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Templar Chronicles
4 : Infernal Games

by Joseph Nassise
Sep 1, 2013
5 Hours
Ages 18+
The Templars have emerged victorious following their battle with the Chiang Shih, but paid a high price in doing so. The dead line the halls of the local commanderies and the survivors are both physically and spiritually exhausted. Estimates suggest it will take years for the Order to recover.

Even Echo Team has been decimated; its ranks reduced by half. Knight Commander Cade Williams managed to survive his journey deep into the heart of the Beyond and his subsequent confrontation with the Adversary, but he has returned a changed man; his thirst for vengeance quenched but his spirit broken. As a result, command of Echo has passed to the newly-promoted Captain Riley.

It is the moment Simon Logan, former leader of the Council of Nine and the man once known as the Necromancer, has been waiting for. In a daring prison break, he frees himself from Templar control and vanishes into the night. Given the difficulty the Order had in capturing him the first time, the assignment to track Logan down falls to those who know him best – Captain Riley and the newly reformed Echo Team.

But rather than waiting for Echo to coming looking for him, the Necromancer takes the battle to them instead; luring former Commander Williams away from his home and stealing the physical form of his wife, Gabrielle, a woman caught somewhere between life and death.

It is perhaps the one act that could rouse Cade from the grey haze his life has become. As he ruthlessly tracks the Necromancer through this world and the next, Cade can’t help but ask himself what Logan might want with a half-dead woman and the man who had literally traveled to hell and back to rescue her.

One thing is for certain – Cade won’t rest until Gabrielle is by his side once more.

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Director & Cast

Director Rose Elizabeth Supan
Starring Terence Aselford, David Coyne, Thomas Penny, Alexander Strain, Bradley Smith, Nora Achrati, Mort Shelby, Thomas Keegan, Christopher Graybill, Ken Jackson, Alyssa Wilmouth, Matthew Bassett, Richard Rohan, Eric Messner, Steven Carpenter, Tim Getman, Michael Glenn, Evan Casey, Colleen Delany, and Scott McCormick
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Damyon "Choppy Chop" Richardson
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Infernal Games by Myra (Posted on 7/13/2017)
Just finished listening to this one. Love the series so far and excited to listen to the next one!
Book 4 by justin (Posted on 12/8/2015)
This one was ok
Boring by Dispossessed (Posted on 2/28/2015)
GA's work on this was fantastic, as I've come to expect from anything released by them. Unfortunately, this story was incredibly boring and I really wasn't able to get into it. I ended giving it away to someone for them to enjoy since I didn't feel this installment worth a rerun.
Awesome Epic. by John (Posted on 2/8/2015)
Anyone who like high action and some weird twists, this epic is beautiful. Even my wife, who usually does not like these type of stories (She's a love story kind of girl) was impressed with it.
Excellent series by Anthony (Posted on 10/30/2014)
This is an excellent supernatural audiobook with great cast & sound affects. As a result I bought the entire series.
An interesting story continuation with a messed up end: by Jason (Posted on 5/23/2014)
I liked this latest installment of Williams's adventures but the ending was highly disappointing and shall we say just a little screwed up on the part of the bad guys. The acting sound effects and music by GA were wonderful as always. The only thing I have to complain about is the story's slow pacing and short length. Not much action in this volume I'm afraid. But it has one unforgettably bad ending that really ticked me off and left me scratching my head and wanting more. I give it a 3/5.
Great Book by Lee (Posted on 3/5/2014)
A must read all the books are good
Infernal Games by Jason (Posted on 12/29/2013)
I bought book 1 at a pilot. Now I have bought the rest here. Please keep it coming. Thank you.
They're back, and going strong by shane (Posted on 8/26/2013)
Once more, Joseph Nassise has amazed me with his writing ability. I took no breaks with reading the book, and it was more than worth it. However, I noticed several Graphic Audio mistakes. At one point, two narration tracks overlapped, this was toward the beginning of the first hour. Also, at one point, the narrator says Simon Long, rather than Simon Logan.
But otherwise, well done guys, can't wait to see book 5.
Thank goodness it's back! by James (Posted on 8/24/2013)
I purchased the 1st 3 books here when they 1st came out. I liked them immensely. I sent in a request that they continue the series and they notified me that they would. I'm thrilled that they finally have. This series is very original and impressive. Please keep them coming!

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