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Cemetery Girl Trilogy
1 : The Pretenders

by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden
Oct 27, 2014
1.5 Hours
Ages 13+
GraphicAudio's 1st Graphic Novel Adaptation is a New Audio Experience You Don't Want To Miss!

Charlaine Harris, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the Harper Connelly Mysteries, and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden present "The Pretenders" GraphicAudio Production—first in a brand-new trilogy.

Charlaine Harris says "Wow! What a pleasant surprise! Graphic Audio has knocked this audiobook out of the graveyard! I can't wait to hear the next installment."

She calls herself Calexa Rose Dunhill—names taken from the grim surroundings where she awoke, bruised and bloody, with no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who left her for dead.

She has made the cemetery her home, living in a crypt and avoiding human contact. But Calexa can’t hide from the dead—and because she can see spirits, they can’t hide from her.

Then one night, Calexa spies a group of teenagers vandalizing a grave—and watches in horror as they commit murder. As the victim’s spirit rises from her body, it flows into Calexa, overwhelming her mind with visions and memories not her own.

Now Calexa must make a decision: continue to hide to protect herself—or come forward to bring justice to the sad spirit who has reached out to her for help...

* Exclusive Behind the Mic Interview with the Authors Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden & Director Richard Rohan included with download.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Emlyn McFarland, Nora Achrati, Dawn Ursula, Andy Brownstein, Shari Elliker, Nick DePinto, KenYatta Rogers, Kellee Knighten Hough, Jacob Yeh, David Harris, Tony Nam, Doug Brown, Drew Kopas, Elizabeth Jernigan, John Dow and Evan Casey
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry
Cover Illustrator Don Kramer and Daniele Rudoni
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


CEMETERY GIRL TRILOGY 1 : The Pretenders by Juan (Posted on 10/29/2016)
My very first buy. I love Charlaine Harris. I was looking for her audios and I stumble over graphic audios. I was hook the minute I started to listening to the graphic audio. I love it.
my first audio comic book by Dani (Posted on 10/20/2016)
For an introduction to comic books in the audio medium this blew me away. It is short so its not something you can use to listen to at work and expect to fill the day but its definitely worth getting! The team does a great job and it really feels as if youre there watching it all unfold. I was dying to get my hands on the second one as soon as this one finished
Cemetery Girl by Angelo (Posted on 5/1/2016)
the production was awesome i loved the story
very interesting by shane (Posted on 1/17/2016)
Good stuff
Awesome! by Jackie (Posted on 1/15/2016)
See the title!
Cemetery Girl by Michael (Posted on 11/22/2015)
Like all Graphic Audio books, Cemetery Girl is fantastic.

Mix beautiful music, excellent dialog, and a thrilling premise, and you can't fail to enjoy this. While the subject matter is not what I would say is for every age group, I think anyone over 14 would enjoy the recording.

Well done, GA folks.
Bring on Book 2!!!!!!! by mark (Posted on 9/30/2015)
Cemetery Girl is my first GA download and it was worth even penny. I was spellbound by the story with all the thrills and chills you get from watching a movie. The voice acting was amazing, along with the sound effect, which i played it on my 5.1 surround sound systerm. I enjoy evey crazy switch. Cemetery Girl is a great start for anyone that is new to GraphicAudio, with a fair price for CG, It give the buyer a taste of the kind of work they do. GraphicAudio is the next level for radio drama
Cementary Girl Trilogy - The Prentenders by Anthony (Posted on 9/7/2015)
This first attempt was enjoyable and could be better. Anyways looking forward to the next in the series for improvements in story.
Great characters by Misty (Posted on 9/6/2015)
I love the voices and background sounds. Story is great and the interview at the end was a nice bonus.
Cemetery Girl by Lee (Posted on 9/3/2015)
i tried it and i liked it. I'll buy more. A little short but leaves you wanting more.
Good potential by JBlack (Posted on 8/22/2015)
Having read the Harper & Sookie series written by Ms. Harris, I was looking forward to hearing this story for the first time after all I loved those books so the bar was set high. It was a slow start and frustrating at times but worth sticking with it. I'm curious to see/hear how the next part of the trilogy will turn out. Also, loved the interview at the end with the two authors!
Brilliant and Beautiful! by Jennifer (Posted on 6/6/2015)
I have a love/hate relationship with graphic novels. Some of them, particularly the artsy ones or ones that depict short stories from series I already read, seem so compelling–beautiful art, intriguing story–and I really want to read them.

But when I do, I find them completely unsatisfying, like eating one potato chip when you’re starving. There just isn’t enough story in a graphic novel to satisfy me. In spite of all the beautiful art, I’m looking for the words. Many times I have to make myself go back and look at the pictures carefully because I just skimmed past them looking for more words.

When the Cemetery Girl series by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden was launched, I was again intrigued. Two great authors and a southern cemetery ought to be enough to intrigue anyone! But I hesitated; why buy another graphic novel when I know I would just be disappointed?

So, when I saw that GraphicAudio had produced an audio version of Harris and Golden’s graphic novel, I was even more intrigued. How on earth could one make an audio recording – all words – out of a visual graphic novel? Well for $5, I was willing to find out.

