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1 : Warbreaker (1 of 3)

by Brandon Sanderson
Oct 1, 2009
6 Hours
Ages 13+
After bursting onto the fantasy scene with his acclaimed debut novel, Elantris, and following up with his blockbuster Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is today's leading master of what Tolkien called "secondary creation," the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their own.

Warbreaker is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses, the God King one of them has to marry, the lesser god who doesn't like his job, and the immortal who's still trying to undo the mistakes he made hundreds of years ago.

Their world is one in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren's capital city and where a power known as BioChromatic magic is based on an essence known as breath that can only be collected one unit at a time from individual people.

By using breath and drawing upon the color in everyday objects, all manner of miracles and mischief can be accomplished. It will take considerable quantities of each to resolve all the challenges facing Vivenna and Siri, princesses of Idris; Susebron the God King; Lightsong, reluctant god of bravery, and mysterious Vasher, the Warbreaker.

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Director & Cast

Director Johann Dettweiler
Starring Dylan Lynch, James Konicek, Ken Jackson, Karen Carbone, Elizabeth Jernigen, Colleen Delany, Tim Getman, Steven Carpenter, David Coyne, Scott McCormick, Christopher Graybill, Richard Rohan, Mort Shelby, Terence Aselford, Susan Lynskey, Eric Messner, Tom Simpson, Nanette Savard, Amanda Thickpenny and Andy Clemence
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Additional Original Music Dan Smith and Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Great story and wonderful audio quality by skyflower (Posted on 9/9/2018)
Interesting worldbuilding, gripping narrative and relatable characters - Brandon doesn't disappoint as usual.

Voiceacting is exellent. Sound effect create atmosphere without muting the dialogue.

I really recommend.
My second Sanderson story by ZJ (Posted on 8/29/2018)
This is the second Ga production of a Brandon Sanderson story I have listened to. Having already listened to Elantris, I understood better what I would be in for. Due to that I was less bothered by the pace of this part of the story—which is slow by most standards—than I was with the first part of Elantris. Understanding how carefully Sanderson weaves the threads of a story helps greatly in appreciating the pace of the early part of the story.

Acting, music, and sound design are excellent in this story, as they are in all GA productions. Like some other listeners have said, the audio mix leaves something to be desired at certain points, but when I listened with headphones, I wasn’t bothered by it.

When I began Elantris, I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it or not, but after listening to this first part of Warbreaker, I was pretty sure I’d enjoy the story. Anyone who is a fan of Sanderson’s work will likely enjoy it as well.
Better Than Reading by Odis (Posted on 7/13/2018)
I tried reading Warbreaker before listening to this adaptation, but I couldn't get into it. I was a little bored.

Then I tried this out after listening to all the other Brandon Sanderson Graphic Audio adaptations. And I was blown away. I didn't even realize the book takes place in the jungle, but the rich ambiance effects make that abundantly clear.

I'm really looking forward to listening to parts 2 and 3!
Colors by Mr Ryan P (Posted on 6/1/2018)
What a fascinating magic system by a brilliant author. Very cool accents by actors.
A Majestically Colorful Beginning by Diego (Posted on 1/30/2018)
Prologue aside, the story began a bit slow for my taste. That was admitedly a bit of a turn off at first but the fantastic music keep and voice acting ensured I kept coming back whenever I had free time. Well that, and the fact that I more than trust Brandon Sanderson storytelling skills so I knew that my patience would be rewarded if I kept going.

I was NOT disappointed.

As expected, the plotlines kept getting more interesting as the story progressed and more intriguing characters were introduced. And then came the plot twist in the last chapter of Part 1. Anyone who has finished this part will know what I am talking about. I mean, there are plot twists and then there are PLOT TWISTS the kind Brandon Sanderson pulled here. There was foreshadowing for what was coming, of course, but the surprise hit me right between the eyes. Completely unexpected and at the same time utterly brilliant.

Oh, and the touching music at the final scene, not to mention the emotional voice acting, man! It's not often that audiobooks make me this emotional and I want to thank Graphic Audio for doing such a wonderful job adapting this grand story. I am very hooked now so let's get going, Part 2!
Incredible Work by Nicolas (Posted on 6/1/2017)
I always found that, out of all of Sanderson's novels, Warbreaker would be the most incredible if adapted for some sort of visual medium like a TV show or a movie. The thoughts of all the colors, the Returned, BioChromatic Breath, and Nightblood portrayed well visually always excited me. However, Graphic Audio managed to not only pull off this novel without using visuals, but also make it incredibly compelling; even though I have read Warbreaker several times, I found myself completely entranced by this adaptation. I have also listened to Elantris and plan to move on Mistborn, which I have also heard very good things about.

