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Stormlight Archive
1 : The Way of Kings (1 of 5)

by Brandon Sanderson
Mar 21, 2016
7 Hours
Ages 13+
GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® proudly releases THE WAY OF KINGS, the first of ten planned titles in New York Times Bestselling author, Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy series, THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE.

Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground. Cities are built only where the topography offers shelter.

It has been centuries since the fall of the 10 consecrated orders known as the Knights Radiant, but their Shardblades and Shardplate remain: mystical swords and suits of armor that transform ordinary men into near-invincible warriors. Wars were fought for them, and won by them. One such war rages on the Shattered Plains. There, Kaladin has been reduced to slavery. In a war that makes no sense, where 10 armies fight separately against a single foe, he struggles to save his men and to fathom the leaders who consider them expendable.

Brightlord Dalinar Kholin commands one of those other armies. Like his brother, the late king, he is fascinated by an ancient text called The Way of Kings. Troubled by visions of ancient times and the Knights Radiant, he has begun to doubt his own sanity.

Across the ocean, an untried young woman named Shallan seeks to train under an eminent scholar and notorious heretic, Dalinar's niece, Jasnah. Though she genuinely loves learning, Shallan's motives are less than pure. As she plans a daring theft, her research for Jasnah hints at secrets of the Knights Radiant and the true cause of the war.

Director Rose Supan says, “Brandon Sanderson is at the top of his game with THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVES. It's an honor to direct this story. The actors as well as our production team are thrilled to be a part of the process as well. I can proudly proclaim that the listener is in for a truly immersive experience!”

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Director & Cast

Director Rose Elizabeth Supan
Starring Dylan Lynch as narrator, Robbie Gay as Kaladin Stormblessed, Casie Platt as Shallan Davar, Andy Clemence as Dalinar Kholin, Tim Getman as Adolin Kholin, Zoe Badovinac as Jasnah Kholin and Nora Achrati as Syl. With Mort Shelby, Drew Kopas, Evan Casey, Christopher Scheeren, Christopher Walker, Bradley Smith, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Michael Glenn, Michael John Casey, Terence Aselford, Thomas Penny, Matthew Keenan, James Konicek, Richard Rohan, Steven Carpenter, Colleen Delany, Thomas Keegan, Scott McCormick, Eric Messner, Shasha Olinick, Bob Payne, Chris Davenport, Christopher Graybill, Andy Brownstein, Tony Nam, David Harris, Ken Jackson, Marni Penning, Jacob Yeh, Jeff Allin, Patrick Bussink, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Yasmin Tuazon, Nick DePinto, Kimberly Gilbert, Dylan Lynch and Tim Pabon.
Book Adapted for GraphicAudio by Johann Dettweiler
Dialogue Editors Johann Dettweiler
Original Theme Music Johann Dettweiler
Producers Richard Rohan and Duane Beeman
Executive Producer Anji Cornette


Way of kings by William (Posted on 12/11/2018)
Another phenomenonal cosmere adaption! Pure gold.
Great Story by Daniel (Posted on 10/31/2018)
Love the Characters and the story.
REALLY awesome. by drew (Posted on 10/7/2018)
So, at first you can't figure things out. It's a lot to process with the characters and the story all coming together. After that, wow. The action and the characters become something you want to keep listening to. You don't want to turn it off. Really good story.
The Very Best Left For Last by Diego (Posted on 9/13/2018)
I bought the GA adaptation for Way of Kings a long time ago, back when I had only read (and listened) to Elantris and the original Mistborn Trilogy. But before I could start I decided to wait to finish the rest of the Cosmere books from Brandon Sanderson that share a universe with The Stormlight Archives.

At times times it the wait maddening because of all the good things I heard about Sanderson's Magnum Opus but I had a lot of fantastic stories also set in the Cosmere to delight me, such as Warbreaker and the rest of the Mistborn stories that recieved the amazing GA treatment. But then I ran out of GA adaptations, which admittedly made my binge reading slow considerably for the last few stories, like White Sand, The Emperor's Soul, etc (I would still buy them in a heartbeat if they get the GA treatment, though). But, finally, after exploring the rest of the current Cosmere stories, I finally managed to listen/read the introduction of this brand new epic. And I am so happy to say that it was so well worth the wait!

The the voice acting is top notch, as usual and the special effects really fuel my imagination in a way the pages can't. And of course, the theme music. Stormfather! Such mesmerizing music! The one for the Shardbearers in particular is epic to the core. Well done indeed.

Also, I LOVED the fact that you guys had the voice actors from other cosmere adaptations to reprise their roles here, even though they were small. What delighting surprise! I hope you guys can manage to keep doing that as the Cosmere becomes more and more interconnected as things progress.

All in all, while I am going here blind as its my first reading and this is technically just the introduction, I can already tell this is a very promising epic and I am glad I left it for last. Now, let's see if the story, its characters and voice actors can overthrow the Mistborn series as my favorite Cosmere novel and if so, how long it'll take.

Thank you, Graphic Audio team. This has been a truly delightful experience.
Love These Narrators by Keri (Posted on 9/8/2018)

Ok, seriously, this is Brandon Sanderson. Really there isn't anything else to say. Oh, except that listening to a Brandon Sanderson book in graphic audio only makes things even more amazing.

