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Stand-Alone Title
City of the Lost

by Stephen Blackmoore
Jul 15, 2015
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Sunday’s a thug, an enforcer, a leg-breaker for hire. When his boss sends him to kill a mysterious new business partner, his target strikes back in ways Sunday could never have imagined. Murdered, brought back to a twisted half-life, Sunday finds himself stuck in the middle of a race to find an ancient stone with the power to grant immortality. With it, he might live forever. Without it, he’s just another rotting extra in a George Romero flick.

Everyone’s got a stake, from a psycho Nazi wizard and a razor-toothed midget, to a nympho-demon bartender, a too-powerful witch who just wants to help her homeless vampires, and the one woman who might have all the answers — if only Sunday can figure out what her angle is.

Before the week is out he’s going to find out just what lengths people will go to for immortality. And just how long somebody can hold a grudge.

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Director & Cast

Director Michael John Casey
Starring Michael John Casey, Nora Achrati, Jacob Yeh, Colleen Delany, Terence Aselford, James Lewis, Matthew Bassett, Bradley Smith, James Konicek, Evan Casey, Michael Glenn, Drew Kopas, David Coyne, Rebecca Sheir, David Harris, Jonathon Church, Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, Scott McCormick, Casie Platt and Kimberly Gilbert
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Nathanial Perry
Dialogue Editors Patrick Stratton
Sound Designers Patrick Stratton
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


A fun ride. by Josh (Posted on 3/8/2018)
I loved this story it was very well done. The voice acting was very good I could listen to the main character all day. A fun action-packed story with laughs that kept me wanting more. I was very sad when it was over I didn't want it to ever end. A sequel would be amazing.
A Great Pick! by Alan (Posted on 9/24/2017)
I read the reviews and wondered how good it could be. It actually was a really good story. Action, magic, zombies, junkie vampires, witches, there's something in here for everybody. This is a stand alone title from the Eric Carter series, that's also on GA. It has pretty much sold me on the idea of the series, for the upcoming months, when my company sends me out on another long drive.
This was awesome by Eric (Posted on 8/12/2017)
I enjoyed this alot. Good story, fun listen, and interesting. Would recommend to all.

Except those that don't like zombies, curses, more s
Zombies, perhaps a bit of voodoo magic.
Great Story! by Armand (Posted on 2/11/2016)
Fantasy at its best! Loved the story! Sunday is a kind of a Bruce Willis Die Hard character set in a fantasy world with magic, vampires, zombies, pretty women etc. Very entertaining!
great book by douglas (Posted on 10/7/2015)
This book was great! I could not put it down! Loved it! Graphic Audio kicks ass!
Fantastic voice work by Craig (Posted on 9/8/2015)
I've been stuck at home with a head cold. Bored and tired of watching TV, I decided to see what's new at Graphic Audio. I was very pleased to see City of the Lost in the new releases section. Paranormal/mystery/noir is right up my alley. I had read the ebook a long time ago so I couldn't really remember the plot, but I know I liked it. As I was stuck at home, I was able to listen to this uninterrupted from start to finish and I loved every minute. The voice actors were amazing. Every character was vibrant and realistic and never overdone. The comedic timing was absolutely perfect on the funny lines and the story had me chuckling out loud more than once. I see there are two more Stephen Blackmoore stories available so I'm buying those as well.
top notch by Lionel (Posted on 9/4/2015)
Well you guys have outdone yourselves this time! The voice acting is great! The story is... well hilarious. I even was chuckling in the zombie moments. Worth every penny!!
A Great Urban Fantasy by Jermane (Posted on 8/30/2015)
I've been looking for an Urban Fantasy book with a good male lead this book was it, it had moments in where I genuinely laughed out loud, and moments were I cringed this is a great book I highly recommend it.
ZOMBIE NOIR by CBH (Posted on 7/30/2015)
If the phrase "zombie noir" peaks your interest- this book if for you. The story is perfect for a Graphic Audio production. Joe Sunday is a thug-turned-zombie - he wakes up dead and while he's trying to work figure out how to make the zombie condition not suck, he discovers that LA has a diverse paranormal community. The book is fast paced and full of fascinating characters. I enjoyed listening to this production & look forward to hearing other books by the author.
Bang Bang by Jared (Posted on 7/28/2015)
Do you like Urban Fantasy? Do you go for dark humor and enjoy the struggles of your fellow man in a dark world? Does the idea of your standard Mob mook turning into the protagonist-but-not-quite-the-hero interest you? Do you like icky dead things?

If the answer to all of those is yes, your oddly specific tastes are met with this ride through LA's seedy underbelly and the inhuman things that live there. If you only answered yes to some of those, this is still a good story with deeply flawed people that you'll feel sorry for...except the villain. You'll wanna gut him like a fish.

If you answered 'no' to all of that....well then you seem like a boring person. Go away.

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