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Yakima Henry
6 : The Dangerous Dawn

by Frank Leslie
Aug 1, 2014
6 Hours
Ages 18+

Half white and half Indian, Yakima Henry tends to mind his own business among folks who see him as little more than a savage. But when a man named Barstow -- who's taking his dead daughter home for burial -- is bullied by badmen, Yakima steps in. Barstow's daughter supposedly shared a secret with her father about the location of the loot her outlaw lover stole. Although he claims no knowledge, Barstow's become a wanted man. And so has Yakima Henry.

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Director & Cast

Director Michael John Casey
Starring Terence Aselford, Thomas Keegan, Kimberly Gilbert, Michael Glenn, Christopher Sheeren, James Lewis, Christopher Graybill, Ashley Strand, Elizabeth Jernigan, James Konicek, Joe Brack, Matthew Bassett, Tim Carlin, Bradley Smith, David Harris, Jacob Yeh, Alyssa Wilmoth, Scott McCormick, Dawn Ursula, Yasmin Tuazon and Michael John Casey
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Eric Messner
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


The dangerous dawn by robert (Posted on 9/2/2014)
The coffin was the key to the story but it was lacking in where the money trail started

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