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1 : Meet Matt Richter. Private Eye. Zombie.

by Tim Waggoner
Jun 1, 2014
8 Hours
Ages 18+
Centuries ago, when Earth's Darkfolk -- vampires, werewolves, witches and other creatures -- were threatened by humanity, they departed our planet's dimension and journeyed to a shadowy realm, where they built the great city of Nekropolis. Matt Richter is an Earth cop who came through a portal to Nekropolis on a case, died, and was resurrected as a zombie. Unable to return home, he works as a private investigator on the very mean streets of this shadowy, dark city. And in this first case, Richter must help a delectable half-vampire named Devona recover a legendary artifact known as the Dawnstone, before it’s used to destroy Nekropolis itself. That is, if he can survive the variety of horrors that infest the city.

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Director & Cast

Director Ken Jackson
Starring Ken Jackson, Katy Carcuff, Eric Singdahlsen, David Coyne, Steve Wannall, Sherry Berg, Rose Supan, Mort Shelby, Richard Rohan, Bradley Smith, Matthew Schleigh, Jefferson Russell, Nora Achrati, Colleen Delany, Jonathon Church, Scott Mccormick, Ren Casey, James Konicek, Joe Brack, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Andy Clemence, Terence Aselford, Nanette Savard, Lily Beacon and Eric Messner
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Doug Krentzlin
Dialogue Editors Justin Wortz
Sound Designers Justin Wortz
Additional Original Music Justin Wortz and Mr. J.
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


King of all trades by Jacob (Posted on 2/19/2018)
I drive for work every once in awhile and had a good four hour drive, this was perfect for that. I wasn't bored on my trip and every sentence read was just throwing me deeper into the story, I loved it.
Great job! by Ally (Posted on 10/1/2017)
I'm a huge fan of this series and GA did a fantastic job adapting this to audio.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! by Samantha (Posted on 8/9/2017)
My husband and I picked this up when we were on a road trip a few years back. We listened to it and loved it then. I recently started commuting over two hours a day and I decided to give it another go. I remembered liking it quite a bit, but I fell even more in love with Matt and Devona this time around. Suddenly, I couldn't wait for my daily commute!
I highly recommend this to any book lover with a dark sense of humor and a taste for mystery/suspense.
Nekropolis by Krista (Posted on 9/29/2016)
I love this series!!!
Superseded Expectations by Amy (Posted on 9/27/2016)
Well, damn. That was so freaking wonderful. I thought I would like this story, but I never thought I would love it as much as I do. That's definitely because of my love for Matt and Devona. While the story was great, with action, suspense, and a fascinating world, it's those two that made this book so worthwhile. I adored their chemistry, their banter, and how well they worked together. It also helps that Ken Jackson and Katy Carcuff worked so well together. Another score from Graphic Audio!
A great P.I by Richard (Posted on 6/25/2016)
Matt is possibly one of the coolest characters i have come across in books, paper or audio. i have had a blast listening to the series its been great!!
Oh my by Charles (Posted on 4/9/2016)
Oh my this is one weird series, but I like it!
Well, Im currently on book 3. Whats that tell you?! by Eric (Posted on 2/24/2016)
I keep saying I wont listen to these anymore. And I still buy them... So that should tell you something... I do enjoy these alot. I am not really into how warped or how dark and "Dirty" this is. (not in a sexually explicit way, just, very dark subject matter. if that makes sense.) But I do really enjoy this. I dont want to give it a 5 star, but... Its way better than a 4 star. So its getting 5 stars. Acting is great, sound is great, Graphic audio has done it again!
Meet Matt Richter. Private Eye. Zombie by JO (Posted on 2/6/2016)
By reading the synopsis and listening to the preview, this recording sparked an interest and led to my first Graphic Audio purchase. I must say that,I am not disappointed.
Book 1 by justin (Posted on 12/9/2015)
I love this book
great start by Idongesit (Posted on 10/21/2015)
This definitely made me a fan of the series. Its world building and characters engross the reader. I highly recommend this as well as disarmed and dangerous to fantasy fans.
Necropolis by Misty (Posted on 7/18/2015)
noir feel. Dick Tracy meets Dark Stalkers. Loved the book and it kept me guessing till the end.
Dead Eyes? by Catdaddy (Posted on 5/12/2015)
“Nekropolis" shares certain sensibilities with GraphicAudio's "Dante Valentine": a world of nefarious creatures, a mystical object to track, a protagonist with "creature power". This drama, however, is both emotionally milder and unfortunately less engrossing. It’s main attraction is in it’s constant exposition-of-the-weirdness. However, where one can easily empathize with Dante, Ken Jackson’s interpretation of Matt is oddly somewhat flatter. He's not badass enough to respect, nor vulnerable enough to love. Under threat, Matt is neither cocky nor terrified, merely calm and competent. This offers him a bit of charm, but little pathos: we only respect the severity of a threat if the hero does. (Perhaps if he was a bit of a sad sack, as bits of him keep dropping off?) At the beginning of hour five, as Matt has a strong emotional moment with another character, though he describes his emotion in strong words his voice remains oddly neutral. It is distancing, and undercuts the drama. Katy Carcuff’s more empathetic performance as Devona gives us an emotional handle to grasp, but Matt Richter emerges as strangely bland; a bit more Philip Marlowe swagger wouldn't hurt him. Must be a zombie thing.

