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Demon Cycle
1 : The Warded Man (1 of 2)

by Peter V. Brett
Dec 1, 2011
7 Hours
Ages 18+
Mankind has ceded the night to the corelings, demons that rise up out of the ground each day at dusk, killing and destroying at will until dawn, when the sun banishes them back to the Core. As darkness falls, the world's few surviving humans hide behind magical wards, praying the magic can see them through another night. As years pass, the distances between each tiny village seem longer and longer. It seems nothing can harm the corelings, or bring humanity back together.

Born into these isolated hamlets are three children. A Messenger teaches young Arlen that fear, more than the demons, has crippled humanity. Leesha finds her perfect life destroyed by a simple lie and is reduced to gathering herbs for an old woman more fearsome than the demons at night. And Rojer's life is changed forever when a traveling minstrel comes to his town and plays his fiddle.

But these three children all have something in common. They are all stubborn and know that there is more to the world than what they've been told, if only they can risk leaving their safe wards to find it.

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Director & Cast

Director Johann Dettweiler
Starring Ken Jackson, Richard Rohan, Terence Aselford, Colleen Delany, Delores King Williams, Elizabeth Jernigan, James Lewis, Christopher Graybill, Nick De Pinto, Thomas Penny, Steven Carpenter, Michael Glenn, Eric Messner, Joe Brack, Mort Shelby, Michael John Casey and Joseph Thornhill
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Lauren Cannon
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


took 2 tries but now I'm hooked by Sam (Posted on 11/2/2018)
The first time it didn't grab me and I stopped listening after a few minutes. Luckily I gave it another chance because this is an EXCELLENT series.
One of the best series on GA by Seth (Posted on 10/5/2018)
Also check out Deathlands and Mistborn
It grabs you by william (Posted on 9/7/2018)
listening to this the acting and emotion grabs you
Fear the night by Michael (Posted on 8/23/2018)
When you hear the Demons attacking people you get a sense of fear. When you see people fight the demons it give a sense of hope that the people will take back the night.
Loved it by Andrew (Posted on 8/9/2018)
This is the first graphic audio novel I have listened to. I thought it was a great story and have already purchased the next part and listened to it. We enjoyed the story so much that we are adding it to our library and are buying the remaining bookss.
I like it by Mohammad (Posted on 4/23/2018)
It's a very good book indeed, I really like it
Demons and Magic by Koan (Posted on 2/10/2018)
I love this whole series, read them on paper first and found them here years later. A lot of people seem to complain about the accents but I think they fit well, the characters in the smaller towns are country folk and not well connected to the larger cities, it makes sense that they would speak differently. Graphic Audio did a great job with this production!
NO ACCENTS!!! by William (Posted on 1/25/2018)
I like the story and the production is great as always, but the accents are BAD. For some reason they choose to sound like southern hillbillies from a bad western 50 years ago. I like the story so I resisted the urge to give up on the book, but man the accents are distracting! This is the second GA series I've gotten this winter where they overdid the accents.

PLEASE, GA, just tell the story! Forcing these accents on the listener is not a good choice.
Engaging by Natalie (Posted on 1/23/2018)
Took me a moment before getting into the story but have been addicted ever since. For me, personally, this is better than the book
Perfect start! by Mash (Posted on 1/14/2018)
One of the best horror books which describes what fear can do to a person!
loved it by Anthony (Posted on 12/4/2017)
I was looking at this book for over a year b4 i finally got it.. this is a great ride all the way to the end
I love that GA now has or will have the complete story
The Warded Man 1 of 2. by Clifford (Posted on 10/30/2017)
I love all of the books for Demon Cycle. This is one of my favorite graphic audio books along with the Light Bringer. You feel like you are in their world with them. The voice actors get an A+ from me.
Medieval Fantasy book with Southern Accents? by Kevin (Posted on 10/9/2017)
Loving the book so far, but I'm not enjoying the southern accents on the main characters. It pulls me out of the story every time I hear them speak. Young Arlen sounds like a character from Deliverance, and Leesha's southern accent somehow gets thicker as she gets older in the story. Southern accents don't belong in medieval fantasy stories unless its coming from a henchman or maybe a mercenary character. I could be wrong though. Maybe it will make sense at the end of the story. If I end up finding out that this whole story takes place in Texas then I take it all back.
Demon cycle The warded man by Carlos (Posted on 10/5/2017)
Awesome series, first Graphic Audio I listened to. I now have dozens of books but this series is one of my favorites.
One of the best by Seth (Posted on 9/19/2017)
Very well done
Awesome by Joshua (Posted on 8/5/2017)
This series was awesome! I really enjoyed the story with its great content and the cool sound effects which added energy to the story. I loved it.
The "Painted Man" by Levictus (Posted on 7/6/2017)
The warded man done by Graphic Audio is an epic story done right. The story with its three protagonists is awesome. The warded man is unwilling to lose his freedom at night. Fighting against different species of demons, each with its own abilities and weaknesses. A story made epic by graphic audios magic touch.
demon cycle by Bos (Posted on 3/1/2017)
great story and concept.
very good by Raistlin (Posted on 2/7/2017)
great story
new series by jared (Posted on 12/26/2016)
I was apprehensive about starting a new title. I quickly realized this as my favorite graphic audio offering yet!
DEMON CYCLE 1 : The Warded Man (1 of 2) by Charles (Posted on 10/30/2016)
Book 1 by justin (Posted on 10/12/2016)
Great book
Loved it by Anthony (Posted on 9/25/2016)
Fantastic story!
awesome by joshua (Posted on 9/24/2016)
Love this sieres
The warded man 1 of 2 by Jared (Posted on 8/19/2016)
Starts a little slow, but as it starts into the stories of the 3 kids it hooks you in.
Excellent Story by Dale (Posted on 6/27/2016)
Great opening to a wonderful saga... Brett gives you food for thought
Great sound by Lionel (Posted on 12/10/2015)
The demons sound so good! I read this a few years ago, and you guys have done a fantastic job in bringing this to graphic audio.
Demon Cycle by ashley (Posted on 11/19/2015)
This series got me hooked on all things graphic audio. I refuse to listen to the original version because in my mind the GA way to read this book is the only way. The voices, the accents, the music, the sounds, it is the perfect package.
Great Story, Great Execution by Venecia (Posted on 9/12/2015)
This was great. Arlen's voice was almost exactly what I had imagined. I really love the kind of American sound versus an English sound.
Enjoyable adaptation of an enjoyable book.
Demon Cycle The Warded Man part 2 by joshua (Posted on 7/30/2015)
Great book. It really gets you drawn into the story.

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