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Clockwork Century
4 : The Inexplicables

by Cherie Priest
Nov 1, 2014
6 Hours
Ages 13+
Rector “Wreck ‘em” Sherman was orphaned as a toddler in the Blight of 1863, but that was years ago. Wreck has grown up, and on his eighteenth birthday, he’ll be cast out out of the orphanage. And Wreck’s problems aren't merely about finding a home. He’s been quietly breaking the cardinal rule of any good drug dealer and dipping into his own supply of the sap he sells. He’s also pretty sure he’s being haunted by the ghost of a kid he used to know—Zeke Wilkes, who almost certainly died six months ago. Zeke would have every reason to pester Wreck, since Wreck got him inside the walled city of Seattle in the first place, and that was probably what killed him.Maybe it’s only a guilty conscience, but Wreck can’t take it anymore, so he sneaks over the wall.

The walled-off wasteland of Seattle is every bit as bad as he’d heard, chock-full of the hungry un-dead and utterly choked by the poisonous, inescapable yellow gas. And then there's the monster. Rector's pretty certain that whatever attacked him was not at all human—and not a rotter, either. Arms far too long. Posture all strange. Eyes all wild and faintly glowing gold and known to the locals as simply ""The Inexplicables.""

In the process of tracking down these creatures, Rector comes across another incursion through the wall—just as bizarre but entirely attributable to human greed. It seems some outsiders have decided there's gold to be found in the city and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get a piece of the pie unless Rector and his posse have anything to do with it.

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Director & Cast

Director Colleen Delany
Starring Colleen Delany, Evan Casey, Steve Wannall, Drew Kopas, Lily Beacon, Elizabeth Jernigan, Tony Nam, Michael Glenn, Scott McCormick, Richard Rohan, Andy Brownstein, Jacob Yeh, Terence Aselford, Doug V. Brown, Patrick Bussink, Christopher Scheeren, Nick DePinto, Dawn Ursula, Tracy Olivera and Eric Messner
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Thomas Hogan
Sound Designers Thomas Hogan
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Additional Original Music Thomas Hogan
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


A must have series for Steampunk & Zombie fans alike! by Kevin L (Posted on 12/19/2018)
The usual cast of characters are back, plus a new teen protagonist. If this is your first venture into this alternate late nineteenth century, shame on you for not discovering it sooner! No worries, though, as there are enough mild explanations as to who the cast of characters are that you should be up to date in no time. For veterans of this blight filled Seattle, there is more history of it revealed.

Perhaps because this story comes back inside Seattle, I felt The Inexplicables was the strongest since the original Clockwork Century novel, Boneshaker. The big twist here, without giving away too much, was a guest appearance by Sasquatch. While some may argue that the Sasquatch related elements could be removed without influencing the plot, I have a distinct feeling this character will be back. I've come to appreciate the author’s storytelling and don't think she would introduce such an element unless there was a really good reason to bring that character in.

I am also coming to appreciate some of the underlying social commentary that runs through this Time That Never Was. In addition to advancing the Good Guys vs Bad Guys plot, we have a story of redemption. Rector Sherman, the newest character, lives in an orphanage and makes money on the side selling "Sap" . . . when he's not sampling from his latest batch. When we re-introduced to Rector, he is at the end of his time in the orphanage and possibly near the end of his life because of the drug usage. Through support of friends he finds physical redemption and by the time we leave him, he is well on the road to physical recovery. My compliments to the author for getting this across, without having to hit the reader over the head with this moral, while still advancing the rest of the plot.

The action is well paced and the dialog is well done. The development of the main characters is very well done. While the science may be somewhat flawed, you just need to remind yourself, this is Steampunk. Science is reinvented and reconceived as needed to fit the times. I thoroughly enjoyable and welcomed this addition to the Clockwork Century.
Good and exciting by Rosendo (Posted on 6/11/2017)
Started off draggy but ended exciting
clockwork century by Lee (Posted on 2/22/2015)
its a good one
Save Seattle by Chris (Posted on 2/8/2015)
A great continuation of The Clockwork Century. This time Rector joins the gang back down in the underground's of Seattle, after being kicked out or him orphanage & his sap dealing business for using. Unfortunately, Rector joins them at a bad time. There seems to be a loss of Rotters in Seattle, and something inexplicable has entered, along with invaders looking to steal the blight. As the invaders and an unknown threaten Seattle, the underground dwellers must unite to save their peaceful home. This book starts a bit slow from the previous, but picks up to horror and action to lead into the next book. A great continuation that instills both a little horror and happiness. Graphic Audio continues with an amazing job of providing great sound effects, voices and descriptions of the steampunk machinery/settings to make it feel like you're right there in the story.
great series by Justin (Posted on 11/29/2014)
Bummed there is only one more book
Inexplicables by Linda (Posted on 11/28/2014)
Zeke is back in the city and now find's his self in more danger.
The Inexplicables by Linda (Posted on 10/27/2014)
I like how Zeke keep's his self alive in a dead city Seattle. He all way's keep a looking be hind him for the undead.
The Boys are Back in Town by Jared (Posted on 10/26/2014)
It's fun to return to the town that got this crazy world kicked off, and to finally get a bit of a peek at Sap from the perspective of a user. Rector's not a hardened criminal badass, but there's evidence that he can be and could one day be a bruiser to reckon with. THe weak points of this story, however, are present and I can't reveal them without spoiling the title monster. Production's still high end, even if you're straining to differentiate certain voices beneath the masks.

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