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Texas Rangers
3 : The Way of the Coyote

by Elmer Kelton
Apr 1, 2010
5 Hours
Ages 13+
Young Andy Pickard, known among the Comanches as Badger Boy, is now a teenager, and has been learning to live with the Texans from whom he was stolen years before. His divided loyalties between the Comanches and the whites lead to another kidnapping. Five-year-old Billy Gifford is taken by a warrior named Fights With Bears. Andy must save his honor by trying to recover Billy. Rusty Shannon must defend his home against men who hold a grudge from the Civil War, and can do anything to him while hiding behind the badge of the State Police, as Texas suffers the pain of Reconstruction. Lives hang in the balance as people on both sides of the conflict learn something about the devious Way of the Coyote.

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Director & Cast

Director Terence Aselford
Starring Terence Aselford, David Coyne, Elisabeth Demery, Eric Messner, Michael John Casey, Ken Jackson, Joe Brack, Drew Kopas, Richard Rohan, Jonathan Watkins, Michael Glenn, Dylan Lynch, James Konicek, Bobby Aselford, Lily Beacon, Nanette Savard, Andy Clemence, Ren Kasey, Yasmin Tuazon, Catherine Aselford, Tim Getman, Casie Platt, Christopher Graybill, Peter Stray, M B Van Dorn, James Lewis, Tim Carlin, and Mort Shelby
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Dan Smith
Dialogue Editors Greg Reinfeld
Sound Designers Greg Reinfeld
Additional Original Music Johann Dettweiler
Cover Illustrator Jahbulani Ori
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


The Way of the Coyote by Kirk (Posted on 11/15/2016)
This series is really been captivating and a good listen. I agree that Rusty's love life has been dragged out a bit to long - poor guy!
Book 3 by justin (Posted on 4/24/2016)
Good book
The Way of the Coyote by Betsy (Posted on 7/19/2015)
I love this series! It pulls me in to the point I feel each emotion of each character. Not too many storyline a can do that.
The Way of the Coyote by Dale (Posted on 2/10/2015)
Love the series. Mr. Kelton builds on the past books and weaves together a tapestry of story-lines in a way that is intriguing, interesting, and well balanced. The why Kelton has kept Rusty Shannon torn between love and duty I find both heartbreaking and realistic. Andy's split loyalties are put to the test, as this young man learns about himself.
Review by Wayne Noble (Posted on 7/12/2013)
Once again Rusty's love life just drags on and on. I don't really think that a grown man would wait this long to get married and live alone. Especially not in that time. And then pining for a married woman is just strange to go on and on. I like Andy of course. I really like him. I like how he gets involved and how it ends up. I think he really is the better character. I really like Shanty too. Ken Jackson has an awesome black voice. I really like it when he does characters. They are always so good. I don't know who plays Andy but hes really good also.

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