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Dead or Alive Trilogy
1 : Hangman's Choice

by Ralph Cotton
May 1, 2012
6 Hours
Ages 18+
They gunned down his father in cold blood. They are his most elusive enemies, the outlaws known as Los Pistoleros. And they're still at large.

But Federal Deputy Hart will not give up the chase...

Until they hang.

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Director & Cast

Director Ken Jackson
Starring Ken Jackson, Michael Glenn, Patrick Bussink, Thomas Keegan, Allysa Wilmoth, James Keegan, Gary Telles, Joe Brack, Timothy Lynch, Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Gregory Gorton, James Konicek Bradley Smith, David Coyne, Tim Carlin, Michael John Casey, Christopher Scheeren and Eric Messner
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Sam Graventi
Sound Designers Sam Graventi
Original Theme Music Temesgen Wubneh
Additional Original Music Johann Detweiller, Bryan Patton and Nathanial Perry
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Dead or Alive by Jason (Posted on 10/16/2015)
Great series!.
Pleased by Betsy (Posted on 7/4/2015)
I wasn't sure what to expect when choosing this series. The author did a great job in making me want more.
book 1 by Joe (Posted on 4/22/2015)
I enjoyed the story line. But what is most different is the characters. Simms who is brain smart. Kate who is a ruthless rough and tough female. And Two and Heart make for a good rounding of the cast.
Hang mans choice by john calk (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Possibly the worst trilogy I have ever tried to sit through. The ridiculous storyline and these eastern bad guys and their accents were topped only by the Los Pistoleros name of the gang. Cotton could have done better with Hart and Tujack. It started ok but the golf side bar lost me. I finally shut it down half way through book 2 of the 3.
one of best western series by john (Posted on 3/20/2014)
this trilogy is highly recommended. the characters are great, and the story just keeps rolling along. i hated to have the trilogy end.
Review by Johnny Tai (Posted on 5/23/2013)
A simply fantastic book- puts most of Johnston's books to shame in my opinion. The acting's wonderful as always, and the music too.

What really set this apart and above other westerns:

1: Characters have personality, they play games rather than thinking about shooting guns and making money all the time.

2: Realistic: at one point the deputies had to pawn their rifles for money- this is something most other novels don't show us is the harsh reality of living back then, and having to pay for things- most of your western book heroes just seem to never need money or always have some when they do.

3: No "unbeatable" heroes in this book- one biggest problem I always had with Johnston's books has been their "super" heroes who can't be beaten- well, here we have characters who actually have to lose, have to outthink others to survive, even when the deputy got into that fist fight, the outcome surprised me.

4: The main female character Kate is not your typical western novel women whose only purposes seem to be to have kids, make donuts and get shot/kidnapped- yes, Jenson, I'm looking at you...in Dead or Alive, we're introduced to a strong female character who can more than hold her own in a dangerous situation- that confrontation in the alley is just simply wonderful!

That Charlie is a very enjoyable character to read/listen to- he almost has the same charismatic nature as Sherlock Holmes.

In conclusion:

Great book with great acting and quality, making a perfect production.

Can't wait to read book 2 now.

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