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Byrnes Family Ranch
9 : Deadly Is The Night

by Dusty Richards
Jan 26, 2017
7 Hours
Ages 13+
In the latest installment of his epic Byrnes family saga, Western Heritage and Spur Award-winning author Dusty Richards tells of the blood that was spilled trying to make Arizona Territory a good place to live...

Building a ranching empire is one thing, keeping it out of the hands of robbers, kidnappers, murderers, embezzlers, and every no good opportunist crawling through the Arizona desert is a daily grind for Chet Byrnes. He’s just as likely to rescue a stolen daughter as he is to recover rustled cattle on any given day. But with a family to keep safe and enough real target practice to keep his aim deadly, nothing’s going to stop Chet from bringing his ranch into a bold new era. And if that means he’ll have to go to war to run a new telegraph line through the godforsaken territories, he’s got the manpower, the willpower, and the bullets to light up the night with blood...

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Director & Cast

Director Scott McCormick
Starring Scott McCormick as Chet Byrnes, Helen Pafumi as Liz Byrnes, Steve Wannall as Jesus, Joe Mallon as Manuel, Nathanial Perry as Fred, Alejandro Ruiz as Spencer, Christopher Walker as Deputy Knowles, Lawrence Redmond, Steven Carpenter, Lincoln Zada, Michael Glenn, Matthew Schleigh, Lily Beacon, Casie Platt, Deidra Starnes, David Coyne, Tim Pabon, Alyssa Wilmoth, Brian Hemmingsen, Dani Stoller, Jillian Levine-Sisson, Nanette Savard, Nick DePinto, Yasmin Tuazon, Chris Genebach, Jonathon Church, Eric Messner, Sasha Olinick, Gary Telles, Jacob Yeh, James Konicek, Al Twanmo, Danny Gavingan, Eric Singdahlsen, Eva Wilhelm, Ken Yatta Rogers, Christopher Scheeren, Evan Casey, Jeff Allin, Laura C. Harris, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Mort Shelby, Colleen Delany, Chris Stinson, Maggie Donnelly, Ken Jackson, Siobhan Casey and Nora Achrati as Monica
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Scott McCormick
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Byrnes Family Ranch 9 by Jeanine (Posted on 6/29/2017)
This is a good story but I wish the narrator wasn't the same voice as the main character.

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