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Templar Chronicles
1 : The Heretic

by Joseph Nassise
Feb 1, 2012
5 Hours
Ages 18+
At the end of the First Crusade, the church created a monastic military order known as the Knights Templar. Now, rising up from the ashes of history, they are the Vatican's last defense in the war between good and evil...

Cade Williams is no ordinary man. His ability to cross over to the other side makes him uniquely qualified to command the Church's special operations division. As a modern-day Knight, Cade can use the curse that has scarred his soul as a weapon against the forces of darkness. But a new kind of unholy war is brewing - and soon Cade may be the last man standing...between the living and the dead.

The desecration of Templar cemeteries has sparked a full-scale investigation. Cade and his team suspect that a cabal of necromancers is behind it all. Their purpose: to claim the legendary powers of a lost holy relic for their own ungodly campaign. For Cade, there's only one way to stop them - by tracking the dead himself...crossing the most sacred of battle lines...and facing his own terrifying demons.

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Director & Cast

Director Johann Dettweiler
Starring Richard Rohan, David Coyne, Terence Aselford, Steven Carpenter, Mort Shelby, Bradley Smith, Michael Glenn, Thomas Penny, Alyssa Wilmoth, Thomas Keegan, Nanette Savard, Tim Carlin, Ken Jackson, Alexander Strain, Drew Kopas, Eric Messner, Johann Dettweiler and Joe Brack
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Templar Chronicles-1 The Heretic by Eoin (Posted on 11/5/2017)
This was my first non-superhero purchase from GA and I have to say it got me hooked. It has all the elements of a good story from action, adventure and intrigue- but also all the added bonus of the supernatural and fantasy action.
The performances really helped to bring the story to life and also to add a necessary emotional depth to the tragedies and motivations behind the lead characters. If you're looking to try something new I 100% recommend the Templar Chronicles.
The Heretic by Myra (Posted on 7/13/2017)
My ex husband has this on CD and I really enjoyed listening to it. Hope to buy it myself. Very good read.
Review by David (Posted on 2/8/2017)
I think The story line is great. The high energy that Graphic Audio adds to the narrative makes it all the more interesting to listen to, Definitely worth a listen.
Supernatural and guns, great mix! by Stacey (Posted on 11/10/2016)
I love supernatural stories, and throwing in the battlesis awesome. I really like the characters and turns are fantastic! !
Good beginning, boring rest by Amy (Posted on 9/28/2016)
I enjoyed the beginning of this story, including Duncan. But once I got about 25% through, I lost all interest, and was absolutely bored out of my skull. Honestly, I skimmed the rest, and still wasn't anything other than bored.
Enjoyable ride by Michael (Posted on 5/15/2016)
Listening to this book, makes time fly. The story is enthralling, the characters real, and enough twists and turns to enjoy.

I personally thought Cades voice wasn't the best, but that does not affect my enjoyment.

Worth the purchase.
A bland story with subpar writing by Steven (Posted on 2/22/2016)
The book itself is nothing really spectacular and the main characters voice sounds like a very poor attempt at a batman voice or a really bad case of strep throat.
The writing tries to be descriptive and I'm 20% into the track and I'm trying to get into the characters and storyline, but still feel unattached. Sadly, I find my mind wandering and thinking "did I remember to start the dishwasher?"
I would move to a different title.
Book 1 by justin (Posted on 12/8/2015)
This is a great book
Templar Chronicles 1 : The Heretic by TIM (Posted on 11/10/2015)
This series I had the free trial file "tTis cleansing Fire" to check if I would like it.
Excellent story by Helgi Gunnar (Posted on 10/23/2015)
I like this story, for it has an intriguing plot and cool characters. Graphic Audio once again manages to bring the story to life. I recommend this story to those who enjoy dark urban fantasy, or just fantasy in general.
Excellent series by John (Posted on 2/8/2015)
Had never heard of Joseph Nassise prior but after hearing this.... I'm a fan. Nice story line... can't wait for #2!
Took a chance by Jake (Posted on 1/14/2015)
I took a chance buying this series, not being a huge fan of supernatural stories, however by the end of it I found myself enjoying the plot. I think I will try another book from this series.
Excellent series by Anthony (Posted on 10/30/2014)
This is an excellent supernatural audiobook with great cast & sound affects. As a result I bought the entire series.
Finally an epic urban fantasy adventure who's heroes utilize two of my most favorite things, Swords and Guns! by Jason (Posted on 5/22/2014)
I really enjoyed listening to this first book in the Templar series, because it's protagonists simultaneously utilize two of my all time favorite weapons, swords and guns. I'm the kind of guy who likes hearing action stories where the bad guys are really getting the crap beat out of them by good guys who don't mess around in the straight out dishing out of punishments. Once again the cast and crew of GA have delivered to my ears an outstanding performance. I give it a 4/5 rating.
If you like supernatural jerks getting their teeth kicked in by a holey warrior who really doesn't care just how supposedly week and insignificant he's supposed to be in comparison to the supernatural jerk, I strongly suggest this opening title in the series. And if you like this series, you might also enjoy reading the action packed super natural thriller Seal Team 666. As well as the Dresden Files and Joe Ledger series.
Honest Opinion by Alex (Posted on 8/27/2013)
This is a good one lots of action and a descent story also if you like this book and this series you might also like. Joe Ledger by Jonathan Mayberry & Monster Hunter International . GA has done a really good job at time it creeps me out listening to this at night by myself its that good.
Review by robert hir (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I wasn't sure about this series given the free preview, but gave it a chance and was really suprised. The first book was fantastic, really well done. As previously rated, it was pretty serious, not too many light moments, but excellent through and through. Johann Dettweiler hit a home run with this book.
Review by Scott Callen (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Not bad but not as good as Deathlands or

or Vattas war. GA did great but material is sub par.
Review by Gildardo Ibarra (Posted on 5/23/2013)
A new story featuring the catholic order as guardians of peace.

With military tactics, and the super natural thrown in, a team of very equipped fighters who use modern weapons and military command to protect the world against super natural threats.

Featuring powerful relics, the undead, demons, and even a bit of magic.

An edge of your seat story with plenty of surprises, unexpected turns, and secrets with plenty of guns and butt kicking.
Review by victoria sorel (Posted on 5/23/2013)
This is a classic case of don't judge a book by its cover--literally. The cover is horrible, but the book is awesome! One of the best GA has ever done!
Review by Johnny Tai (Posted on 5/23/2013)
A very nice series- like a mix of stoney man and Rogue Angel- with a bid of Doomsday Warrior tossed in for the extra kick.

A tad on the overtly serious side- with nearly no light moment at all, but definitely a must-read for action-loving readers.

Graphic audio ahs done wonders with this piece, with great music selections, sounds and acting.

Onward to book II!

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