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Dante Valentine
1 : Working for the Devil (1 of 2)

by Lilith Saintcrow
Apr 1, 2011
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Necromance-for-hire Dante Valentine is choosy about her jobs. Hot-tempered and with nerves of steel, she can raise the dead like nobody's business. But one rainy Monday morning, everything goes straight to Hell.

The Devil hires Dante to eliminate a renegade demon: Vardimal Santino. In return, he will let her live. It's an offer she can't refuse.

There's just one catch. How do you kill something that can't die?

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Director & Cast

Director Rose Elizabeth Supan
Starring Colleen Delany, Christopher Scheeren, Kimberly Gilbert, Joe Brack, Lily Beacon, Michael Glenn, Thomas Keegan, Mort Shelby, Nanette Savard, James Konicek, Elizabeth Jernigan, Terence Aselford, David Coyne, Tim Getman, Nathanial Perry, Joseph Thornhill and Ken Jackson
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Rose Elizabeth Supan
Dialogue Editors Lauren Driller
Sound Designers Lauren Driller
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Dante by Scott (Posted on 11/11/2018)
Great series. Usually listen to marvel/dc but this was great.
Awesome all around by Stephen (Posted on 10/17/2018)
Wow. I've read the books and listening to them was much better. The narration by Colleen Delany is about the best I've ever listened to with regards to clarity of speech, pacing, and most importantly emotional depth. I don't know if there are awards for voice acting but if so she absolutely deserves one. The rest of the cast is great as well. The actual story is an interesting mix of magic and sci-fi with a great main character in Dante (Danny) Valentine.
A great start by mike (Posted on 5/25/2018)
this is a great mix of a sci-fi and horror and fantasy. Love the slow burn of the pace.
Interesting combination by Chris (Posted on 3/15/2018)
This is a good start to the series. A combination of Fantasy and science fiction is something few can accomplish. I am going to enjoy reading the rest of this series.
Sucked me in by Lynn (Posted on 1/24/2018)
I love a book that lets me escape the hum drum commute. This one made me take it out of the car and into the house. I love the GA production and I dont know all of the actors names yet but they do a great job. I can never go back to boring hum drum audio books. I am now a fan of Lilith Saintcrow.
Wow! by Peyton (Posted on 10/1/2017)
This is why I buy things like Mystery Boxes. I probably wouldn't have picked this title up otherwise. Dante is just too much fun!
chick book by Benjamin (Posted on 7/22/2017)
Ok. Maybe chick book isn't a good description, but if this was a movie in the theater in place of a movie in your mind that is what it would be called. Very I am woman hear me roar, but I’m vulnerable and sensitive too. Several of the characters are written poorly. Every male character is written as what a 14 year old girl with emotional damage perceives men are. Waste of time and money.
Dante Valentine by glenn (Posted on 12/15/2016)
A must hear. I have traveled a lot over the last couple years, and I have come to love all the authors, actors and all the talent it takes to put one of these together. Being a bit of a "mixer" myself, I know of the time and effort it takes. The voice I love the most is Colleen Delaney in this series.
love it by Andrew (Posted on 1/12/2016)
Dante Valentine: Working for the Devil - eh by J Black (Posted on 8/22/2015)
I've been looking forward to hearing the graphic audio of this book ever since I read the short story Selene. Was a bit disappointed in the main character, Dante. Personally, I was more drawn to the secondary character, Gabe and her relationship with Eddie. It was more believable than her sudden relationship with Jaff. I did like the interaction between the two at first, but by the second part, it felt more forced than anything.
The fight scenes were impressive, but the accompanying music was way too loud. In order to hear the character dialog, I had to turn the sound up and then had to immediately turn it down when the music cued. I also could have done without the graphic sounds of Dante's seemingly constant urge to vomit.
Pity because the world that Saintcrow created was interesting.
awesome by Heather (Posted on 1/18/2015)
This book gets u hooked on the series
Part 1 by Tina (Posted on 9/10/2014)
Starts bit slow. Like Jaff charater alot. Took some getting use to first person narritive. Voice acting awsome as always.
Acting Chops! by CATDADDY (Posted on 3/18/2014)
A drama that hits far above its weight class, and made more visceral by that rare-for-GA gem, first-person narration. It's anchored by a knockout performance by Colleen Delaney, playing a character that would be pretty unlikable in lesser hands - still sexy, perhaps, but very haughty. If at first it feels a bit like adolescent fantasy, it escalates - and escalates - building to an impressive crescendo just in the first half. The rating is for violence and particularly for language, but it is essential to the tone of a story that would seem false without it.
Good production. Shame about the source material. by Alex (Posted on 3/14/2014)
Give the Graphic Audio crew its due, they did their best with the material they had. It's a slick, polished presentation... but the story is incredibly dull.

