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Iron Kingdoms Chronicles
Strangelight Workshop: Wicked Ways

by Various Authors
Aug 20, 2018
10 Hours
Ages 13+
Written by: Douglas Seacat, Matt Goetz, Zachary C. Parker, Aeryn Rudel, Michael G. Ryan, Matthew D. Wilson

No Rest for the Wicked…or for Those who Investigate Them

Sinister forces lurk in the corners of the Iron Kingdoms—restless souls, mischievous and cunning creatures, darker beings that bargain for mortal souls. Most pass unmarked, shunned, or avoided, but there is one group willing to seek out and study what others fear.

In abandoned halls and forgotten ruins, the investigators from the Strangelight Workshop illuminate the darkness, armed with wisdom, curiosity, and specialized tools. The Workshop employs an odd blend of scientists, mercenaries, and occult explorers who seek to understand the unfathomable, to peel back the veil between life and death to commune with spirits haunting places beset by tragedy and madness. But now one team is about to step off the precipice when they learn of a malevolent plot to unravel all they have done and to harvest the souls of all humanity.

Something cruel awaits them. Something vile. Something wicked.

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Director & Cast

Director Scott McCormick
Starring Narrated by Scott McCormick with performances by Duyen Washington as Abigail Thorpe, Michael John Casey as John Kincaid, Robbie Gay as Elliot Foss, Zeke Alton as Duncan Grimes, Amanda Forstrom as Mel Collins, Gordon Harley as Harlan Versh, Jessica Lauren Ball as Dr. Jana Goodman, Lawrence Redmond as Orin Midwinter with Jonathon Church, Richard Rohan, Steve Wannall, Dylan Lynch, Eric Messner, Andy Brownstein, Nanette Savard, Bradley Smith, Joe Mallon, Matthew Bassett, Yasmin Tuazon, Tia Shearer, Peter Holdway, Colleen Delany, Carolyn Kashner, James Lewis, Mort Shelby, Rose Elizabeth Supan, David Jourdan, Alejandro Ruiz and Terence Aselford as Jacob Strathmore
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Scott McCormick
Dialogue Editors David Zitney
Sound Designers David Zitney
Original Theme Music David Zitney
Producers Richard Rohan, Duane Beeman and Matt Webb
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Wicked! by Armand (Posted on 3/20/2019)
I really liked this.. good production and good stories...
Wicked Ways [Anthology) by J (Posted on 2/18/2019)
I bought "Wicked Ways" along with the rest of the series, without reading the description. So it was a slight shock after binging the first three titles, when it started with a different narrator and a new set of characters. To that end, the prologue was a little confusing. However, after listening to case 1, I went back to re-listen to the prologue before moving on to case 2, and it made more sense. This compilation has a prologue, epilogue, and five short stories, which are connected, and tell a larger story regarding the Strangelight Workshop. The stories are not consistently titled, but are recited as [please forgive any spelling errors]: "Strangelight Workshop Case 1: Murder in the Majestic Playhouse", "Strangelight Watch Case 2: The Madhouse Disappearances", "Strangelight Workshop Case 3: The Curse of Castle Railthorne", Strangelight Workshop Case #4: The Reaping", and "Case 5: Shadows Over Elsinburg". As with any anthology, some stories are better than others. Personally, I liked cases 1, 3 and 5 best. I really liked that a character from the Black River Irregulars made a guest appearance - this made the Strangelight Workshop stories seem even more a part of the same Iron Kingdoms World than from just mentioning the same locations and familiar names. My one complaint [initial environmental shock non withstanding] is the narrator. At times it seemed more like he was just reading lines rather than telling a story. Thankfully, the rest of the cast is fabulous and counterbalances those parts. I hope more Strangelight Workshop tales will be coming soon on GA.
Brilliant Series of Interconnected Novellas by Amy (Posted on 1/5/2019)
That was quite the journey. I started this wanting to see what the Iron Kingdoms was like. I was treated to their world's equivalent of the Ghostbusters, and I LOVED it!! Each novella was narrated by a different member of the team, giving different perspectives on the goings-on and their quest to understand spirits. The prologue and epilogue tied everything together beautifully, a prophecy of what's to come for this world. I adored it immensely, and cannot wait to continue this series!
Great by Rafael (Posted on 9/14/2018)
Great stories! Looking forward to more.
Totally Wicked by Norman (Posted on 8/22/2018)
I really enjoyed this production. While the book is subdivided in 5 different novellas, all of them are linked and make reference to one another which I really enjoyed. The stories in-themselves are enjoyable and very well written. All the cast did a wonderful job in bring the different characters to life. The sound effects and background music are spot on.

Having said that, there where a few instances where the Actors' voices were muffled by the sound effects however still a solid 5/5 for me.
One foot in reality by Richard (Posted on 7/30/2018)
The story narration is top notch and the stories themselves are easy to get immersed into. Part of the reason is that why the stories are full metal fantasy, they also keep one foot in reality so it is easy to know what is going on.

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