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Clockwork Century
3 : Ganymede

by Cherie Priest
Sep 1, 2014
6 Hours
Ages 13+
The air pirate Andan Cly is going straight. Well, straighter. Although he’s happy to run alcohol guns wherever the money’s good, he doesn’t think the world needs more sap, or its increasingly ugly side-effects. But becoming legit is easier said than done, and Cly’s first legal gig—a supply run for the Seattle Underground—will be paid for by sap money.

New Orleans is not Cly’s first pick for a shopping run. He loved the Big Easy once, back when he also loved a beautiful mixed-race prostitute named Josephine Early—but that was a decade ago, and he hasn’t looked back since. Jo’s still thinking about him, though, or so he learns when he gets a telegram about a peculiar piloting job. It’s a chance to complete two lucrative jobs at once, one he can’t refuse. He sends his old paramour a note and heads for New Orleans, with no idea of what he’s in for—or what she wants him to fly.

But he won’t be flying. Not exactly. Hidden at the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain lurks an astonishing war machine, an immense submersible called the Ganymede. This prototype could end the war, if only anyone had the faintest idea of how to operate it…. If only they could sneak it past the Southern forces at the mouth of the Mississippi River… If only it hadn’t killed most of the men who’d ever set foot inside it.

But it’s those “if onlys” that will decide whether Cly and his crew will end up in the history books, or at the bottom of the ocean.

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Director & Cast

Director Colleen Delany
Starring Colleen Delany, Michael Glenn, Nora Achrati, KenYatta Rogers, Eric Messner, Steve Wannall, Jessica Lefkow, David Jourdan, Dawn Ursula, Tim Getman, Tony Nam, Deidre Starnes, Delores King Williams, Kellee Knighten Hough, Ken Jackson, Terence Aselford, Andy Brownstein, Jefferson Russell, Christopher Walker, Tracy Olivera, Donise Stevens, Tony Penny, Elizabeth Jernigan, Lily Beacon, Bradley Smith, Christopher Graybill, Drew Kopas, Ashley Strand, Scott McCormick, Kimberly Gilbert, Jacob Yeh, David Coyne and Doug Brown
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Thomas Hogan
Sound Designers Thomas Hogan
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Additional Original Music Thomas Hogan
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Clockwork Century: Ganymede by Steve (Posted on 2/18/2019)
Again, as in the first two books of this series, Ganymede does not disappoint. Loving this so far.
A must have series for Steampunk and Zombie fans alike! by Kevin L (Posted on 12/19/2018)
I've been listening to all of Clockwork Century stories and so far this is the best one yet. Ganymede and the rest of Clockwork Century storyline is quite a bit more than Zombies. The alternate world the author has created, its opposing views, revised history, and different characters are all very intriguing. Yankees, Confederates, swamp guerilla fighters, heart of gold prostitutes, air pirates, Texicans and zombies, it's all cool and it's not in England. The stories seem to be getting stronger at least in the extended American Civil War arena that the author is crafting, I also like the fact that the version of steampunk depicted in these stories is mostly technical as opposed to magical.

The author has definitely crafted the characters well and gives them their own "voice." However my only issue is that sometimes the characters seem to get along a little too easy, a giant white man and his crew are accepted into the inner circle of a group of rough and tumble black guerilla fighters, surrounded by white enemies like Johnnie Rebs and Texicans, despite the backdrop of historical controversy that was overlaid in the previous storyline. It begs to shake the whole suspension of disbelief but the smoothness of the wordsmithing seemed to allow the reader to gloss over it without jarring the story too much with one exception. Still I like the fact that the story left Settle and gave us a look at another part of Clockwork Century.
Exciting by Rosendo (Posted on 3/3/2017)
Exciting dramatic ending
Great by Bos (Posted on 12/7/2016)
I like how Clockwork Century focus on other characters. Each book is different but yet connected.
GanymedeI by Linda (Posted on 12/1/2015)
I like how he trying to go straight. Only to find a astonishing war machine under Lake Pontchartrain. I like to hear it on a long drive.
wanted to love it by Aaron (Posted on 4/3/2015)
I was very close to loving this series, but just cant commit myself to do it. The story is not bad nor is the universe that it is placed in, I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it felt too crowded with all the sub-plots that seemed to be more interested with building a setting or the grand universe rather than furthering any substantial character development. The voicing and ambience utilized on this story are some of the best I have listened to so far with GA and I will listen to it again just for that.
clockwork century by Lee (Posted on 2/22/2015)
love the series am hooked keep them coming
Rip snorting good time. by Howard (Posted on 2/9/2015)
I'm a longtime fan of audio stories. Unfortunately, radio dramas went out of style before I was out of grade school. But I've spent many many hours listening to radio dramas from the 40s and 50s. I stumbled onto a rack full of Graphic Audio CDs at a truck stop during a long trip. I was so excited! I couldn't choose from all the selections. I picked up and put down almost a dozen titles before I finally selected Ganymede. I love steampunk and the summary sounded interesting.

I was completely unprepared for the high quality of the story, acting and production. I was transported to another world, filled with fascinating characters and intriguing situations. I was hooked before the first disc was over.

But I have a BIG problem. Now I have to listen to the rest of this series, and the Nuclear Bombshell series, and who knows how many others! I'm'going to need a second job (hopefully one that lets me wear headphones).
Full Steam Ahead by Chris (Posted on 1/22/2015)
This is yet another great installment/continuation of the The Clockwork Century. Ganymede is a half way point for the series and is more slow paced, but still manages to pack some action and suspense in there. Seattle's underground dwellers are running low on supplies / maintenance, an old friend of Captain Cly's asks if he can pilot a secret underwater prototype war machine called Ganymede down in New Orleans, But Rotters have made their way into Louisiana, as well as the Texans bringing a fight & taking control, in search for Ganymede. It's another great book that keeps you interested in the awesome series. GraphicAudio continues to provide great sound effects, voices and descriptions of the steampunk machinery/settings to sink you into this fine installment.
Ganymede by Craig (Posted on 1/11/2015)
I am enjoying the series looking forward to the next one
Stunning by Daniel (Posted on 12/31/2014)
I can not say how pleased I was with this book.
A nice jaunt down the great river, a story set more in the southern states...but with a northern twist,
love it by Justin (Posted on 11/29/2014)
Great book
Granymede by Linda (Posted on 11/28/2014)
Now on a boat they have the river to deal with.
clockwork wonderful by Patricia (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Love this! !!!
Great! by James (Posted on 8/25/2014)
Best one do far! I hope there are many more to come!
Hopelessly Hooked by Jared (Posted on 8/12/2014)
This latest entry into the Clockwork Century isn't perfect, but hot DAMN if it doesn't blow my mind a bit. After the first two, this could technically be considered a breather episode where the world is fleshed out a bit more, but the stakes are still just as high. Andon Klein returns, the daring airship captain being hired to pilot a new kind of vehicle back to Union forces, while Rotters are being sighted in Louisiana. It's all coming to a head, and the GA crew is in top form on this one. Like the rest of the series, not one to be missed.

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