Love these narrators!
Great book by Kyle (Posted on 8/27/2018)
I love this series. If you like fantasy genre you will love this one and be hooked from the start
Wonderful and snagging by Daniel (Posted on 8/24/2018)
I wasn't sure at the start of this how the story was going to play out, but as it began to unravel itself more and more I became that much more sucked in. Great first book of an amazing series.
Andy Clementz / Dalinar Kohlin is my new Picard! by Carl (Posted on 8/15/2018)
I have enjoyed many Graphic audio titles but the Stormlight Archive is simply the best. The story is massive and deep but is chalked full of action. The characters have real depth and complexity. You feel and can identify with the conflict in lowliest of protagonists to the high princes. The sound FX are excellent, they truly make you feel like you are experiencing the events taking place. The music in the action scenes especially some of the later bridge 4 portions is so powerful and exciting.

However the best part of the experience is Dalinar Kohlin as his character transitions from a fearsome War Lord to highly Moralistic Leader and he hopes the savior of his kingdom and maybe the world. The dialog and they way Andy delivers it is simply fantastic. It feels like the Fantasy analog of Captain Picard. The performance makes you deeply feel his urgency and frustration in trying to prepare for the disasters that are sure come to his people and all of Roshar if he cannot unite his people in time.
could not put it down by David (Posted on 8/7/2018)
if you like the old style time with knights war and a little magic .you will love this story I really loved caldon in the story as a bridge man and how he try make him self better.
Blows Audible out of the Water by Brenton (Posted on 8/7/2018)
Someone gave me the Audible version of this book. I listened to it for about an hour before my mind began to wander and voice of the narrator just turned into an incoherent buzz that I completely tuned out. However, after what Sanderson did with the conclusion of the Wheel of Time series, I wanted to see how he did on something he created. So, when GA had one of their epic overstock CD sales and had all of book one for sale, I jumped on them. It was night and day from audible. Great characters, really good story and nice and long like I like them. I almost fell into a coma an hour into the audible version. With GA, I wanted to be in my car more so I could finish it. I am happy to say I am about to start the second book thanks to GA.
Outstanding and highly recommended! by Tony (Posted on 8/6/2018)
This book and the GA production of it are amazing! If you're used to traditional fantasy like Tolkien, you'll be very surprised indeed. The series is nothing like Tolkien. If I had to compare it, it's similar to the Wheel of Time (I'd buy the GA production of it if they get the rights) but only vaguely. Like WoT, the prologue takes us very far back in the distant past and the story structure is similar, but also different. This book was particularly hard for GA to adapt due to the original structure, but they really exceeded my expectations! The music and sound were a real treat and really fit each scene almost perfectly. The pacing, narration and actors were some of the best I've ever heard! It drags towards the end, but that's how Sanderson wrote it. Having read the original, I can't imagine how hard it was to adapt it while preserving the subtle nuances. I'm very eagerly looking forward to the next part.

I only have a few small nitpicks. The biggest is something I've noticed with other GA books as well. They don't do teens and kids very well. There are two teen characters, one of whom is a main character and critical to the plot. The other is supposed to be 15 and is only heard briefly. Neither sound convincing. They both sound like adults trying to sound younger but not quite succeeding. Likewise, when we have a flashback to a character's past when he was 10 years old, there is no way that voice could pass for that age. My other small nitpick has to do with the chapter openings. I understand why we aren't given chapter numbers, but unless you've read the book, it's jarring. There either needs to be a music bridge or an added narrator note to tell us that what we're hearing is at the beginning of the chapter. In later chapters, apparently someone is writing or reading a letter, but again, we would only know this from reading the text.

Other than the above, I have no complaints and can't recommend this series enough! The battle scenes are amazingly real. The use of storm sound effects is perfect. I like the music and I think it should be offered as its own soundtrack. The narrator is perfect and I can't imagine anyone else. I'm impressed by the females. They sound like their correct ages. Overall, this is a great starting point if you're new to GA or fantasy in general. I hope they can keep the same cast for all 10 books in the series. I would highly recommend the ebook or print book as well. It helps if you've already read it, but it's not necessary.
the way of kings 1 of 5 by ricky (Posted on 8/1/2018)
I now have all 5 audio they are great . still I can not get enough
a bit hard to follow by Dillon (Posted on 7/4/2018)
in my opinion the story switched between characters too frequently but otherwise i liked it.
Beginning of a Magnum Opus by Chris (Posted on 6/30/2018)
This is the beginning of Sanderson's great work. As a beginning, it lays the ground work of the world and introduces the characters that will grow over time. So don't skip out on this first introduction! The actors are nicely chosen to fill each of their roles with each seeming to have just the right take on the characters as seen in the book.

