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Atrum Terra Trilogy
3 : Dark End

by Brenton J. Cox
Nov 23, 2016
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Audiobook Reviewer Award Winner
War has spread throughout the world and the Metti virus consumes every continent. Attackers must now defend their own borders and alliances crumble as greed consumes the strong. A threat is kept, and a weapon known as The Grey Sheet is deployed as a final desperate attempt at victory. Even an unlikely alliance between sworn enemies may not be able to stop what’s coming.

Lieutenant Miguel Alverez is a broken man. Through retreat and defeat at every turn he has been given one final mission: To take a group of survivors to the mountains of New Mexico where the last American stronghold lies. Plans change however, and when his plane is shot down and those that survived are ambushed all seems lost until a thin, bearded man called Jonathan Fisher comes to their rescue. The untrusting man with a killer’s eyes, along with his group of escaped prisoners, Civil War reenactors, and a strange, quiet child with a tattooed forehead make him uneasy. He must decide if he is their ally or their detainee, and When Fisher’s camp is attacked by the RSSR he must decide whether to escape or risk his own life to help defend the strangers.

The conclusion of Atrum Terra takes the survivors down the countryside of America and across seas. Through foreign invaders, Metties, desperate wild animals, even the very Earth attacking them at every corner, none may survive the Dark End.

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Director & Cast

Director Ken Jackson
Starring Ken Jackson as Narrator, Michael John Casey as Jonathan Fisher, Alejandro Ruiz as Miguel Alvarez, Kenyatta Rogers as Sergeant Jack Ford and Andy Clemence as Nikolay Tikhomirov. With Elliot Dash, Richard Rohan, Dylan Lynch, Jacob Yeh, Nanette Savard, Todd Scofield, Chris Walker, Nora Achrati, Scott McCormick, Jessica Lefkow, Matthew McGee, Gary Telles, Brian Hemmingsen, Terence Aselford, Jeff Allin, Karen Novak, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Christopher Graybill and David Zitney
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Who knew? by Lynn (Posted on 12/28/2018)
Graphic Audio do such a great job with their books that you become quite immersed in the story so when it ended the way it did I was quiet all afternoon (not my normal). It was quite thought provoking. I guess the end of the world doesn't end well huh?
Great book by Kyle (Posted on 8/27/2018)
Kept me hanging on every word
Torn by the ending - this review covers the series by Scott (Posted on 5/9/2018)
I need to break this into two parts.

Technically, the writing is quite good. The characters do tend to invoke your sympathy so that you become invested in the story line. Additionally, the author does a good job of investigating the world that is left and the human nature that would prevail. Though I have to say, I believe the voice acting is what pushes this series over the top as the actors make the characters reactions not only believable but very empathetic.


However, I will never read/listen to this series again. Yes, this is a post apocalyptic story, but EVERY ONE of the main characters die during the story line. This left me feeling slightly depressed and despondent. The upside to most apocalyptic stories is that you often have a protagonist who survives against all odds. Leaving you happy, or at least with a hopeful feeling. The only redeeming aspect to this story is that the main characters are always striving to leave this world a better place and most succeed.

WOW by ken (Posted on 3/23/2018)
i don't want to spoil the ending but it does take a bad twist but i did understand why it was done, i still loved the trilogy though.
ATRUM TERRA TRILOGY 3 : Dark End by Roger (Posted on 3/16/2018)
I was emotionally torn with this last installment. I feel obligated to listen to the third installment again. Overall, I was to move on to my next book.
The cover gives it away by Shunsmith (Posted on 2/23/2018)
Lieutenant Miguel Alverez has to be the fastest enlisted to officer promotion of all time. I was upset with this book and how it ended but I think if a story has you that emotionally invested it deserves more credit then just being briefly entertaining.
Yea i know right ?? by Larry (Posted on 10/15/2017)
Well i like the book but it could of been better. i guest the story line would of for me gone down a different path.
Yeah, the ending was dark by Alan (Posted on 7/22/2017)
The trilogy was well done by the GA team, but don't look for a happy ending. It was pretty edgy.
Ouchy Ending... Great Story by Armand (Posted on 6/4/2017)
Just goes to prove no good deed goes unpunished... Sad ending in a way... good story!
Great series, one of the all time greats by Michael (Posted on 5/5/2017)
My only regret is that it ended. Well, maybe it ended. Authors can always breathe life back into a series if it this good and popular. You won't regret listening to this trilogy, buy yeah, the ending is kind of a tear-jerker.
The End. by Kurt (Posted on 3/3/2017)
This book made me quite sad, because I expected ti to not end on happy note, but you all at graphic audio did absolutely good at your work. I applaud you all on such a wonderful performance.
Could have been a prequel to Vampire Earth by Jared (Posted on 2/23/2017)
The world's falling apart all around our heroes and it's getting harder to trust anyone, even other surviving Americans. The ground shakes, zombies roam and wander, the Russians and the Chinese stop cooperating (no big shocker there) and all Alvarez and Fisher can do is go west to safety. It's a dark story with a suitable ending considering the tone of the story throughout the trilogy, and I was not disappointed with the conclusion, even if I was sad.

Excellent production, the sound really pops when it needs to and the somberness can be felt in my bones.
You'll Want To Cover Your Eyes (Even Though It's Only Audio) by Shawn (Posted on 2/20/2017)
So many times while listening to this title (as well as the first two) I almost covered my eyes as though I were actually watching a horror movie. I've never winced, cursed, bit my lower lip, or felt like ice water was being poured on my nether parts as much as I did listening to this trilogy - especially part 3: "Dark End".

And yeah, I finished listening to the story with a lump in my throat. I didn't cry like Andrea, but I sure did feel like it. The team at GraphicAudio continues to amaze me and surpass all my expectations.
Sad to see it end... by Andrea (Posted on 1/26/2017)
I did not want this trilogy to be over. This was a very intense zombie story that I'll remember for as long as I live. Especially the last hour, which made me cry! But even though it made me cry, I'm okay with the ending. Thanks, GA, for giving me a lot of enjoyment with this one. I hope to see more like this in the future.
great by douglas (Posted on 1/25/2017)
this book was so good. very sad the way it ended though
The Title Says it All by Zuberi (Posted on 12/17/2016)
I was a bit disappointed with this chapter and that is after having loved the first two. My first gripe is that it is only 5 hours.

It's like the last book was rushed and had a different pace compared to the first two. Not only that it ended in a .... well s#!@y way.
Watch Your Speed While Listening! by John (Posted on 12/5/2016)
Warning, you will get so immersed in this story that if you are driving while listening to it you may speed! I found my self trying to escape a few times while listening. Brenton J Cox spun this story so well, I thought I was in it a few times! I hope he can see his way to continue this tale!
great story by rafael (Posted on 12/5/2016)
this was a great story. It showed how things could happen. also it wasn't how that hard to imagine. I was a little sad at the ending but not every thing has a happy ending.
REALLY??!!! by dave (Posted on 12/2/2016)
How do I say this without spoiling the book? Hmm...... I have a few choice words to express to the author.

The folks at GA did an awesome job as they always do!

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