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Nuclear Bombshell
Nuclear Bombshell (Download Series Set)

by John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem
48 Hours
Ages 13+
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My name is Zachary Nixon Johnson. The year is 2057 and, after a handful of species-altering upheavals, Earth-shattering cataclysms, history-changing extraterrestrial contacts, and pop-culture disasters, the world is now a pretty safe place. But, of course, as in times past, people still run the shades-of-gray gamut from good to evil. There are still cops and robbers, saints and sinners, voters and politicians. And every once in a while some crazy thing happens that threatens all of society, all of humanity, even the entire space-time continuum.

And for some reason it always happens on my watch.

So when B. B. Starr, the ex-exotic dancer who is now the CEO of ExShell, the largest corporation on the planet, hires me for a particularly sensitive assignment, I naturally expect the worst. After all, B. B. Starr is one of the richest and most powerful people on Earth--why does she need me? But even with the help of HARV--my annoyingly precise holographic assistant, who's the most intelligent computer on Earth--implanted directly into my brain (don't ask), this assignment sounds like more than I can handle. For B. B. Starr wants me to locate and disable BB-2, an android replica of B. B. herself. An android with a plutonium core, 160 times stronger, 176 times more durable, 200 times faster, with senses far more acute, and a vastly higher IQ than normal carbon-based humans. How can I hope to find and deactivate a bad-attitude, hell-bent, nuclear-powered, super android that looks like an exotic dancer and might even be smarter than HARV?

Includes Nuclear Bombshell 1-9 plus 1 intro story in downloadable formats.


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Old Fashion Gumshoe in the Future by Chris (Posted on 6/1/2018)
Take the noir style detective stories, add a lump of processed soft science fiction, three tablespoons of eccentric characters, a loaf of humor. Mix well and let bake. You have Nuclear Bombshell! Each book of the series does make references to past volumes so listen to it in order or you will be left out of in jokes.
Nuclear Bombshell Set by Jon (Posted on 3/24/2017)
I loved the books I've read all of them and now they're on GraphicAudio I'm overjoyed about this. I loved reading these books now I can listen to actors act out the books giving a voice to the books. These were a great Noir style dime store novels with great titles for every one of them. A great listen and was a great read so looking forward to getting back into these books.

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