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World of the Lupi
12 : Mind Magic

by Eileen Wilks
May 9, 2016
8 Hours
Ages 18+
FBI agent Lily Yu’s mind is a dangerous place to be…

Thanks to the mindspeech lessons she’s receiving from the black dragon, Lily is temporarily benched from Unit Twelve—until her brain acclimates and the risk of total burnout passes. At least she has her new husband, lupi Rule Turner, to keep her occupied.

But when her mentor calls in a favor and sends Lily to a murder scene, she’s suddenly back on active status—despite the hallucinations she can’t keep at bay. With one touch, Lily knows the man was killed by magic, but her senses don’t warn her how far the conspiracy goes…

A shadowy force within the government wants to take Unit Twelve down, and they don't mind killing to achieve their goal. With none of her usual resources, Lily is up against impossible odds--because with her mind in disarray, she can’t trust anything she sees.

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Director & Cast

Director Colleen Delany
Starring Colleen Delany as Narrator, Danny Gavigan as Rule Turner, Nanette Savard as Lily Yu, Erika Rose as Demi, and Nick DePinto as Ruben Brooks. With Jacob Yeh, Christopher Walker, Marni Penning, Laura Bannister, Elliot Dash, Tony Nam, Eva Wilhelm, Tara Giordano, Casie Platt, Eric Messner, Yasmin Tuazon, David Jourdan, Laura C. Harris, Matthew McGee, Elizabeth Jernigan, Steve Wannall, Jeff Allin, Bob Payne, Chris Davenport, Thomas Keegan, James Konicek, James Lewis, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Michael Glenn, Helen Pafumi, Scott McCormick, Gary Telles, Nora Achrati, Terence Aselford, Christopher Scheeren, Paul Reisman, Faith Potts, Drew Kopas and Lily Beacon
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Thomas Hogan
Sound Designers Thomas Hogan
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Additional Original Music Thomas Hogan
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Good new addition by Jordan (Posted on 2/6/2019)
I love this series, and I'm especially loving the slow reveal of Lily's evolving magic powers. I also love the Demi side story. And like everyone else, I'm so glad for the return of the original voice actor for Rule! Switching up characters in a long running series just really throws me out of the story.
Mind Magic by Kathleen (Posted on 1/6/2018)
Very good book as always, it's a series to listen to, 5 stars. Very pleased with the return of Danny Gavigan as Rule Turner.
Not so great by Amy (Posted on 1/15/2017)
This started out strong, but quickly fizzled. I was glad Danny Gavin came back as Rule. I truly hope that GA makes makes the next book in this series soon. I can't wait for it
Best of the Lot by Cassiopeia (Posted on 11/8/2016)
This is a fantastic continuation of the series, in particular I loved the handling of Demi, and naturally I have to address the triumphant return of Danny Gavigan as Rule Turner. Again, it's not that Eric Singdahlsen did a bad job, he just wasn't Rule. That being said, is there a possibility of a re-release of 7-11 with Danny Gavigan? I'd even buy them a second time!

Anyway, another great release by Graphic Audio, and I'm looking forward to episode 13!
mind magic by russell (Posted on 6/29/2016)
This entire series is addictive! The characters are great together.
Lots of twists and turns by lea (Posted on 6/19/2016)
This one was very twisty and windy and full of conspiracy. I enjoyed the new characters and I loved the deeper view into the inner workings of the other magical creatures' worlds. It's such a realistically rich and supernatural series Colleen has created.
I find myself laughing,crying,and rejoicing throughout her storytelling.

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