, Wasp, Thor, Bruce Banner, the Scarlet Witch, and other team members learn that the Tomorrow Men are from a grim future which is ruled by an organization known only as Tiber.
While General Fury has been trying to root out Tiber in the present, he's still not convinced by the Tomorrow Men's story, yet despite their initial reluctance in accepting time travel - defeating an invading alien hoard was easier to believe - The Ultimates go after Tiber.
But can the Tomorrow Men be trusted?
Great fun! I hope Graphic Audio will be able to continue to produce more Marvel novels into audio movies. It will depend, I suspect, on the good folks at Walt Disney.
Highly Recommended!
Five Stars!

Trying by Ray (Posted on 2/17/2014)
As usual Graphic Audio does a great job. Music and sound is spot on. Unfortunately Thor needs some help to sound convincing. Everyone else is really good. I just can't seem to get into this story. I've had this for a few weeks, have struggled to get about half way through and I don't really care how it ends because nothing in the story built up enough drama or suspense for me to really get into. I'm trying though. I know GA cant do whatever story they want for more legal issue than I can name, but there are plenty of great Marvel stories out there and I hope GA could do some of them.
Excellent production let down by mediocre story by Bryant (Posted on 2/14/2014)
Graphic Audio and their actors did as find a job as ever, all were above-average to great - but this one was let down by very mediocre writing. The story was just.... not that interesting. Didn't stay on any character long enough for me to really care about them, except for Iron Man. The rest of them had half-developed arcs by the end.

Great work as always GA, but the source material left much to be desired.
Very impressed! by Brandon (Posted on 2/12/2014)
Just finished this and came away very satisfied. The action was good and the voice acting was, for the most part, incredible. The actor playing Tony Stark was PERFECT! I do agree with a previous reviewer that the voice of Thor was underdone.
The storyline is very gripping and I did suspect the truth before it was revealed, but it was satisfying nonetheless. I expect to get some more of the Ultimates Titles very soon.
Time Traveling Team of Tomorrow by Thomas (Posted on 2/12/2014)
I really enjoyed listening to this, but I have to say the story was somewhat predictable(I won't get into specifics so as not to ruin things for anyone else who buys it). However, the writer did do a good job of handling the obvious questions that time travel presents, providing reasonable explanations for why the "Tomorrow Men" don't just do "this" and didn't just do "that" instead.

The voice acting was top notch all around as always but I especially liked Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow.

If you have the space on your hard drive, go for FLAC! You'll hear the difference; It's an extra buck well spent!
avengers by Arcenio (Posted on 2/11/2014)
Good action!
The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men by robert (Posted on 2/9/2014)
Graphic Audio's treatment of this story was fantastic as usual, the music, the sound effects, the voice acting, and actors chosen for the respective parts were fantastic. The only thing I guess I could suggest is that whomever was playing Thor lower it an octave or two and try to Norse it up just a little. It's a given that Thor was sorta "hippie'ish" in the ultimates, but it could be a tad deeper and more Thorish, but that's just a suggestion, didn't draw away from the story in any way. The story was good, but very heavily focused on Tony Stark, and less so on the other characters. They were really light on the Thor, and the Hulk didn't get to do anything in the story at all, which was a bummer. I will say though that the story kept me guessing all the way through, the twists and turns were very well done. Overall, very good, only a few plot points made me give it a 4 instead of a 5. You should understand the Ultimates universe before listening though, it's different than the standard Marvel Universe, and this is not a continuation of Civil War by any means..
Hearing Voices by Jonpaulb (Posted on 1/31/2014)
I own all the DC stories and can't wait to buy them them day they come out. The actors voices are like old friends and Richard Rohan ties it all together nicely. Unfortunately, upon listening to this new Marvel story, I can't get past the poor acting. The actress who plays Janet Pymm is so awful she kills every scene she is in. It's like listening to Siri read a book. And then there is the Jarvis voice. I don't know if the irritating voice or overly smart aleck tone is worse and this is just in the first 15 mins. I usually finish a whole story with a day or two of buying but I have twice tried to listen to this and can't get past the first fifteen minutes. I will always purchase Graphic Audio stories due to the terrific story lines and amazing overall quality as well as the unsurpassed acting but hope that the next DC/Marvel outing will utilize some of their proven actors or get some with more experience.

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