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Esther Diamond
6 : The Misfortune Cookie

by Laura Resnick
Jun 1, 2017
5 Hours
Ages 18+
Esther Diamond's year gets off to a rocky start when NYPD's Detective Connor Lopez, who slept with her and then didn't call, shuts down the Little Italy restaurant where Esther works between acting jobs and gets her arrested. Once she's out of handcuffs, Esther takes a small role in a grad student's film project in Chinatown—where her friend, semi-retired hit man Lucky Battistuzzi, is hiding out in a Chinese-Italian mortuary.

Esther and Lucky soon realize that something strange is going on in Chinatown, where mysterious gourmet fortune cookies are inflicting deadly mystical curses on the hapless victims who receive them as gifts—and before long, Esther learns that Detective Lopez is one of the recipients. As preparations heat up for the Chinese New Year, when the icy streets will be filled with costumed lion dancers, firecrackers, and dense crowds, Esther and Lucky summon the help of their friend Max, a semi-immortal mage, to help them save Chinatown and Lopez—though he doesn't deserve it—from the menace of a maniacal murderer.

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Director & Cast

Director Colleen Delany
Starring Colleen Delany as Esther Diamond, Thomas Keegan as Detective Connor Lopez, Bob Payne as Maximillian Zadok, Tim Carlin as Lucky Battistuzzi, Tony Nam as John Chen and Ryan Carlo Dalusung as Ted Yee. With Tuyet Thi Pham, Yasmin Tuazon, Jeff Allin, Jacob Yeh, Christopher Scheeren, Patrick Bussink, Nanette Savard, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Michael John Casey, Chris Stinson, Sue Jin Song, Todd Scofield, Andy Clemence, Peter Holdway, Tracy Olivera, Lily Beacon, Matthew Schleigh, Nora Achrati, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Terence Aselford and Ken Jackson
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Tommy Sarioglou
Sound Designers Tommy Sarioglou
Original Theme Music Thomas Hogan
Cover Illustrator Dan dos Santos
Producers Richard Rohan, Duane Beeman and Matt Webb
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Funny! by Jennifer (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Chinatown by Daniel (Posted on 2/7/2018)
I love when there is singing its odd i k ow but when i hear the actors sing and just have fun it really make the story fun. The intro to this book was so much fun. The scene between esther and lopez had be dying. It was incredibly done. The voice acting the sound effects the scene was gold

This was a good mystery and i was so wrong on the who which made it all the better.
cool by douglas (Posted on 9/8/2017)
this book was very cool ga. you guys kick so much ass
get it by john (Posted on 7/17/2017)
great series, very fun and entertaining
What a fun ride by Michael (Posted on 6/13/2017)
I cannot say enough about the Esther Diamond series. The mix of action, adventure, humor make any book in this series a great purchase.

And for me, Lucky always makes the day!

Purchase and enjoy!
review by Bos (Posted on 6/10/2017)
oh man what a cliff hanger, can't wait for the next book.
Always a good laugh! by Crystal (Posted on 6/6/2017)
I enjoy the mix of fantasy and humor!
good and funny by rafael (Posted on 6/4/2017)
I like these stories. I'm always looking forward to the next one. I was into this one from start to finish.

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