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Honor (1 of 3) - The Enemies of Humanity

by Simon R. Green
Jan 1, 2006
6 Hours
Ages 18+
After the dust settles from the Great Rebellion, Owen Deathstalker and Hazel D’ark find themselves working as bounty hunters for the tentative new democratic government, chasing down war criminals from the old empire, while still struggling with the nature of their mysterious powers derived from the enigmatic Madness Maze. Their mission is to capture the most notorious villain of all, the grinning psychopath Valentine Wolfe. The Deathstalker has bloody revenge in mind, but his flamboyantly insane adversary eagerly awaits Owen’s arrival, for Valentine has planned a very nasty welcome indeed. Elsewhere, Daniel Wolfe, the youngest son of the nefarious Clan of the old empire, has made his escape just before the empire fell. On a stolen ship, he watched reports come in of the end of the world he once knew. But Daniel’s only concern is to find the mysterious home world of the dreaded Artificial Intelligences known as Shub. For most it would be considered suicide, but for Daniel, it is a rescue mission. Shub has his father Jacob in its clutches. Later, on the planet Golgotha, Owen Deathstalker enters into a bargain with a member of Daniel’s family that will change the Deathstalker’s life forever.

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Director & Cast

Director Richard Rohan
Starring Richard Rohan, Nanette Savard, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delaney, Christopher Walker and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Richard Rohan
Dialogue Editors Dan Sondak
Sound Designers Dan Sondak
Original Theme Music Norman van der Sluys
Additional Original Music Dan Sondak
Cover Illustrator Hatton Slayden
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


More realistic than star wars by Connor (Posted on 8/13/2018)
More real than star wars, the lead Owen doesn't whine as much as Anakin or LOTR Frodo.
DEATHSTALKER: Honor - Charnel House by larry (Posted on 7/9/2017)
this was an interesting read
Awesome series... would make a great movie series too ;) hint hint by Edwin (Posted on 2/2/2017)
I have been hooked on the DS series since DS2 (in the OLD DAYS- on cassette ) Glad to see they also adapted other Simon R Green's other book series. During my days of Driving truck over the road, these books made the nights and miles seem alot shorter.

Awsome Deathstalker by Rita (Posted on 2/27/2015)
Is any way we can get Deathstalker Rebellion on here it on one I need to read to be caught up I pay 20 for I in love with Deathstalker go Green!
Deathstalker 4? by Felix (Posted on 1/22/2015)
I've been purchasing GA products for some time now. I was curious about the Deathstalker series and I decided to try it out.

Charnel House is an impressive work and I was entertained by its content (5 stars). There is, however, some oddities about the series. First, the GA series starts with volume 4 (4 stars). I had a sense of loss on backstory because there were a lot of blanks for me in the story line. The problem was I didn't read the first three volumes. I got the feeling that, had I read the first three books, it wouldn't have taken me as long to get up to speed with the characters that are already developed.

In some of GA's works like Demon Cycle or Demon wars, you are with the characters from the beginning listening to them develop. You have a connection with them. Such a connection doesn't exist in DS:Charnel House book because, unless you read the books, you won't initially know or care about the characters.
Deathstalker Series by Robert (Posted on 11/9/2014)
This is one of the best Series out there. If GA would start from the very first book on CD it would be great. I have the series on tape but would buy the CD if it came out. Anyone who likes SCI-FI would love this series
As usual, a very impressive job done extremely well! by Jeffrey (Posted on 9/17/2014)
I get more and more impressed with the quality of GraphicAudio's work as time goes on. Even though this is an older title GraphicAudio has brought it to life in ways that I had not imagined possible. This is the first science fiction title I have listened to from them and though I don't read science fiction as a rule, I am sincerely looking forward to the entire series! The sound effects alone are worth the price of disc and the actors and actresses all played their parts to perfection.
Absolutely Amazing by william (Posted on 9/12/2014)
All I did was listen to the free clip and I fell in love with this series all over again! I am going to have to buy one book each paycheck now! Damn you GraphicAudio.net lol!!
Great Adaptation by steve (Posted on 5/16/2014)
I loved reading the Deathstalker books in paperback, and the Graphic Audio versions make me love them even more. Great narrator, voice work by the cast is top rate. It really makes you feel like you are in the thick of the action. It had laugh out loud moments, and made you feel like your heart was breaking from some of the setbacks and tragedies. I recommend getting all 8 books.
Green and GA were made for eachother by Jared (Posted on 2/1/2014)
I was originally introduced to Graphic Audio via their previous efforts with the Deathstalker series, the first three...not chapters...Seasons, we'll call them seasons. And it's an amazing, gradual evolution from the days of just a handful of folks adapting Simon R Green's Space Opera epic to where they ended up at the end of the series full. Charnel House marks the Graphic Audio's proper foray into the series, and where before you could hear the potential, it's only in this season proper do you feel that raw potential has been sharpened and hardened into the beginnings of a beautiful gem. They make these Errol Flynn style sci-fi books as much a joy to listen to than it was reading them.

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