Also, never would have thought that Idrians would have Scottish accents, but when I think about it, it works, and it works very well.
Quite nice story by Patrick (Posted on 1/3/2017)
I started to listen to this book while waiting for the next part of Words of Radiance.

This is a story about two princesses and a society ruled by gods which has once been ordinary humans, or maybe some weren't quite so ordinary...

Compared to other books by the author this felt a little bit rushed in the beginning and the system of magic used seemed a bit unrealistic. Quite soon however, the pace of the story improves and some quite interesting portraits are depicted. Both princesses might be quite naive and the book seem to contain a bit more romance than other books by Brandon Sanderson. Some may like this and others not. I find it nice enough while waiting for the next part of the Stormlight Archive, though.

Some people have complained about the mixing of the sound. It might not be quite on par with later GA-productions, but I don't find it as bad as the other reviewers. It might be that I always download the FLAC-versions of the books and listens on a HiFi FLAC-player with a quite good HIFI-headset - but I have no problems at all hearing what the narrator or the actors say.
Warbreaker 1 by Clarence (Posted on 12/23/2016)
Great book and very interesting story with a believable system of magic.
Fantastic by Samuel (Posted on 9/2/2016)
This isn't the best Sanderson Novel, but it's solid enough and this version of Warbreaker really made it come to life. This novel also tells some back story about some key (or soon to be key) characters in the Stormlight Archive so it's fun to listen to in that regard.

I LOVED the voice acting for Siri. Her part was tough since a large portion of her dialogue was her reading what another character wrote. She pulled it off beautifully. She was convincingly vulnerable yet strong without overacting at all. Vivena and Denth were also perfectly acted. I believed Vivena's emotional journey and Denth's charm. In the end I enjoyed Vasher however, his voice was a bit severe for me. I would have liked it toned down a little even though the actor had a rich, beautiful voice. I understand it's probably very hard to perfectly cast a book since the "right" voice is so subjective. This production came about as close to perfect as you can get.
Wonderful adaptation of a beloved novel by Amy (Posted on 7/20/2016)
This is my second time reading Warbreaker, but my first time listening to the Graphic Audio version. My god, it's amazing! As always, the voice acting is stunning, and the music and sound effects enhance the mood. I love all of the voices for this story. I also love Siri even more now, now that I have a voice to the character. Vivenna is.....still not my favorite, but that's not the actors' fault, I just don't like those sections. Listening to the second part now, and can't wait to finish the entire thing!
Achingly Beautiful by Cassiopeia (Posted on 5/5/2016)
One of Brandon Sanderson's more complex stories, and quite possibly GraphicAudio's best work (that I've heard). This colorful world is brought fully to life with brilliantly conceived and executed accents and music that add that extra definition to Sanderson's culturally rich world. The characters are handed masterfully and everything has an extra level of care and dedication that makes this work feel so complete in every way. Warbreaker is undoubtedly another win for both Sanderson and GraphicAudio.
Excellent by Jonathan (Posted on 3/27/2016)
After listening to and being very disappointed with the Graphic Audio version of Elantris, I almost didn't buy any more books from them. I'm glad that I changed my mind.

For of all, the story itself is excellent—an intriguing magic system, a vibrant world, and multi-layered, likable characters. Nothing in this story is what it initially appears to be, and well-placed reveals made for quite a ride.

The voice acting was similarly excellent--the casting in particular was spot on. All of the voices fit the characters perfectly. My one complaint with the production is that the sound effects, could, at times, feel a bit overused, but it generally wasn't too disruptive.

(This review applies all three parts, because I really can't talk about them separately. They're fragments of a single story, and the story--not the parts--is what stands out in my memory.)
Solid story, great characters, but that blasted cricket! by Steven (Posted on 2/24/2016)
Like I said, solid storyline, and that's why you read a book for the story. Like most of his books it takes a bit to get your bearings; the world, magic, characters ect. Once you do it's an enjoyable track to listen to minus one thing. In this book there is this chirping noise in the background that sounds like a giant cricket in the middle of the city. Don't know why, but it gets very annoying. Other than that I like this book.
Took My Breath Away by S. Patel (Posted on 2/20/2016)
This was the first Brandon Sanderson book I'd read. I decided to listen to the audiobook the second time through and came across this gem. The special sound effects and different voices added that extra layer to my reading experience. The only negative I have is that the background music sometimes overpowered the narrator/character's dialogue and I had trouble hearing what was being said. Overall, I really enjoyed it!
review by Annie (Posted on 1/21/2016)
Warbreaker is so different from what Brandon usually does and at the same time it's exactly in his style. The setting is mysterious and creepy and cool and the same time and I dont know what to expect from it. Thanks Graphic Audio for another great experience!
Book 1 by justin (Posted on 12/9/2015)
I like this story a lot
Good book, bad audio production by Andreas (Posted on 10/15/2015)
The story is great, as is usual for Sanderson. All the individual elements of this audiobook are great, too - but whoever mixed the audio did a terrible job. Unlike other GraphicAudio books I've listened to (all produced years after this one), the sound effects and music in Warbreaker are almost nonstop and at equal volume to the narration.

