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Stand-Alone Title
Forty Times A Killer: A Novel of John Wesley Hardin

by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
Jan 1, 2015
5 Hours
Ages 18+
William Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone take on the deadliest and most feared outlaw to ever walk the Old West--John Wesley Hardin.

First he became a killer.
Then he became a legend.

He was 15 when he killed his first man. Before his murderous ways ended, Hardin killed 42 men in cold blood--one, the legend goes, because he snored too loudly. From then on John Wesley Hardin stayed true to his calling, killing man after man after man, spending most of his life being pursued by both local lawmen and federal troops.

Hardin lived a fever dream of lightning fast draws and flying lead. By the age of seventeen, Hardin earned a deadly reputation for cold-blooded killing that drew traitors, backstabbers and wanna-be gunslingers--all for a chance to gun down the man who had turned killing into an all-American legend...

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Director & Cast

Director Terence Aselford
Starring Terence Aselford, Eric Messner, Evan Casey, Richard Cutting, Bradley Smith, Richard Rohan, Michael Glenn, Tim Carlin, Catherine Aselford, Tim Getman, Drew Kopas, Christopher Graybill, David Jourdan, James Konicek, Ken Jackson, Andy Brownstein, Andy Clemence, Thomas Penny, Thomas Keegan, David Coyne, David Harris, Dylan Lynch, Joel David Santner, Nanette Savard, Kimberly Gilbert, Scott McCormick, Tony Nam, Steve Wannall, Nick Depinto, Jacob Yeh, Jeff Allin, Elizabeth Jernigan, Yazmin Tuazon, Michael John Casey, Nathaniel Perry, Rose Elizabeth Supan and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Nathanial Perry
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Sound Designers Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Forty times a killer by Mike (Posted on 10/25/2017)
Liked the teller able to be part of and not get in the way of the true story of John Wesley nice diversion on the death oh Hardon
good listen but not my favorite. by dewayne (Posted on 2/17/2016)
Acting sound and production were great. Story was a little slow. I was interested in it but unless you want to hear about Hardin it might loose ya.
Forty times a killer. by Al (Posted on 12/14/2015)
Unfortunately I can not recommend this book. Too depressing.
Forty times a killer by robert (Posted on 2/24/2015)
Drug a little change location to fast and was done like a book report
Great production, mediocre story by Michal (Posted on 1/22/2015)
This is the first audiobook I listened to from GraphicAudio. It is beautifully produced, the voices, the accents and the sound effects are awesome. The story on the other hand I thought was a bit boring and perhaps too long. I loved the last part of the book because good prevailed in the end, despite the many unfair happenings in the middle. But then again, it was supposed to be about the bad men of the west so I shouldn't complain. The voice of JWH could've been more noble in my opinion since he was regarded to be sort of a good man (despite all the killing). Instead he sounded like the last redneck. All in all I enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to listening to more GraphicAudio productions!

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