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1 : Loner

by J.A. Johnstone
Jul 1, 2011
6 Hours
Ages 18+
When Conrad Browning's wife disappears in the untamed frontier, Conrad finds himself assuming the identity of his famous gunslinging father, Frank Morgan, to find her. But his hopes of rescuing Rebel are swiftly shattered -- and now he's burning for vengeance, the old-fashioned way. So he fakes his own death and starts calling himself The Loner, becoming the deadliest gunfighter this side of his own father -- ready to settle the score in blood and bullets...

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Director & Cast

Director Nathanial Perry
Starring Ken Jackson, Eric Messner, Thomas Keegan, Kimberly Gilbert, Yasmin Tuazon, Dylan Lynch, Mort Shelby, Steven Carpenter, Joe Brack andy Clemence, Michael Glenn, Ren Kasey, Thomas Penny, Scott McCormick, Terence Aselford, James Konicek, Richard Rohan, Johann Dettweiller, Drew Kopas, Tony Nam, James Lewis, James Keegan, Joseph Thornhill, Colleen Delany, Nanette Savard, Elizabeth Jerigan, David Coyne and Michael John Casey
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Nathanial Perry
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry
Original Theme Music Nathanial Perry
Additional Original Music Nathanial Perry and Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Finding Its Feet by Catdaddy (Posted on 8/25/2018)
There seems to be a rush to race into this story. The exposition is hurried, and even the main theme is a scant four notes long. But the expanse of that brief exposition certainly makes the story feel like a spin-off. And, clearly, “The Loner” is set in the same world as other Johnstone series such as Smoke Jensen and Preacher. But after the framing story and the expository narrative are done, it is also very much an origin story. This new series seems to plan to stand on its own.

The third person, cliche-laden narration isn’t especially literate, (“ The only law that mattered was the law of the gun.“) or rough dialogue ("Wait! Wait, don’t die yet!”) The plot is basic, recycled from countless other westerns, and a bit kludgy even including Deus-ex-Machina characters showing up in the last minutes. However Eric Messner (Kyle “Green Lantern” Rainer) is always a warm and welcome lead, and it is unquestionably an escapist Western adventure.

The drama is a clear “R“ for graphic violence throughout, and some leering references to sex – but with a typically American balance towards the gore. If the series finds a tone that welcomes us a bit further in, it could become one of GraphicAudio’s strongest Western offerings.
The Loner Book 1 - Excellent Start to a Series by Wade F (Posted on 4/25/2018)
I started this series with no idea of what I was getting into. I read the reviews and was a little skeptical, but I have listened to other books by JA Johnstone and liked them, so I gave this a shot. Wow! I drive 45 minutes to work each day and 45 minutes back home. This is an excellent start to hopefully a great series. I found myself taking longer trips home to keep listening.
GREAT by ANDREW (Posted on 7/19/2017)
Great series already downloading the next two
Mixed feelings by Eric (Posted on 2/20/2017)
Ok, this is tough. GA- again, you rocked it. Any issues I have with The Loner are is feels a little bit predictable and been there done that. Westerns are always comfortable, I totally get that. But The Loner just feels like it isn't delving into any new territory. Enjoyable like an old sweater, but if you are looking to be challenged by a story, this isn't the one. But it's still Johnstone!!!!!!!!!
Excellent by Cynthia (Posted on 5/7/2016)
Great story line and the new beginning of another great series. Can't wait to hear them all.
Book 1 by justin (Posted on 12/8/2015)
This is the ultimate Old West gun fighting series
The Loner by Cleveland (Posted on 8/22/2015)
I love this series. I'd really like to see and hear more!
The Loner by WJ (Posted on 6/9/2015)
I am an OTR DRIVER and have a run from the midwest to the west coast i turn it every week all year long. i enjoy listening to graphic audio books my buddy got me into them. now i can not stop listening. every time i stop i am looking for the next book. the loner was a great start to the siers.
Good Series by Carlton (Posted on 4/13/2015)
I started this series a while back and this was a good start to the series. My one question, why does everything have to be about vengeance? Never the less I like this series.
The Loner by Glenn (Posted on 3/23/2015)
Conrad Browning is following in the exact foot steps of his father. A great gunfighter. Although the stories seems to be the same as his father I still give it thumbs up.
The loner by Troy (Posted on 12/3/2014)
Loved it. Did not expect it to be so good.
The Loner by Ricky (Posted on 6/26/2014)
This series had me coming back for more! Loved the suspenseful nature of each book!
Great! by Stephen (Posted on 5/27/2014)
I'm a big fan of the last gunfighter series, and this did not disappoint! When Conrad was introduced in the last gunfighter books, i hated him at first. But of course as the series went on he grew up and I really started to like him. This series is great so far!
Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award by AudioFile Magazine (Posted on 8/20/2013)
Johnstone’s Western series is the perfect platform for the skilled folks at Graphic Audio to put their talents on display. Filled with realistic sound effects, an old-fashioned musical score, and an gifted cast of performers including Ken Jackson, the series is like a pulp paperback come to life. In the story, high-rolling businessman Conrad Browning is forced to unveil his lifelong secret in order to save his wife from bandits. The gunshots will have listeners ducking for cover as Conrad becomes “The Loner,” a ruthless outlaw who is seeking justice. The outstanding listening experience sets the standard for just how compelling audiobooks can be. L.B. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2011, Portland, Maine
Review by victoria sorel (Posted on 5/23/2013)
This is a series that really comes alive on audio. Yes, the books are enjoyable, but somewhat typical of most Westerns. Mr. Messenger breathes a meloncholy Kid Morgan to life. Highly recommend the entire series. Must make special mention to the music, amazing! Well done.
Review by bill miller (Posted on 5/23/2013)
the actor who portrayed conrad brownig/kid morgan was utterly fantastic.to be able to go from sounding like a sissified person to a hard case sounding character was pretty darn good.wife enjoyed it also listening to it with me.turning her into graphicaudio fan.
Review by Frederick McAninch (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Excellent. Well done. This is Author has done a great honor to her father by continuing on with the story. The Loner is a bit more graphic than a typical western of this type and that makes it more enjoyable. I enjoyed this first book and cant wait for the next.
Review by Karen Collier (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Agree with other - great story! This is a new series by Jo (J.A.) Johnstone. This book starts the series and leaves you almost begging for book two. Conrad is NOT his father and IS NOT trying to be his father - several good twists and more realistic than most westerns.

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