It's yet more of the po-faced, humourless "urban fantasy" cash-cow bandwagon, populated with uninteresting stereotypes and tick-the-boxes caricatures instead of fleshed-out characters with whom the reader (or listener) can empathise. This is precisely the sort of stuff which was skewered and pastiched brilliantly by Simon R. Green in his send-up "Nightside" series of books.

If this sort of drivel is your cup of tea, then you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for something interesting, look elsewhere.
Review by Ksenia (Posted on 2/3/2014)
I love Christopher Scheeren's voice. It's too bad GA do not use his services us much as I would prefer.
Review by Brian Dinse (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I am hooked! This is an outstanding production and an excellent story (that I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of). I had just completed GraphicAudio's production of the Vatta's War series (that was a lot of fun and very well done). I came back to look for something new - always a big undertaking for me to decide. This time I had to choose quickly as I was taking a trip the next morning and wanted to have something to listen to. I usually go towards Science Fiction & Fantasy. This new production came up when the GraphicAudio site loaded and I wasn't sure what to think about it. I listened to the audio preview. It seemed a mix of genres that I like - something a little different and compelling. I decided to give it a try. The first thing that struck me was the voice actors. They are some of the same familiar voices from Vatta's War - Colleen Delany and Christopher Scheeren. Not to diminish the performances of all the other fine voice actors, but I have a thing for Ms. Delany's voice. She was excellent in Vatta's war and is also excellent here. The sound effects and voice acting pulled this together and made it very engrossing and engaging. That, paired with a great story, makes this is a first rate winner for me. I can't wait to hear more. I hope that many of you will try this. I think that you will enjoy it greatly. Thank you to the entire GraphicAudio team!!
Review by Jermane London (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I didn't understand when the other reviewer's talked about just how sexy Colleen Dellany's voice was until I heard from myself. Trust me I have listened to her voice since the first Rouge Angel and on the Wonder Woman story; and I have never heard Ms. Dellany like this. She oozes sensuality when she is being a smartass and thing just get better as the story nears it's close I don't want to spoil anything for a newcomer. I have yet to read any of Lilth Saintcrow's work, but I know when I do it will be Colleen's voice that I am hearing when I read. I can't wait until the next book in the series comes out. Now I have two book series with her voice, she a talent that just won't quit.
Review by Jamee Reed (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Awesome story....different but awesome
Review by Harry Dodgson (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Only Graphic Audio can make sense of the books by this author. Her writing mixes narration, character thoughts, and character speech inflections into an incoherent mess. With their assortment of artists, reverb, and filters, Graphic Audio gives them each a different sound so you can understand what the author meant.
Review by Raynor Moore (Posted on 5/23/2013)
If anyone has anything bad to say about a GA production I'm surprised to hear it about this! I found Rogue Angel far more tedious than Dante Valentine and that is still more engaging than David and Anonymous seem to imply. I absolutely love the first hour... Dante's trip to hell and meeting the Prince. Furthermore, the continuation and preparation for the primary plot line is interspersed with interruptions from Danny's actual life which lends interest to future installments and hope at seeing her in less dire circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Oh, Demon Familiar and the Devil were fantastic. Jermane and company were likewise not lying when they commented on Colleen Dellany's performance either. The group of characters hit the mark and compel your attention for the duration of the tale.
Review by Eric Butler (Posted on 5/23/2013)
This review covers both parts 1 and 2.

Another story that I have a mixed review. I thought the voice acting overall was very good...Although, Colleen Delany's bored/sexy narration was sometimes just dull...other times, captivating. Excellent work by the demon familiar. The dead pan vocal worked.

If anything, my only big disappointment was with the ending of the tale...left me a bit depressed. GA production and acting was good to great. Only the conclusion of the 2 part story left me a bit dissatisfied.

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