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Smoke Jensen
6 : Law of the Mountain Man

by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
Jul 1, 2009
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Smoke Jensen sat in a cave and boiled the last of his coffee. He figured he was in Idaho-somewhere south of Montpelier-but he was certain about only two things: he was cold and he was being hunted by a small army of men. Smoke knew why he was cold-it was winter. He just didn't have a clear idea of why anyone was after him.

He was soon to find out that he'd unwittingly ridden into the middle of the fiercest range war in years. Now he had to either choose sides or return home tied across the back of a horse. Smoke had never taken kindly to being bullied...so when Jud Vale and his cutthroat gang started pushing him around, Smoke Jensen just pushed right back. That's when the bullets began to fly...

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Director & Cast

Director Bob Supan
Starring Mort Shelby, James Lewis, Michael Glenn, Andy Clemence, Steven Carpenter, Jonathan Watkins, Christopher Graybill, David Coyne, Richard Rohan, Casie Platt, James Konicek, Michael John Casey, Dylan Lynch, Joe Brack, Tim Getman, Eric Messner,Tim Carlin, Lily Beacon, Terence Aselford, Ken Jackson, Elizabeth Jernigan, Johann Dettweiler, Chris Rohan, Colleen Delany, and Nannette Savard
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Original Theme Music Johann Dettweiler
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Great by Caleb (Posted on 8/9/2018)
Amazing book
The last mountain man by pat (Posted on 8/7/2018)
Lol even with craziness smoke is up for the task and let's his 6 shooter do the talking I dont think any of William w johnstones books of the last mountain man could be bad cant wait to own them all!!
law of the mountain man by Rhonda (Posted on 3/30/2018)
it was gruesome and unlike the others but still enjoyed
One of the funniest smoke Stories by Mike (Posted on 1/9/2018)
Law of the mountian man is a awesome story.
Smoke Jensen 6 by Mike (Posted on 10/25/2017)
Crazy bad guy, gunfighters that are not in smokes class a few laughs good listen
The only kind of Smoke my wife allows in the truck. by Thomas (Posted on 4/29/2017)
Very good series to listen to on my cross country drives. Keeps me awake and entertained. The actors voices are top notch, they really bring the right grit & emotion to the story.
Law of the Mountain Man by Douglas (Posted on 8/4/2016)
good and shows how power goes to people head !
Smoke Jensen 6: Law of the Mountain Man by LINDA (Posted on 5/11/2016)
great by douglas (Posted on 4/26/2016)
this one was great
series listener by Joe (Posted on 6/4/2015)
Still listening and enjoying
series by Joe (Posted on 6/4/2015)
Still listening and enjoying
Law of the Mountain Man by mark (Posted on 1/27/2015)
One Great series
ehh. by George (Posted on 11/3/2014)
This one was good but not as good as some of the others. Still kept me addicted but kind of slow.

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