Moreover, the dialogue editing in this story is a bit… off. We find occasional 1- to 2-second pauses between lines, disrupting the pacing. There is also one horribly ill-advised music cue, seven hours in: at the very climax of the story, light jazz fades in, substituting for previously tense orchestral underscoring. It quite undercuts the payoff.

The imagery in the story is Gothic and consistently grotesque, but the drama is a moderate to strong PG-13, with mild language (and the rare F –bomb), and sexual innuendo. (But the concept of the creature called a “chirana" will haunt you until your last breath.) By the more intense action of the finale, it is clearly a strong PG-13.
necropolis by Chris (Posted on 1/28/2015)
great concept and love the book it gives a real good looking as to what it's like to be a private.I.
Graphic Audio Brings an Undead Detective to Life by Thomas (Posted on 1/23/2015)
This is easily one of the most unique stories I've heard in a while. An undead detective solving mysteries in Nekropolis, where all sorts of creatures roam around like it's New York City. Lycans, Vampires and a bartender named "Skully" are just the tip of the iceberg.

This story has some of everything, drama, humor, grossly entertaining sound effects, great music, you name it. Might not be for everyone, but I loved it and will definitely pick up the other two full length installments at some point.
Very Good by Craig (Posted on 1/11/2015)
A surprising gem. Liked the story and the humor can't wait for the next one.
NECROPPLIS SERIES by GLEN (Posted on 1/10/2015)
A fantastic start by Robert (Posted on 12/23/2014)
Matt is right up there with Dick Tracy, John Constantine, Dylan Dog, with a little Sherlock Holmes thrown. You guys keep up the good work!
Best. Series. Ever. by Meagan (Posted on 12/11/2014)
This is the first book in a series that is mine and my husbands favorite graphic audio series... And we listen all the time, so that's saying something.

It is, hands down, one of the best - if not, the best - series on here. Buy it now. You won't regret it
Good times by Jared (Posted on 10/23/2014)
Necropolis isn't Simon R Green's Nightside, despite my initial scowls about similar concepts of the world it inhabits. No, it's surprisingly more grounded and consistent than Mr Green's work, and the Zombie Detective is every bit as entertaining and heartwarming than one can expect from a cop that doesn't let a little thing like death stop him. THe music is all surprisingly appropriate, a kickass mix of rock guitars with techno synth and smooth jazz. Give it a go, you won't regret listening to things that go bump in the night stab eachother in the back.
Nekroplis; Meet the Zombie Detective by Mary Jo (Posted on 10/11/2014)
I have books 1-3 of Matt Richter Audible.com editions. I enjoyed them a lot. Looking to see if book 4 was out, I found Graphic Audio. I saw books 1-3 plus the 3 other Matt Richter short stories. I bought 3 short stories first. I was impressed enough to purchase books 1-3. I have completed book 1. I wasn't disappointed. The presentation is excellent. I strongly recommend this book.
nekropolis by john (Posted on 10/8/2014)
At first, feels like a direct ripoff of Kevin J. Anderson's "Dan Shamble: Zombie P.I." series. Eventually goes it's own direction and comes into itself. Production, as always is astounding and is an 12/5. Overall story is a 4/5.
Undead business by Donovin (Posted on 10/6/2014)
When someone mentions unfinshed business and they say that person has returned from the other side to finish said business, the first thing that comes to mind is that of either some gloomy ghost or a poltergist with and attachment problem; but that's not the case with Matt Richter.
With cercomstances that he is still trying to figure out, Matt has returned to the land of the living as a 'self willed' zombie. So what is one to do with ones self after returning as a zombie? Get back to work.
Necropolis meet Matt Ricther by Tony (Posted on 9/19/2014)
Well done, great story love the whole series
First GA audio book by Kevin (Posted on 9/16/2014)
Bought this on a whim while I was on the road. Great story, of course now I have to start buying the series !
Great start by James (Posted on 8/25/2014)
I wasn't very sure about the beginning of this series when I bought this 1st book. I'm not into comedy books. But I was almost immediately taken by it. Can't wait for the upcoming books!
expertly portrayed by Audiofile Magazine (Posted on 8/15/2014)
Never have the dead seemed so alive than in this full-cast dramatization. The strange world of Nekropolis is home to supernatural beings and oddities that defy explanation. Matt Richter has become the resident private eye due to his experience as a cop in a former life and his need to make money to pay for the maintenance of his decaying body. Little does he realize that his work will lead him to the home of a Dark Lord on the most important night of the year. This solid audio production includes a range of colorful characters, all expertly portrayed, and sound effects that add both humor and horror to the story. L.E. © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine
My new Fav by mike (Posted on 8/14/2014)
This series is great. I was hooked after the first one and now I am tearing through them.
nekropolis by Jon (Posted on 8/12/2014)
Loved this one! good characters and plenty of zombie humor
meet matt richter by Lee (Posted on 8/8/2014)
love the characters very good story will get next

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