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Forest Kingdom Saga
Blood and Honor (2 of 2)

by Simon R. Green
Jun 1, 2010
5 Hours
Ages 13+
King Malcom of the kingdom of Redhart is dead. The kingdom has been overrun by the forces of the Unreal. Statues live, corpses walk and nothing is as it seems. One of Malcom's three sons may assume the throne, but two will have to die. Jordan, the great actor, is hired to impersonate Prince Viktor, who is ill, but can't be seen in public as weak. Jordan's skills are great, but there is much he doesn't know about the prince and his ignorance could kill him if he doesn't acquire allies and learn the truth about life at Castle Midnight. He has to trust an insider and the castle Steward, Catriona Taggert, is his best hope for saving the kingdom from falling into the Unreal nightmare forever.

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Director & Cast

Director Terence Aselford
Starring Terence Aselford, David Coyne, Yasmin Tuazon andy Clemence, Richard Rohan, Scott McCormick, Tim Getman, Michael John Casey, James Konicek, Michael Glenn, Eric Messner, Peter Stray, Colleen Delany, Katie Foster, Nanette Savard, Elizabeth Jernigan, Christopher Graybill, Danny Gavigan, Corrie James, Joe Brack, M B Van Dorn and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Dan Sondak
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry
Original Theme Music Dan Sondak
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler and Dan Sondak
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


A detective story combined with the Prince and the Pauper and the Unreal Nightmare! by Patrick (Posted on 8/15/2018)
The second book in the series doesn't have very much in common with the first one. I think this is good because it leaves very few constraints on the story and it's quite imaginative.

In short the book is like a detective story combined with Mark Twains book The Prince and the Pauper - and lots of ghosts, monsters and the Unreal Nightmare...

I quite liked it and look forward to more books by the author.
truck driver by Francis (Posted on 4/17/2015)
love the twist at the end

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