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by James Axler
Dec 1, 2008
6 Hours
Ages 18+
Before the odyssey began... there was the Trader.

Stories of the Trader and his convoy of war wagons endure in the badlands of post-holocaust America. A dealer in Deathlands'' most precious commodities-weapons and fuel-Trader takes note of a young Ryan Cawdor. Surrounded in myth and rumor, Trader sets into motion the beginnings of legend at a place called Virtue Lake...

At Spearpoint, the ultimate redoubt housing a valuable cache of predark technology, two opposing wills clash. Levi Shabazz intends to carve his own empire out of the vast wastelands, but the Trader intends to thwart him and end his bloody siege of power. It all comes to a head at Virtue Lake-a hard lesson fro Trader and a grim rite of passage for Ryan Cawdor.

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Director & Cast

Director Bob Supan
Starring Richard Rohan, Mort Shelby, Terence Aselford, Dylan Lynch, Johann Dettweiler, Ken Jackson, Nanette Savard, David Coyne, Eric Messner, Delores King Wiliams andy Clemence, Tim Carlin, Sherri Simpson, Karen Carbone, Christopher Graybill, James Lewis and James Konicek
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Dan Sondak
Dialogue Editors Nathanial Perry
Sound Designers Nathanial Perry and Temesgen Wubneh
Original Theme Music Mark Ashby
Additional Original Music Nathanial Perry and Dan Sondak
Cover Illustrator Michael Herring
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Great book by jessica (Posted on 11/1/2017)
I learned after listening to this book not to judge a book by its cover I love this book it was great and I drive a truck it makes mile go by real qick
Deathlands by charles (Posted on 10/22/2017)
This is a very good book it will keep you on the edge of your set I give it two thumbs up
Deathlands Encounters by Matt (Posted on 10/12/2017)
I thought this was great! Honestly not the best Graphic Audio I have heard, but the story was fun and kept me driving long into the night wanting to hear more. I look forward to making my way through the rest of the series, even if there are changes in the main characters followed.
Just enough post-apoc to keep me engaged and dreaming, and character to keep me smiling and talking back.
A real treat.
Missed it. by Joshua (Posted on 10/5/2017)
Great story! Sorry I missed it. Jumped into the middle of Deathlands and worked my way back. This story fills in some missing links from later books. Best to start here, "Ace on the line"
Deathlands 0: Encounter Deathlands Encounter by L (Posted on 9/13/2017)
Obtained while driving around US. Luv to listen while driving. TY
Great Beginning by Robert (Posted on 7/20/2017)
The book is well done and is a great beginning to the saga. It gives you a little more detail about where Ryan comes from and how it all came together.
A great place to start by adam (Posted on 5/20/2017)
I wish I knew there was a book 0 when I started to listen, but I was able to slip this in between books ten and eleven.
I think it is "best" to listen to the books in order, but I'm glad to have the additional details presented in Encounter.
Deathlands Junky by Eddie (Posted on 5/4/2017)
I have all of the Deathlands series. I like the download version of these. All are great!
DEATHLANDS Encounter by jose (Posted on 3/19/2017)
great book
Hooked by L (Posted on 2/8/2017)
Found the Graphic Audio CDs at Flying J, while crossing the country. Have been hooked by series since.
Deathlands by Bos (Posted on 12/7/2016)
awesome intro to the deathlands book.
yes! by nicole (Posted on 11/4/2016)
My husband travels for a living and loves this series. He had all of them starting at 1. When I found out there is a 0, I ordered it immediately. Couldn't have been a better Christmas gift! He was so excitied to get on the road so he could start listening. Great story!
Deathlands encounter by Darrell (Posted on 10/1/2016)
Great storyline, induction to characters done well.
Beginning by John (Posted on 9/21/2016)
Very good storyline going to be a real good book
Ryan by John (Posted on 9/16/2016)
Great story opens up for good series
Encounter by Joseph (Posted on 9/1/2016)
Finally got to hear a lot about the famous trader Ryan and JB always talked about!
Excellent book!
encounter by Chris (Posted on 8/15/2016)
love this series
Worth the listen by Bob (Posted on 7/13/2016)
Good story, love the stories about Ryan & JB back whej they rode with the Trader.
DEATHLANDS Encounter by Julius (Posted on 6/19/2016)
Two twist and 180 turn
Kept me in my car listening by Debarah (Posted on 5/28/2016)
I was driving a long trip when I stopped to fill my car. 6 hours more to drive one night. I noted this book at the gas station. I figure it could keep my interest since my Satellite radio was not able to keep a signal in the mountains. I was hooked before the first cd was finished. I thank fully grabbed more then one book. I will never do a long road trip with out Graphic Audio again. This book kept my interest and really enjoyed the charters in the book.
Might try the second one. by Charles (Posted on 4/9/2016)
I did like the Trader he kept me listening, top notch story.
Encounter by David (Posted on 4/2/2016)
Being new to these CD.s i am hook in the first few moment of the story line cant wait to get more to hear great for travleing.
deathland zero by matt (Posted on 4/1/2016)
This is one of my favorites I can't get enough of traitor.
Deathlands Encounter by Christopher (Posted on 3/31/2016)
Great stuff. I this once at a gas station randomly looking for new CDs to listen to, and have been hooked on since!
Encounter by Anthony (Posted on 3/21/2016)
Great first book. Originally found the deathlands books at a Haji shop in Iraq fell in love with it. I loved how this book wasn't focused on the normal characters all the others are about. I love the twists and turns that came with this one. A must listen for anyone that's loves post-apocalyptic books.
0-encounter by cyd (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Awsome I am so addicted to the Deathlands series...
When I drove over the road I would put a cassette(yes I have been listening to them for a long time)at the start of my trip and next thing you know i am 600 miles down the road!!!!
Very Very Good books with a Great bunch of people keeping the new ones coming...
Y'all are doing a Great Job!!!
More about the Trader by Bob (Posted on 3/1/2016)
I am a sucker for stories about the Trader, so I loved this one, lol. Definitely a good listen & as usual, it made the miles fly by!
More about Trader by brian (Posted on 2/18/2016)
This is great, Trader, and JB and Ryan. Great way to start the series
Deathland-Encounter by wayne (Posted on 1/22/2016)
This is my first GraphicAudio that I Listened to. I like the pace of the action, the voices, and the story. This is the "first" of the series and I would definitely recommend it if you like post apocalyptic books
Encounter by david (Posted on 12/2/2015)
Great series, and a great book to start it. Have been a huge fan of deathlands for a long time and was happy to find a book that I had misses

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