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Brothers O'Brien
3 : Last Man Standing

by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
Jul 1, 2013
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Lazarus wears the green Shabti figurine around his neck, once the property of the pharaohs, a gift from the great god Amun-Ra. He kills without remorse. But he’s followed by the shadow of death known only as the Raggedy Man.

Bounty-hunter turned "businessman" Rafe Kingston is the fastest gun in the west ... and the last person you want to see on your doorstep. So you can imagine how the O'Brien brothers feel when this vicious vermin shows up at their ranch with a letter, signed by a U.S. Senator, claiming he's the rightful owner of their land.

Not only does Kingston have a legal document, he's got five of the meanest an blood-thirsty gunslingers to ever draw a breath backing him up. That's six ruthless killers versus four Irish brothers who won't back down. And there'll be one hell of a prize for the last man standing. It's called survival...

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Director & Cast

Director Rose Elizabeth Supan
Starring Mort Shelby, Bradley Smith, David Coyne, Michael Glenn, Christopher Graybill, James Konicek, Mort Shelby, Eric Messner, Tim Getman, Thomas Keegan, Yasmin Tuazon, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delany, Steven Carpenter, Elizabeth Jernigan, Casie Platt, Joe Brack, Dylan Lynch, Matthew Bassett, Nick DePinto, James Keegan, Michael John Casey, Scott McCormick, David Harris, Tim Pabon, Richard Rohan, Ren Casey, Kimberly Gilbert, Thomas Penny, Nora Achrati, Christopher Scheeren, Nathanial Perry, Ken Jackson, and Justin Wortz
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Additional Original Music Thomas Hogan & Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Review by Bos (Posted on 6/23/2018)
don't mess with the O'briens. nice twist at the end.
Last man standing by Mike (Posted on 10/25/2017)
Like Jacob character nice turn at the end

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