And let me tell you: it’s brilliant! For me, anyway, it’s a beautiful blend of imagery—invoked by sound—and story. The story itself is beautifully told and the atmosphere that is created by the different characters, the background sounds, and even the volume and quality of the voices makes the story so very rich.

I have not yet seen the original graphic novel, but now that I’ve listened to it, I really want to sit down with the graphic, looking at the pictures while listening to the audio. I think that would be an amazing experience and give me both the words I’m looking for and the freedom to really look at the art.

The story itself runs a bit over an hour, but GraphicAudio has included an interview with Harris and Golden at the end of the story that is an incredibly fun listen.

I’m just starting to explore what GraphicAudio has to offer, but so far I’m really enjoying their version of the audiobook. I think they did an amazing job with The Pretenders and can’t wait for the next installment of Cemetery Girl.

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

No promotional consideration was granted for this review.
Not what I expected but still decent. by Timothy (Posted on 5/29/2015)
For some reason I Was expecting a story more like Neil Gaiman's - The Graveyard Book but this one was good nonetheless. Not my favorite title I have purchased from GA but I remained interested and stayed till the end.

I'll probably continue the story once more are released.

Should be a film series it's so good by Idongesit (Posted on 3/31/2015)
I was wary of this one at first due to the title and price but after buying and listening to it a few times, I see that this is an excellent story. The characters are well defined, the pacing is good and the plot is engaging, can't wait for the next two. This one stands alone so well that i would pay money to see the trilogy developed into a film series, with Anna Paquin as Calexa. In short, if you want something unique yet interesting, give this series a shot.
Amazing and Captivating Story by Alicia (Posted on 3/17/2015)
I came to this title skeptic that the Graphic novel could brought to life simply through an audio file. OMG was I wrong. As an avid audiobook listener I was entranced by the enhanced storytelling and experience i received listening to a GraphicAudio in comparison to an Audible audiobook. The difference was night and day! I'm now an avid fan of this medium... can't wait for more diverse titles up my alley to be added.
I want more. by Jared (Posted on 2/21/2015)
This was one of those titles I bought as soon as I could after it came out. I'd been seeing the ads for it, and was stoked. When it came out, I loved every minute of it, even if it was short. Admittedly, a more competent detective would have caught those kids, but I'm willing to suspend disbelief. It's February, and I'm still waiting.
Interesting story, great prodution. by Joseph (Posted on 2/16/2015)
Very fond of Charlaine's work, wanted to try out this service--win, win. Listened to the track while working on a quilt, listened straight through--including the interview--and wanted more. Very much a worth-while purchase.

Pros: Fantastic sound production
Con: Lack of an easy to use bookmark for the inevitable pause moments
Great story by Malinda (Posted on 2/10/2015)
i loved the story & the production was awesome . I cant wait for the next book.
fresh! by mike (Posted on 2/6/2015)
Awesome story! Great characters and the narrative is excellent.
Surprised Myself! I liked it! by Armand (Posted on 2/4/2015)
Well, another GA title that got my interest. Normally, I don't go in for ghost stories, but this one isn't JUST a ghost story. I liked the interview at the end as well, but sad to hear it will take so long to complete the series....

Still, excellent listen! Very entertaining!

Cemetery Girl is very much ALIVE by Thomas (Posted on 1/23/2015)
"Top notch voice acting and great atmosphere. An excellent introduction to GraphicAudio for first timers, and a worthy addition for returning fans. Five headphones."

I love the tone of this adaptation, it really seems perfect for the setting. Emlyn McFarland was great as the lead, as was Nora Achrati and the entire supporting cast.

For $4.99 you get an hour an a half of story, and half an hour of a great interview with both writers. I like this format and look forward to the next installment. According to the interview it might be a while, but it will be worth the wait with you guys as always!
waiting patiently? by Scott (Posted on 1/11/2015)
I bought this title back in November and it is now January. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment as both my wife and I enjoyed it so much.
Excellent Story to start the Series by Michael G (Posted on 12/26/2014)
I'm not a fan of Harris but this may have changed my mind... What a great start... I enjoyed it from begining to end... Can't wait to see where the next adventures go...!!!
Great adaption by victoria (Posted on 12/11/2014)
I love that this was such a great adaption directly from the Graphic novel. It was tightly woven like a good television script rather than the longer plodding bulk of a novel. Emyln McFarland is a find! I hope this means we will be seeing more graphic novels adapted directly instead of waiting for someone to write a prose novel.
cemetery girl bk1 by Louis (Posted on 12/4/2014)
This series starts out kinda slow but picks up tempo about 1/3 the way through. It has a bit of mystery and some sadness inside as well as some joy. It's very easy to relate to the young lady in this series. Buy a copy for your self today.
Quality title by Damien (Posted on 10/29/2014)
I liked this title, the voice acting and mixing were top notch. Honestly I was not too into the story, but the characterization was very good. Just wish it was a little longer for the price.
That´s IT! by Thomas (Posted on 10/28/2014)
Bought it yesterday and since it is short, for a GraphicAudio-Production, i listened to it completely last night.

That was the best Production from GA that i ever heard and i hope there will be more like this, because the staging was perfect and much more alive than other productions.

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