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Esther Diamond
7 : Abracadaver

by Laura Resnick
Jul 6, 2017
5 Hours
Ages 18+
R.I.P. = Reanimated, Infernal, and Pretty damn dangerous

Struggling actress Esther Diamond, whose year got off to a rough start (what with incarceration, unemployment, and mystical death curses), finally catches a break when she lands an acting job.

She's hired to reprise her guest role as prostitute Jilly C-Note on The Dirty Thirty, a TV crime drama about depravity and corruption in the New York Police Department. Esther's ex-sometime boyfriend, NYPD's Detective Connor Lopez, hates that show with undying passion -- especially after Esther convinces her narcissistic co-star to shadow Lopez on the job, in order to add verisimilitude to his performance as a morally bankrupt cop.

But Esther's fellow thespian is her best bet for keeping an eye on Lopez 24/7—and, more to the point, on Lopez's new partner, Detective Quinn. Esther and her friend Max, a 350-year-old mage whose day job is protecting the city from Evil, suspect Quinn of being involved in the latest mystical mayhem to menace Manhattan...

Corpses suddenly aren't staying quite as dead as they should.

While Max and Esther try to determine what Quinn's role is in the supernatural reanimation of the deceased downtown, a dangerous foe with deadly intent changes everyone's dinner plans one cold winter night...

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Director & Cast

Director Colleen Delany
Starring Colleen Delany as Esther Diamond, Thomas Keegan as Detective Connor Lopez, Bob Payne as Maximillian Zadok, Tony Nam as John Chen, Tim Carlin as Lucky Battistuzzi, Jeff Allin as Detective Andrew Quinn, and Michael John Casey as Mike Nolan. With Patrick Bussink, Wyn Delano, Cameron McNary, Todd Scofield, Jacob Yeh, Eleanor Todd, Maggie Donnelly, Alejandro Ruiz, Jonathon Church, Laura C. Harris and Peter Holdway
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Tommy Sarioglou
Sound Designers Tommy Sarioglou
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Cover Illustrator Dan dos Santos
Producers Richard Rohan, Duane Beeman and Matt Webb
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


OMG by Jennifer (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Great installment. I can't wait for the next one in the series!
Drama the actors curse by Daniel (Posted on 2/7/2018)
I love how this story jumps straight from the last story. It is interesting how this supernatural event isn't attacking ester directly. The drama between ester and lopez is so frustrating at times. I am glad esther get her role back on the dirty 30.

I can't wait for the next one to come out and i hope her and lopez work everyrhing out. I also cant wait for lopez to realize ester isnt crazy
rip ... not so much by Michael (Posted on 8/6/2017)
I have to say this series is the best... and I stumbled across it by acident.

Love the characters... especially Lucky Batastutti... the old hit man... If the GA folks decide to write their own stories, they need to give him a series of his own.

Ester is Ester, Lucky is Lucky, and it is mile a minute fun.

Worth a purchase!
Abracadaver will leave you hanging by Mark (Posted on 7/17/2017)
I like the dynamics between all the characters and how they get more developed and more complex and surprising sometimes and with the latest chapter they leave hanging to find out what will happen with the detective....
Abracadaver by Phillip (Posted on 7/12/2017)
This is a great fun series. Well worth the listen.
Enjoyable by Chloe (Posted on 7/6/2017)
This is a fun series.

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