So there's narration, music, and sound effects all happening together at the same time at equal volume levels and the narration frequently gets really hard to understand.
Warbreaker 1 by John (Posted on 3/8/2015)
The voice talents are phenomenal, especially noteworthy are the royal sisters voice actresses.

Between Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson, my mind's eye is sensationalized. I am enthralled to reach out for each upcoming release.

Johann Dettweiler seems to be the mastermind for this genre types. Thank you Johann.

The voice actors bring such variety and their accents sweeten the story. The music scores added notably behind the dialog evoke emotion, the sound effects amaze the mind.

All this added and mixed properly transforms a latent paged novel into "The Movie in my Mind."
Great Production by Thomas (Posted on 11/5/2014)
I'm a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson's work. And the folks at Graphic Audio did an amazing job bringing this to life. The mercenary's were spot on!!! Beyond that this was my favorite audiobook I have listened to as of yet.

If you enjoyed the audiobook version of elantris. You will enjoy this as well.
Great Start by Travis (Posted on 8/25/2014)
This is my 3rd GraphicAudio production I've listened to, and so far I'm loving it. The voice acting is brilliant. Siri and Lightsong are by far my favorite characters, the former could have been a dull character, but the actor plays him in such a way that I find him quite entertaining and amusing. I also like the two mercenaries, the voice actors did a great job bringing them to life.
Outstanding! by Brandon (Posted on 9/30/2013)
This review will encompass the entire three-set collection. The voice acting is top notch. Absolutely wonderful! The cast is brought to life and the story is incredibly engaging. I would drive "the long way home" just to keep listening.
If I had a complaint, it would be the fact that a very few times, the background effects made the dialogue or narration difficult to hear.
colored wonderfully by the voice actors, sound effects, and musical score.. by AudioFile Magazine (Posted on 8/20/2013)
In this full-cast production, the King of Idris must relinquish his daughter, Siri, to the God King of Hallandren, a "living-dead" monarch. But the sacrifice becomes the tipping point in what may well lead to all-out war. Meanwhile, Siri's sister, Vivenna, risks her life and compromises her morals to protect Siri. This first book of the Warbreaker trilogy contains a good mixture of explanation, exploration, and action, all of which is colored wonderfully by the voice actors, sound effects, and musical score. In particular, this world's magic—biochrome—which deals with a mixture of life-breaths and color, is aurally created with just-right sounds of wind chimes and light breathing. L.E. © AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine
Review by Jamee Reed (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I purchased Elantris and became an immediate Sanderson fan. When Warbreaker came out I downloaded expecting more of the same....was I wrong. This is by far my favorite Graphic Audio production to date. I couldn't stop listening...even after pulling into the driveway after work.
Review by Todd Williams (Posted on 5/23/2013)
I found this series a bit predictable. It was a bit boring for me. The only saving grace was graphic audios ability to make it more entertaining, however there are some places where the sound effects overpower the dialog.
Review by Johnny Tai (Posted on 5/23/2013)
Not my cup of tea normally- too tamed...too courtly...but what an amazing series- and the work done by Graphicaudio here is just fantastic. Yes, I can truly say it is a great piece of writing even though it is not what I usually read/like- and the great acting, sounds and music, just bring the whole thing that much closer to perfection!

It amazes me how well the crew can pull off the kind of accents needed for any fantasy setting- Graphic Audio schools BBC for sure in my opinion- it's a pity that they haven't done a Lord of the Rings series- I can only imagine how great it'd be.

My favorite got to be the actress for Seri? not sure if I'm spelling her name right- problem with listening to audio format...don't know how to spell that names...the princess who got sent to the God King anyway...I believe that's the same voice for Julia in the first Forest Kingdom as well- I always enjoy her parts in any fantasy series- her accents are convincing and her acting/emotions are just right on the spot.

What else...I really like the two mercenaries- they are well written and actually are quite a pair of characters unlike your typical mercenaries who are generally lacking on the character development front.

David C's acting on the god...Lightsong? is also very nice- the acting's really saving an otherwise could-be-rather-dull character.

One particular problem I find with this series is with the narration- it tends to get drowned out by the background sounds/music a bit much- sometimes it's really hard to hear what DL is narrating.

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