However, one little fun thing to do is going back and listen to this first book again after hearing the sequels. You suddenly notice lots of little references and hidden secrets that you didn't notice before, but do now once you have a background on the world and how things play out.
LIFE-CHANGING STORY AHEAD by John (Posted on 6/18/2018)
**This is just the first 6 hours on a 10 book epic meta series. While there isn't a lot of action yet, there is the introduction to the main heroes and the very strange planet that gets hit by a CAT 5 HURRICANE every few days, and the magical swords and armor. It will take some time to become invested in the story. I promise by part 5 you will be completely amazed! Good thing he is currently on book 3/10 as of this review.**

Brandon Sanderson was hugely inspired in 1990 when he picked up book one of the Wheel of Time series. A 14 book series that Sanderson himself was asked to finish when the original author, Robert Jordan sadly died.

Sanderson knew early he wanted a long meta series of his own. He is a unique author and he goes out of his way to stay away from the basic and familiar fantasy story tropes that most authors use professionally. His unique magic systems are designed carefully with specific uses and rules. Each of his stories use magic in different ways and there are always more than one magic.

The Stormlight Archive is his ultimate meta story set on a fantastic worldbuilding masterpiece of a planet that is set in a meta worldbuilding juggernaut of a galaxy full of fantastical planets where the majority of his books take place.

Waste no more thought about finding a better story by your other favorite storyteller. Purchase "The Way of Kings." It's time to visit the planet Roshar, sit back and let this "Movie in your mind" break all your illusions of conventional storytelling.
Worth the patience by Mr Ryan P (Posted on 6/1/2018)
The story takes a minute to get rolling because sanderson takes time to build this cool world of storms and Spren for us. It started to take off right at the end of this section.
Amazing by Shandan (Posted on 5/27/2018)
Compelling characters, intriguing blend of magical artifacts and magic systems, and thorough world-building. Combined with GA narration, this is nothing short of fantastic.
Stormlight archives way of kings. by Stephen (Posted on 5/9/2018)
Starts slow but grabs the imagination, and gets better the farther you go.
Part 1 of many - A fantastic start by Ryan (Posted on 4/30/2018)
I don't think there is an author whose worlds, characters, and stories are a better fit for GraphicAudio than Brandon Sanderson. The Stormlight Archive is his most sweeping epic yet. With this being part 1 of book 1 of a planned 10 books total, his is designed to setup a couple decades worth of Sanderson's work and it does so magnificently. The characters are easy to identify with, and the world is just stunningly realized. GraphicAudio brings it to life in a way no other format can. If you love fantasy and are even remotely interested in this story, pick it up right now! You won't be disappointed.
The Start of Something Great by Tonya (Posted on 3/13/2018)
There is a lot to take in but stick with it because it is worth it.
Excellent by Travis (Posted on 3/4/2018)
From voice acting, to narration, and the music and sound effects, and great listen to, definitely what GA advertises as "a movie in your mind." Sanderson is one of my favorite fantasy authors, and I just love how GA brings his story to life.
Hooked by Norman (Posted on 2/26/2018)
This was a great kick off to the series. I was nearly immediately invested in every character.
the way of kings 1 of 5 by ricky (Posted on 2/15/2018)
Kalidan stormbless is going to be one of those hero you will not be able to get enough of no matter how much you read or hear I have read the first 3 books and have 2.4.5. of the way of kings and 1.2.4. of the words of radiance . I hope to get the rest . I can not get enough of these . thank you graphicaudio and Mr. Sanderson for such great story myself from 1 to 10 these are a 20! again thank you
Dylan Lynch by James Hogg (Posted on 1/16/2018)
I could listen to Dylan narrate the phonebook. He is the main reason I purchased ALL of GOLGOTHA. He is now the reason why I've purchase the 2nd book of this series...and before I have even finished book one?! I don't want there to be a single second between me finishing the first book and then continuing the story with book two! I expect this to be the case with every book in this set. If you get this book and tell me you didn't like it...I will eat my shoe!! The vast amount of characters is just amazing...love them all. So glad I found you GRAPHIC AUDIO. Forever a fan...thank you.
the way of kings by ricky (Posted on 1/15/2018)
can not get enough of the stormlight archive each time I play it. it's like the first time.
the way of kings 1 OF 5 by ricky (Posted on 1/11/2018)
What a way to begin is a great book you wont be able to stop
Can never listen an audio book ever again by Donald (Posted on 1/3/2018)
Graphic Audio has ruined me. I will never be able to listen to a boring audio book ever again. Simply having the sound effects of every little thing happening such as unsheathing a sword or dropping spheres into a pouch really helps the immersion.
Great Beginning to a New World by Armand (Posted on 11/9/2017)
I love this genre and the way it was produced! This is the beginning of a new and wonderfully detailed world of special and unique magics/powers/life that is quick to grab your fancy and entice you to further reading. Plenty of action for this story type and plenty of amazing characters!
Storm light archive the way of Kings book 2 by Joseph (Posted on 11/8/2017)
Good book
The Way of Kings Part 1 by Shaheen (Posted on 8/11/2017)
When I first read the Way of Kings back in 2010 I thought I would never again experience the feeling of awe at the size , scope and depth of that story. Have you ever wished you could go back and relive the experience of reading a favorite book again? Well, this is how you do that. The voice acting, the background sound effects, the music. They all bring a new texture and feeling to this story that brings you in and makes everything feel different and new. An experience worth every penny.

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