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Stand-Alone Title
Satanta's Woman

by Cynthia Haseloff
Jan 1, 2015
6 Hours
Ages 18+
In 1864 the frontier cavalry had been withdrawn to fight in the War Between the States, and the able-bodied men had enlisted to join the cause, leaving the families in the Brazos River valley very much on their own...and nearly defenseless. The Comanches and the Kiowas decided this was the perfect time to rid their land forever of the invaders who had threatened their very existence. The legendary Kiowa war chief Satanta personally led many of the brutal raids, and during one of them Satanta claimed a prize for himself—a beautiful widow named Adrianne Chastain. He was determined to make Adrianne a true Kiowa woman and one of his wives, but could either of them survive this clash of cultures unscathed? And could Adrianne survive at all?

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Director & Cast

Director Nanette Savard
Starring Nanette Savard, Gabriela Coffey, Andy Brownstein, Yasmin Tuazon, Bradley Smith, Kimberly Gilbert, Dawn Ursula, Barbara Pinolini, Eric Singdahlsen, Bob Payne, Thomas Keegan, Tim Getman, James Konicek, Terence Aselford, Thomas Penny, Elizabeth Jernigan, Laura C. Harris, Kenyatta Rogers, Jacob Yeh, Andy Clemence, Richard Rohan, David Harris, David Coyne, Michael Glenn, Patrick Bussink, James Lewis, Scott McCormick, Ken Jackson and Colleen Delany
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Nathanial Perry
Dialogue Editors John Glennon and Justin Wortz
Sound Designers John Glennon and Justin Wortz
Additional Original Music John Glennon and Justin Wortz
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Santana's woman by Lisa (Posted on 5/20/2016)
Really enjoyed this audio
Satantas woman by Jamie (Posted on 10/26/2015)
Great book..can't wait for more like this
Cd by Joe (Posted on 7/7/2015)
Good book
Santana woman by robert (Posted on 2/24/2015)
Sad ending

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